Weight Loss | Is Exercise Alone Sufficient For Weight Loss?

exercises for weight lossWeight loss demands a lot of exercise, strict and balanced diet plan and a healthy lifestyle. Whenever we tend to gain weight, we immediate think of exercise. Yes, this is the general perception that if people are not doing exercise, it means they are more likely to gain weight. But according to a new study this perception will lose the faith on exercise in order to lose weight. A new study which released on Thursday, suggest that people’s body stop to burn calories after reaching to a point of certain level of exercise. Herman Pontzer lead author of the department of anthropology at City University of New York says that it’s surprising that more might be less when it matters to lose weight. We all are taught that the more active you are, the more calories your body burns every day. Here is a very simple relationship between exercise and calories burn. Researchers have found that our body reaches a plateau when we tend to work out more and it doesn’t help in burning more calories.

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According to a recent study which is published in Current Biology on Thursday says that physical activity can be sweet spot where people can become unhealthy and overweight due to lack of physical activity or exercise but too much physical activity or exercise make the body to adapt big adjustment which means total constraining total energy expenditure. According to Herman, exercise is the very important part of our life if we want to maintain a healthy body and lifestyle. As we can get the tones of advice for benefits of exercise to keep our body and mind healthy and active and this research going to make no changes in that massage. According to this new study, people who want to lose weight for any reason like overweight, obesity or post pregnancy weight loss but they have to focus on their diet too. Eating a healthy diet becomes more important when it comes to manage a healthy and fit body and preventing or reversing unwanted fat or weight gain.

tips for weight lossWeight loss researchers done the experiment on more than 332 adults which have been drawn from five countries across Africa and North America over the course of a week and they measured the daily energy expenditure and activity levels. According to this experiment, they found that physical activity has a weak influence daily for energy expenditure but only among subjects on the lower half of the physical activity spectrum. People who were following moderate activity level had higher daily energy expenditure about 200 more calories every day than the most sedentary people like who have done more rigorous exercise. People with higher level of exercise did not get extra benefits. So, it has beenfat loss found that people who start the weight loss plan with aim of getting the decreased body weight finds a decline result of weight loss and sometimes they re-gain their lost weight. Dr Pontzer says that people who do the most physical activity or rigorous exercise expended the same amount of calories each day as people who were only moderately active and less exercise.

However, according to these findings, we have concluded that if we are going for too little exercise, it means we are unhealthy and if we go for too much, our body has to make big adjustment in order to adapt. So, in order to maintain a healthy lifestyle, World Health Organization provides a guidance on how to prevent weight gain and obesity that people should work out for 150 minutes in week. It will help millions of people who are suffering from overweight. It has been found that in U.K. people who opted the 150 minutes exercise in a week has a big list of health benefits including weight loss like reducing risk of a range of diseases such as coronary heart disease, a range of cancers, stroke and type 2 diabetes as well as reducing symptoms of depression and anxiety is also highlighted. According to Dr Alison Tedstone, chief nutritionist at Public Health England, moderate exercise or being physically active is a very good source to maintain physical and mental health and it also helps to maintain a healthy weight and fit body.

Dr. Mark Tarnopolsky of McMaster University in Hamilton says that people who maintains a physical active life gets many other benefits beyond just the way their body looks. Dr. Tarnopolsky was not involved in the study says that counting number of calories and then burning it through exercise is not a good investment of your time and efforts. Herman Pontzer the lead author of the study says that this study is not going to provide any excuse to skip your workout session. A cardiologist adviser to the National Obesity Forum Dr Asseem Malhotra says that doing exercise in the right way provides many health benefits but it doesn’t help in weight loss. We cannot link over-weight or obesity with exercise altogether.

weight loss for womenDr Frankie Phillips, a dietician, and spokeswoman for the British Dietetic Association says that this study might send out. It is an interesting kind of study and there is a possible chance that if we are very active, then body will make some adaptation. But for many people even moderate activity isn’t the right path to achieve at the moment and that’s crucial. Let’s not put people off before they have even got to a stage where they are moderately active. The next step of Herman Pontzer and his team will do the study about body response when our body makes changes in activity in a bid to explain how it adapts to greater physical demands without consuming extra calories. This study doesn’t make any changes to the massage of doing exercise is good for health. We still need to be physically active and do exercise regularly.

weight lossAnyway, exercise is always in demand if you want to lose weight in a healthy or natural way but evidence shows that if you want to get maximum benefit of natural weight loss, you need to go for healthy and balanced diet plan. Women who are going through the phase of new mom life and gained weight after baby, they also have to make some changes in their lifestyle. Post pregnancy weight loss will be more easy and effective, if women will go for regular and moderate physical activity along with healthy and balanced diet. The Venus factor is weight loss program which provides step by step guide to lose weight naturally by following healthy and balanced diet plan and some very easy exercise tips. These exercises can be done in your home comfort without any instructor. For more detail, visit the official website.