Weight loss | Why couples tend to gain weight right after marriage?

weight lossWeight loss tips and idea are being searched generally after some years of marriage and relationship. As we all have heard about that couples are tend to put on some weight right after the marriages but do you know why? Experts say that it’s common to gain some weight after marriage. North American Association has done the survey for the study for people over weight and obesity. They found that couples who are in a relationship or got married are more likely to be overweight or obese than those who are still dating. According to this survey, it has been found that behavior that is related obesity are strongly linked to married couples or those who are in relationship. So, any clue, why?

Reasons for weight gain after marriage

tips for weight lossHere are some most important factors which has been recognized by the health and relationship professional which shows us why the newly married couples gets over-weight or obese?

  • Being off the market- Couples generally thinks after getting married that for whom they should get ready. Before marriage partners do all the efforts to look attractive and fit but after marriage they start thinking they have got everything and why to make efforts to simply look cool.
  • Dividing and eating the same meals- After marriage partners generallyweight loss for women divide their meals and they eat the same things. It gets worse when your partner has bad eating habit and the most important you may fall victim of your partner’s cravings.
  • Couples tend to increase couch time- Before marriage when partner were dating each other they were more likely to go to disco and pub where they can eat drink and dance but after marriage they simply increase their couch time and ignore everything else. They simply sit on the couch for watching T.V and having unhealthy snacks for longer hours.
  • Kids- Obesity and kids are co related. It has been found that after having children, couples entirely ignore their health and appearance which not only makes them fat and obese but it also leads to several deadly diseases.
  • Fitness time- It has been taken completely back seat because you start feeling guilty for leaving your partner after work. Lack of time, kids responsibility along with several other responsibility, couple doesn’t get time for fitness and they tend to gain more and more weight which makes them obese.

However, these all are the key factors which are responsible for newly married couples to gain weight or being obese after two to three years o their marriage. So, are there any ideas which can help couples to be fit and young after marriage? Yes! There are so many tips and ideas which newly married couple has to follow and they’ll have to include these tips in their daily life to maintain their healthy and fit body for lifetime.

3 week diet

  1. Never think that you are off the market. Remember those days when you were attracted each other physically and most probably it is the only reason you started pursuing each other. Yes, it’s truth that physical attraction is not so important in any relationship but it will always be an innate part of you. It’s guaranteed that your partner will feel more loving and happy when you will make an effort for your partner and yourself too. So, just go for shopping on weekend and buy everything healthy. Remember, eat everything healthy and maintain your body and looks.
  2. Cut your portion size while you are dividing the same meal with your partner. Include healthy diet in your meals and develop a habit of eating healthy. You can also plan your meal for whole week and buy healthy foods in your fridge. Do not dial the fast food hotline.
  3. Decrease your couch time and do some physical activity together. In summer time, you can go outside for the walk with your partner and talk about your personal and professional matter. In winter time, you can enroll yourself in any couple dance class or even you can get involved in a local community sporting club.weight loss
  4. After having children people doesn’t take their appearance very seriously which leads them to lazy and fat? If you want to be fit and healthy even after having children, you can enjoy your quality time with your kids. Simply watching T.V sitting on couch, you can kick the football with your kids, play badminton and running race. These tips are very helpful to spend your quality time with your children along with maintain your health too.

So, above written tips are very helpful for couples who generally gains weight after marriage. Cut down your unwanted body weight and enjoy your happy married life.