Weight loss | Top Weight Loss Tips Suggested By NHS Professionals

weight loss tipsWeight loss means lots of exercise, very strict and tasteless diet and only focuses on the calories consumption and burning. This work schedule makes any men and women less interested in losing weight and maintains a healthy weight. Many people search on the internet about natural and healthy weight loss tips for faster result but most of the time they get misguided and instead of getting benefits of losing weight; they suffer from the severe health issues. So, if you are also one of them who comes under overweight or obese list, then you must follow the expert advice. Here are some top weight loss tips which are suggested by NHS professionals.

Weight loss tips by NHS

These tips include a 12 weeks program for those people who’s BMI comes over 25. This program helps people to lose weight up to 1 lb to 2lbs per week. These plans limit the consumption of calories to around 19, 00 a day for men and 14, 00 a day for women. This plan came in the action after a study and researchers found that it takes a year before the body’s chemical make-up changed enough to help make weight loss stick. Below are some top tips which are suggested by NHS professionals and these tips are very easy to follow but it will make a drastic change in your body.half day diet

Commit yourself to change

As I told you earlier that weight loss requires a lot of discipline with strict diet plan and rigorous exercises. Experts says that if you go for drastic diet changes and extreme exercises regimes, it will help you in rapid weight loss in the beginning but it’s unlikely to work for long term as they are unsustainable. Once you stop following your strict diet plan and extreme exercise plan, you are like to regain your lost weight. So, better you should commit yourself to change which can be continuing forever. Make a realistic diet changes and exercise regimes, which can be part of your daily routine. These changes can be-

  • Drinking fresh fruit juices or lemon water instead of swapping fizzy drinks
  • Reduce the consumption of alcohol
  • Reduce the portion of your plate
  • Avoid using vehicles for nearer supermarket, office or any work which comes under the walking distance.

Make a meal plan aheadhalf day diet

Make sure to buy something which are really healthy before grabbing something which are easy’ at the end of a tiring day – such as a ready meal or takeaway. Buying healthy food help you swap your ‘treat meal’ for a healthier version like a homemade pizza or takeaway which contains less sugar and less fat than store-bought varieties.

Include Vegetable in your diet

Fiber and vegetables is the key for weight loss. Fiber helps you feel fuller for long time. It can be done by just swapping from white to whole meal bread and it will keep your hunger at bay. As you know those vegetables are a wonderful source of fiber and it has very low calories. So, make sure that you will get at least two portion of vegetables in your plate at each meal. Including vegetables not only boost your level of fiber but it also leaves a less space on the plate for high calories food.

The_Half_Day_DietWeight loss tips suggested by NHS professional which are above written are very easy to follow and it will help you to lose weight slowly but truly natural way. Once you achieve your targeted body weight, then you can include these tips in your daily life with little bit modification in order to maintain a healthy body weight.