Weight Loss – Gene Therapy Will Help You In Weight Loss

weight loss

Weight loss is a fashion trend these days. Yes we all have some belly fat even if you have flat abs. little or some fat is normal but too much fat is not normal. It’s not only makes your body shape worst but it leads you many deadly diseases too. Some of the fats are invisible right under the skin. Other fat is deeper inside, around the heart, lungs, liver and other organs. Scientists say that it’s that deeper fat are called visceral fat. This type of fat is more dangerous than normal fat if you are a thin person. You can do the loss of weight by many ways but before losing or burning fat you need to know which type of fat loss program you should go?

Weight loss is a decreased weight of body. It can be done by several types like, cut the intake of food quantity, exercise and illness. Now a day’s many people are in search of the simple and easy way for weight loss. Scientists found a new way to burn fat diminishing body fat. This new research is called as the Gene Therapy. Scientists say that this new therapy could help in losing weight without any side effects. In this new therapy, doctor will inject the hormone leptine directly to the brain of the weight loser. Researcher says that they injected the hormone leptine directly in to the brain of rat and it led to weight loss and it also did not loss the bone density.

Rapid weight loss always require the loss of bone density but in gene therapy losing fat will be possible without losing the bone density. So, people will enjoy the fit life without the pain of bone or bone fracture. This new study was published in the Journal of Endocrinology. According to this new study, directly injecting the hormone leptine will lead to up to 5 k.g of weight loss in just 4 months. Scientists say that they conducted the study on rats. They says the rat which received the gene therapy were 20% lighter than those rat which did not received the therapy. This gene therapy will be effective for long term.

How gene therapy works?

Weight loss with this new therapy is possible because in this therapy, they used the hormone leptine. This leptine is made by fat cells in the body. This hormone made by fat cells communicates with the brain and indicates the brain to stop eating when it’s necessary to burn fat or burn calories. People who start gaining weight, they develop a resistance to the hormones and their brain no longer receive accurate message.

Weight loss with dieting, exercises, yoga, supplements and illness have limited long term success. They control the weight but it gives some side effects too such as weakness, weakening of the bones, sometimes fractures and the most important weigh regains when you will leave your weight loss program. According to Urszula Iwaniec, an associate professor at the College of Public Health and Human Sciences at Oregon State University, gene therapy is a long term weight loss plan which will give you full satisfaction and it has no side effects while maintain your bone density. Researcher says there is more study is needed yet before making it viable treatment for weight loss in humans.