Weight Loss | How To Cut The Risk Of Diabetes And Heart Attacks?

Weight Loss with surgeryWeight loss is a very important motto for everyone who is overweight or obese. Heal researchers says that if we people who really need to lose weight in order to maintain a healthy body should follow the natural way of weight loss but if they are not able to lose weight naturally then they can opt the weight loss surgery. Researchers says that weight loss surgery is able to cut the risk of most common condition type 2 diabetes and heart diseases which are generally found among overweight or obese people. They say weight loss surgery doesn’t only cut the risk of deadly health issues but it keeps the fat off. This largest comprehensive investigation of weight loss surgery has conducted on 8,000 people for four years. The author of the study said that there is clear and substantial health benefits of weight loss surgery has found among those people who got the weight loss surgery done. This weight loss surgery is also known as bariatric surgery.

Types of weight loss surgery-


Weight loss surgery is mainly divided in two parts. That most common type of weight loss surgeries are-

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  • Sleeve gastrectomy or gastric bypass– In this procedure, the stomach is removed or the digestive system is re-routed past most of the stomach.
  • Gastric band– This procedure uses a band that is used to reduce the size of the stomach. This reduced size of stomach requires a smaller amount of food and small size of portion is sufficient to make someone feel full.

Weight loss surgery is also known as the bariatric surgery that we learned earlier and this bariatric surgery is known to be the last and only option for losing weight. This surgery used as the last resort to diagnose people suffering from overweight or obesity. Actually, this bariatric surgery or weight loss surgery is recommended for those who are dangerously obese and they have no other option to lose weight naturally. According to NHS (National Health Service) guidelines bariatric surgery is required for those people who are above the 35 BMI.

Weight loss surgery benefits


Weight loss researchers conducted the study on 3,882 patients who went through the weight loss surgery. They compared those 3,882 patients who done their weight loss surgery with those who did not went through surgery. They focused on all type of surgery such as gastric bypass, sleeve gastrectomy and gastric banding. Researchers found that people were able to lose between 20 kg and 48 kg. They also found that people were able to keep off their weight. Along with drastic weight loss people lowered the risk of type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, angina and heart diseases. people who have already suffering from type 2 diabetes also got their condition improved substantially and approximately 60% people were able to come off medication altogether. Dr Ian Douglas the lead researcher said that people who went through the weight loss or bariatric surgery got the fantastic results. This result is really impressive and obese people who did not get any benefits from other weight loss program will love the result of weight loss surgery. Researchers say that diets don’t work well for everyone. According to researchers, bariatric surgery or weight loss surgery is not right for everyone but it’s really effective to cut the risk of type 2 diabetes and heart attacks. Dr Alasdair Rankin warned the people that bariatric surgery should not be the only option for those who are suffering from type 2 diabetes and obesity.

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However, this was the largest comprehensive investigation of bariatric surgery. Researchers says that 1.4 million people in England are overweight or obese but currently only 8,000 people annually are going through the weight loss surgery on the NHS. Researchers estimated that if all those 1.4 million people will undergo to bariatric surgery, it would avert nearly 5,000 heart attacks and 40,000 cases of type 2 diabetes over four years. As we all know that all type of surgery carries some risk and that’s why we suggest people to lose their extra body weight only through natural procedure like following exercises and yoga, expert’s diet plan and reduced stress level.

Weight loss with eating healthy may help you in losing weight faster and naturally and you must get no side effects at all. As you must know that nutritious food may help you melt away those extra pounds that you never wanted to carry on your body. Those nutritious foods are high in carbs and proteins. You may get several weight loss program which claims to melt away all your extra body fat in just some days, weeks or months but do you ever get benefits from those claims. These weight loss programs require your full attention on workouts and most irritating and tasteless diet plan. These weight loss programs may also have several side effects that you never want to face it.

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