Weight Loss- How Belly Fat Causes Deadly Diseases?

how-to-lose-belly-fatWeight loss is the most important task for obese people but it has been found that those people whose weight and BMI are normal but having a big abdomen has the greater risk of dying earlier than obese people. Doctors say everyone should have the tape to measure the size of their abdomen. According to researchers, we all were measuring our health by BMI but now it has been said that BMI is giving the appropriate answer of health. Researchers say that fat which is around the belly or abdomen is not good for the health and it can cause several types of health issues. Belly fat can lead to inflammation, glucose intolerance and other complications that can increase the risk of cardiovascular disease and Type 2 diabetes.

Belly fat or fat around the abdomen has been called by many different names such as apple shape as opposed to the pear shape, muffin top, a beer belly and a spare tire. This kind of names falls to those persons who have the large portion of belly or abdomen compared to their size of whole body said by co-author Thais Coutinho, a cardiologist at the Ottawa Heart Institute. Coutinho and her co-authors from the Mayo Clinic in Rochester found the 5 and 10 years of mortality risk in both men and women if they have normal BMI compared to those who are overweight or obese according to BMI. This study has been done on 15,000 participants for an average of 14.3 years. This study was part of the U.S.-based Third National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey. This is also called as NHANES III. According to this Third National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey, scientists found that patients who were normal BMI but larger abdomen portion compared to their body size were at the higher risk of dying. Coutinho says these people are not actually heavy according to their height but they are centrally obese. This report has first published in Annals of Internal Medicine.

Mortality risk is double for men who are centrally obese and normal BMI than those who are obese or overweight according to BMI. For women with centrally obese with normal BMI, the mortality risk was nearly 1.5 times greater than those who has a problematic BMI but without larger stomach.

Where is the worst fat?

belly fat“It’s not very important that how much fat in your body but where is fat in your is important” says Raj Padwal. He is a physician at the University of Alberta’s faculty of medicine who studies cardiovascular risks and obesity. The worst fat is in the middle of the body. Padwal says, this fat is in the intra-abdominal cavity in the organs. Fat infiltrating that area of the body which can lead to the worst term of future risk of cardiovascular diseases which can lead to greater risk of early death. So, the central obesity is directly linked to fat infiltrating the pancreases and liver. These are linked to type 2 diabetes, fatty liver and liver failure. Padwal says BMI is no longer used clinically. Waist circumference should be measured and BMI should be discarded.

Author of this study says that people who have normal BMI but larger size of abdomen could be the important population to teach them the prevention and lifestyle changes. According to Coutinho, long term weight loss will be difficult but lifestyle modification will provide the positive changes in the body like lower blood pressure. If you want to calculate your waist, you’ll have to measure it from waist to hip ratio then measure your waist at its narrowest, and then divide that by the measure of your hips at their widest. If you get the result greater than .85 in women and .90 men, then you come in centrally obese population. If you are one of those who mid fat, you have change your diet and exercise and add some exercise in your daily routine to improve your health condition. Measuring your waist line is very simple and everybody can do it. It can help researchers to find the people who are at the highest risk and who are at the lowest risk of central obesity. You can find some modern and sophisticated equipment for measurement but tape measurement is also giving the appropriate result. However, belly fat is not at all tolerable in any condition, so just focus on how to lose belly fat faster naturally.