Weight loss | Does Intermittent Fasting Really Works For Weight Loss?

weight lossWeight loss study in 2004 shows that how intermittent fasting, at least in mice, led to a longer life. This research was compelling enough to give it a try. So, this is weight loss news about Dr. Steve Mount. For the past 12 years, he has not eaten on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays. Those days was marked as fasting days. According to Dr. Steve, The University of Maryland geneticist said that he was slightly overweight at about 180 pounds. Within six weeks of fasting, he lost 10 pounds. He told to Global News that doing fasting three days in a week was doable for him and the response he received while doing fasting was he got an improvement in his stability, improved ability to remain focused throughout the day and of course his insulin response. These all health benefits Dr. Steve received after going on fast thrice a week.

Weight loss with intermittent fasting

Weight loss while doing intermittent fasting means skipping mealsthe venus factor for 12 to 24 hours. This is used to draw controversy because it seemed extreme. According to scientists who study fasting says that weight loss with intermittent fasting is widely accepted as a tool for the weight maintenance in the short term and as a lifelong lifestyle. Dr. Krista Varady says that she was able to present her research on fasting a decade ago while the University of Illinois at Chicago professor’s results showed fasting was promising, but they weren’t well received. She explained that doctors and dieticians are against this type of weight loss program. They think people would have a lot of problems with it and metabolic rate will also drop. They thought about the safety issues which are associated with intermittent fasting. Dr. Krista Varady told Global News that now people are gaining much more confidence as it has the science behind it. Its working and and it’s not at all harmful in any way. Now the clinicians, doctors and dieticians are also very positive about it.

weight loss fastDr. Krista Varady learned in her short term study that those who keep fast for a day don’t binge next day at all. Sometimes they eat only 10 15 per cent more calories once they broke their day-long fasts. Despite a slight increase, the calorie reduction was still enough to help people with weight loss. In other hand volunteers who did fasting, had lower LDL cholesterol and triglyceride levels, their blood pressure and insulin levels were improved, and they gained the protection against heart disease and diabetes risk. They had energy to workout.

How much weight will people lose on an intermittent fast is totally dependent on their height and weight. Dr. Krista Varady says people can lose weight up to 1 to 3 pounds while those who weigh more lose up to 5 pounds. Brad Pilon, the Canadian author of Eat Stop Eat, says that losing weight means reducing weight about 0.5 pounds of true body fat and initial weight loss seems like losing water weight of the body. So, the good news for them who are trying to lose weight but not getting success is fasting. Here are some easy tips to make your fasting days more easy and effective-

half day diet

  • Drink plenty of water- We get most of the water from the food we eat throughout the day but on the fasting days; our body will have the lack of water. So, it’s advisable to drink at least 8 to 12 glass of water to save you from dehydration. People may experience headache and migration due to dehydration on fasting.
  • Keep fasting on busy day- Always choose a very busy day for fasting. Sitting at home and doing nothing will make more tend to eat something on every interval and if this is a fasting day, you’ll have food entire days on your mind.
  • Do not overindulge next day- Your non-fasting days shouldn’t be cheat days where you overindulge on junk food. Just have a regular and well balanced diet.
  • Don’t fast if suffering from any health issues- If you have a history of binge eating or other eating disorders, you’re pregnant, diabetic or have low blood pressure, and you should consult your doctor before going on a fast.

half day dietHowever, what is your way of losing weight are totally dependents on your health and ability. If you are not able to go for intermittent fast, you can opt some other way. There are so many natural ways which can help you lose weight faster and naturally. Here is a product which allows you for dieting just for half of the day and rest of the time you can eat anything and lose weight naturally. This half day diet program is really very effective in losing weight in long term because you are allowed to eat everything and you diet only for half day. If you want more information about how to lose weight faster and naturally while eating carbs and all your favorite food, please visit the official website.