Weight Loss | Does Small Amount of Weight Loss Benefits?

obesityObesity or over weight is the main reason behind several deadly diseases. Now a days, lifestyle has completely changed and that is the only reason which makes today’s generation people overweight or obese. Weight loss demands a lot of hard work and very strict discipline especially for overweight or obese people. According to a new study, health experts says that losing as little as five per cent of body weight for obese or over weight men and women can reduce the risk of type 2 diabetes and coronary heart diseases. The main guideline of this recent study focuses on losing weight up to five to ten per cent of their body weight. Dr. Samuel Klein of Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis, Missouri and senior author said that weight loss up to five percent is the most reasonable goal for obese men and women. According to Klein, for many people hearing about weight loss goal up to five to ten percent makes them assume they should shoot for ten percent and are disappointed when they fail. He add that people who comes under obese or over weight should focus to lose weight up to five percent when you do it, you will keep it off, that’s quite a good achievement.

tips for weight lossWeight loss researchers have randomly assigned 40 adults who were obese to either weight maintenance or diet induced weight loss. According to this study, of the 20 people in the weight loss group, 19 members achieved five per cent weight loss goal in which 9 member subsequently achieved additional target of losing weight up to 10 and 15 percent weight loss. People who were assigned under weight loss group, their average weight was 106 kilogram or 234 pounds but after losing weight up to five per cent, their average weight was 100.8 kilogram or 222 pounds. Researchers kept checking their metabolic health, diabetes risk and heart diseases risk factors in the weight maintenance group after six months and in the weight loss group after losing weight up to 5 percent of their body weight at about four months, weight loss up to 11 percent at about six months and losing weight up to 16 percent at about 11 months. Researchers found that people who lost body weight up to 5 percent had reduced overall fat mass, better and improved sensitivity of their liver and muscles to the effects of the hormonal insulin and improvement in function of the insulin producing beta cells in the pancreas.

the-venus-factor-reviewsWeight loss researchers reported in Cell Metabolism that more weight loss further improved these factors. According to Klein, this is big news for people who are suffering from obesity or over weight and they think that a small amount of weight loss will never benefit them. He says that only losing weight up to 5 percent will improve the function of multiple organs simultaneously. He adds that it’s very exciting to that people are getting metabolic benefit by only weight loss up to 5 per cent and there may even be some benefits of losing weight as little as 2 to 3 per cent. Klein clarified that people who were the participants of weight loss group did not have diabetes but metabolic changes for people with diabetes may not be the same according to this study. This study did not focus on hard end points like heart attack or diagnosis of type 2 diabetes. This study only focused on the risk factors of diseases which generally occur due to overweight or obesity.

weight lossWeight loss researcher Klein said that many people get weight loss success from lifestyle modifications like eating healthy and balanced diet, reduced portion sizes and they pay extra attention on time of eating. Dr. Herbert Tilg of The Medical University of Innsbruck in Austria who was not part of this new study said that many studies focus on health benefits of losing weight up to 7 percent or above and they often include the weight loss surgery like bariatric surgery. Tilg said that losing weight up to 5 percent is achievable goal and it can be possible without surgery. In order to get faster result, you can combine diet and exercise for better weight maintenance. If you want more information about how to lose weight naturally in just 3 weeks without any side effects, please visit the official website to seek expert advice.