Weight loss | How supplements Are Linked To Cause Deadly Health Illness?

weight-lossWeight loss is a complete natural process which demands’ regular exercises and balanced diet. Men and women who wants to lose weight for any purpose like getting a slim and fit body or want to maintain a healthy weight, they have to do regular exercises and eat balanced foods which should be full of nutrients and low calories. Many people who gains weight and want to have a fit body, but doesn’t want to do any efforts achieve their weight loss goal, they simply go for the short cut like supplements which offers weight loss without exercise and balanced diet. These weight loss supplements are advertised as the miracle supplements who offer to lose weight in a very short period of time without spending minutes on workout and no tension about caloric foods.

weight loss tipsAccording to a recent report, weight loss supplements, vitamin pills or protein powder have the potential to harm you seriously or it can even kill you. This week a 27 years old man Matthew Whitby from Western Australia have suffered from liver failure. It has happened after drinking a pre-workout protein shake and he consumed a weight-loss supplement. Within a week after consuming these supplements, he was experiencing fatigue and jaundice. The symptoms persisted two months later and he visited to hospital and he was diagnosed with liver failure. These weight loss supplements are told to have the potency to lose weight in a very short time as it is a miracle and people who uses these pills and powder to lose weight doesn’t have to move their heavy body and they are allowed to eat all those things which are generally restricted while losing weight naturally. People who desperately want to lose weight at any cost, doesn’t get the full detail about the product which makes them fool and they simply starts consuming those weight loss supplements. Mr. whitby is also from one them who want to lose weight with using weight loss supplements and you can see that how he suffered from liver failure.


What’s in the weight loss supplement?

Yohimbine: (Triggers manic psychosis)- Dr Venkata Kodali, from the University of Western Australia, wrote in the British Medical Journal that once a healthy and young man arrived at the emergency room with palpitations and he was feeling unwell. An ECG reports showed irregular heartbeat and concluded that he had been taking a supplement which can help him to bulk up his muscles. When natural tips for weight losshe checked the components of that supplement, he found Yohimbine. This is a general stimulant that works by increasing adrenaline level and it inhibits the process that normally suppresses the fat burning cells. But health experts warn the substance. According to them, Yohimbine can cause extreme anxiety in individuals predisposed to the condition. It may trigger manic psychosis or suicidal episodes in people who have bipolar disorder. The dose of Yohimbine has been found to vary from the labeled dose by 25 to 150 per cent. Yohimbine is also interacting with a large number of neurological medications. Dr Jon Wardle, a senior public health researcher at the University of Technology Sydney said that if you’re using multiples substances they can react together. So, before using these supplements, you need to talk to a health professional.

Garcinia Cambogia (Testicular atrophy)

According to a study which has been published in the journal Food and Chemical Toxicology in 2005, revealed that while it can aid weight loss but large doses of the extract seemed to cause Testicular atrophy and toxicity.

tips for weight loss

Green Tea Extract (Like drinking 20 cups a day)

We generally get the positive points of drinking green and it sound harmless enough. According to Dr. Wardle, concentrated doses found in powder form of green tea extract could be the equivalent to having 20 cups a day. He adds that there are compounds found in green tea extract interact with liver enzymes.

Acacia Rigidula (Untested amphetamines)

Body building supplements contains the substances called acacia rigidula could pose a risk to human health. Department of Health has said that acacia rigidula contained a synthetic amphetamine that has never been proven safe in humans.

Protein, Vitamins, Electrolytes

It’s always advised not to add any additional supplements to your diet unless you have deficiency. Generally, it doesn’t cause any effects but sometimes you are taking risk for life. As we know Niacin is used to treat cholesterol but if you take fairly high doses it may pose risks in terms of liver damage, gastrointestinal problems and glucose intolerance. An Australian Institute of Sport says even athletes should not need to take any additional supplements of protein. They can also obtain all the protein from a good which they need. There is no need for the amount of protein provided by many supplements and there is certainly no justification for the extra cost. Dr Wardle said in fact high protein intake can accelerate the progression of kidney disease or it can increase the calcium excretion and weaken the bones. The worst part of using high protein food is that it may displace other valuable nutrients from the diet. He said at last that people should monitor it and discuss it with any health professional before using even a protein, multivitamin or green tea. The real problem arises when people talk to a retail assistant.

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However, above you have found that how weight loss supplements and bodybuilding supplement are responsible to lead you to several health issues which are not only dangerous but it can be deadly too. So, natural treatment is always best either it was in the past or in present. Natural ways are not only effective to provide you sufficient result but it has no side effects. Yes, of course while you are using natural way to lose weight, you must have to do some efforts. If you will follow the expert advice, you can get step by step guide which will help you lose more weight with high speed and you will be able to boost your metabolism. Natural tips to lose weight are proven to aid weight loss up to 20 pounds in just 3 weeks. So, just follow the expert advice and lose weight naturally along with many other health benefits. To know more about how to lose weight naturally without any side effects, please visit the official website.