Weight loss tips | how to eat for maintaining a healthy body weight?

healthy weight lossWeight loss tips and how to stay healthy and fit information are available in bulk and it make the urge to tuck into a delicious food items even more tempting. There is a famous mantra for maintain a healthy weight is eat less and move more which leaves many questions unanswered. Diet and health experts suggests that the most important factor to remember when it comes to lose weight naturally or leading a healthy lifestyle is not to run behind the latest diet fad every few months. If thweight loss for womene miracle of weight loss happens in the short term of trying, it probably won’t work in the long term. It sounds too good to be true that necking a bottle of wine, eating chips and gorging on chocolate to stay healthy and lean long term. Aisling Pigott, a dietician and spokeswomen for the British Dietetics Association (BDA) says that there is no such diet as a magic answer, when it comes to healthy weight loss in the very short period of time. Now days we all are so keen for quick fixes and faster solution but it’s not effective for those who are trying to tackle the complex relationship or trying to lose weight.

peanut butterWeight loss expert and health experts says that there is no food on the earth which can be graded as the good or bad. Many diet regimes the idea that certain foods are wholly bad for the sake of health like pizza, burgers and cake while others like kale, blueberries and quinoa are wholly good. In fact this breed spreads the unhealthy and unhelpful attitudes towards food and can even lead to eating disorders. Ms Piggott says that we are not supposed to glorify or demonize any foods. Food is food and it gives us nourishment and all foods have different values. There are pros and cons in everything including foods. A BDA spokes woman Rebecca McManamon agrees the point and consider that there is no such food which is called wholly bad may be detrimental. She addressing the practice of eating well means we need to eat more fruits, vegetables, and fiber with less calories.

half day dietAll foods have different values and it provides nourishment to us but some foods are there who have no health benefits except giving us pleasure to eat. Anna Daniels, a dietician and BDA spokeswoman says that we should avoid sports drink because it is packed with full sugar with no nutritional values and snack bar that is also high in sugar as well as processed sausage rolls and other high-salt, low-quality meat products. Dr Johnson says that There is several types of cheap, ready to eat foods are available that contains a high amount of calories, fat, sugar and very low amount of fiber, protein, vitamins or minerals which makes these foods of poor quality with no nutritional value. Eating these foods on occasion, might not pose an immediate health concern, but should be integrated into a well-balanced diet.


Ms Daniels says in order to maintain an adequate diet to ensure that you find something which is easy to follow. Think about the long term benefits not for short term of weight loss which is generally done by many people. Ms Piggott adds that being restricted in your eating is a big factor of overeating which leads to weight gain. So, you should be very positive about your lifestyle intervention which promotes dietary balance and most importantly, you should enjoy your food. Ms Daniels adds that some people eat more during the social events and on the weekends and less during their working hour. This is a framework that will not suit everyone but of course it suits many people and they get benefit of it. She also says that each meal is an opportunity to nourish our body. Eating a balanced diet doesn’t have to be boring but it give you many health benefits and help you in maintaining a healthy body weight and mind.