Weight Loss For Women | How To Reduce 3 Sizes Of Dress In Just A Week

weight loss for womenWeight loss becomes the biggest problem for almost every woman at the one stage of life. Most women struggle with their weight at one time. According to researchers, reasons for weight gain in women are different from men. Here are several reasons which will explain the factors for increasing weight or fat among women. These reasons are listed below-

  • Pregnancy- This is the most important factor in almost every woman’s life that gets pregnant and delivers baby. Yes, pregnancy is the most wonderful feeling throughout the life for a woman but for this great feeling, a woman has to do a biggest sacrifice! That’s her body shape. It’s almost impossible to achieve the pre-pregnancy body shape after delivering baby. Generally, a woman has no time for herself to maintain her weight because of new born baby. She pays all attention to her baby and ignores her health and fitness. That is the main reason for weight gain after pregnancy.
  • Stress- This is also a very important factor that plays a significant role for weight gain. The demand of having successful career with managing family causes to pack a lot of pounds.
  • Lack of nutrition- It has been found that lack of nutrition is also responsible for making you fat and obese. Full attention towards family, career and children makes a woman to eat less and she doesn’t get the proper nutrition for her health which is necessary to maintain her metabolism and function her body properly. Ignorance toward health leads weight gain.
  • Menopause- This is also important for aged women who was slim and fit in her entire life but after menopause she put on some weight. Why? Because during this time, hormonal changes may increase the appetite. Increased appetite will definitely lead you to weight gain.


However, there are so many reasons around us, which are responsible to make women the venus factorobese or over weight and why losing weight is crucial factor for women? Losing fat for men is sometime an easy task because they don’t have so much responsibility but for women, it’s a big task. So now, here is the question that will a lady will be overweight or out of shape for her entire life just because she has no time for fitness? Answer is- NO. Here is a weight loss program that is especially designed for ladies. On the internet, we can find thousands of weight loss programs but they all are effective for men and most of them has severe side effect that a woman can never tolerate.

The Venus Factor is a program that is made only for women and it has no side effect. It addresses each individual woman’s need. As everybody is unique, the Venus factor has designed itself according to the requirement of every woman. This weight loss program has created by the well known weight loss celebrity, best seller writer and nutritionist John Barban. This program will run for 12 week means 4 months. It is especially designed for rebalance the hormones which are responsible for weight gain and appetite in women after menopause. Generally, when a woman get older, these hormones get progressively more out of balance and then things starts to go in wrong direction which makes overweight or obese. This is a rapid weight loss program which improves the body shape with toning and conditioning system.For information about how to lose weight with the help of The Venus Factor, please visit the official site:-