Weight Loss | How Kim Kardashian Going To Lose Pregnancy Pounds?

kim kardashian weight lossWeight loss after baby is always a challenging task for every woman. As you must know that the world famous celebrity Kim Kardashian has given birth to her second child recently. The mother of two children is very open about her post pregnancy weight loss program and with her fans. She revealed that after giving birth to her second child son saint west, she is going to join forces yet again as she did in the past when she delivered her first baby daughter North West. She says that my favorite weight loss diet is low carbs diet program. This low carbs diet program really helps her to achieve her weight loss goal.

Kim Kardashian says to her fans that she gained 60 lbs during her pregnancy but has been extra 10 lbs up for the last some years. So, this is the correct time to achieve my weight loss goal. She says it’s going to be very hard situation but she will do it and share it all with her fans. The brunette beauty decided to try out the same low carbs diet after having her first baby daughter few years back. Kim Kardashian mainly focuses on low carbs and protein rich diet rather than working out in the gym for hours.

weight lossKim Kardashian says she is already on the track on weight loss journey and she is following all the steps day by day. She adds that she is very busy these days in taking care of her two toddlers. While caring her two children she is making time to take care of herself and being a wife. According to a recent source running behind the two toddlers will definitely help to lose some pounds but still she is doing some exercises and mainly she is eating healthy to boost her metabolism to lose weight faster and naturally. An insider says that Kim Kardashian also behaves like the normal person and she allows herself to cheat. Sometimes she eats those things which are generally not good for her health but she does everything in moderation.

the half day dietKim Kardashian added that in the last trimester of her second pregnancy, she weighed 190 pounds. She says that she almost died. She was 124 pounds when she got married. Kim Kardashian’s goal to lose weight up to 70 pounds in order to reach the ideal weight of 120 pounds. She will follow the expert advice to lose weight faster and naturally and she will eat only protein rich and low carbs diet.

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