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Exercise-to-lose-weightWeight loss researchers from New Brunswick said that people who are suffering from over-weight or obesity and struggling to lose weight since long time may actually find the solution through a simple blood test. This blood test will tell how effective exercise is for those people who are struggling to lose weight while doing long hour exercises in gym. Martin Senechal, the University of New Brunswick kinesiology professor and researchers said that the rule of one (weight loss) plan fits all, is not suitable for every one anymore. We have to be more precise. Weight loss strugglers need to focus on other things too which can help them to beat obesity or over weight.

Hormone unlock weight loss

weight loss for womenThe University of New Brunswick kinesiology professor had launched a new study about irisin. This is an exercise hormone, which has several healthy benefits. Irisin is a newly discovered hormone that is released by muscles while doing exercise. This irisin hormone was discovered at Harvard Medical School in 2012. According to Martin natural weight lossSenechal, irisin hormone increases the number of calories that are burned and it also helps to control blood sugar level but it still unclear if the amount of hormone released varies from person to person. He said that we are actually trying to test here the same thing that how much irisin hormone could be released individually. As we all know that exercise is always beneficial in every aspect for everybody but we hope to identify people who should prioritize other option of weight loss rather than exercise, said Martin Senechal. He adds that when you think about exercise or physical activity, it’s a science and we are trying to individualize. Senechal and his research team are looking for 30 people who have extra body weight between the ages of 19 to 35 and over 60.

tips for weight lossWeight loss researcher Martin Senechal said that we have people who are going to do weight lifting exercise sessions to reduce some amount of their body weight and we are looking to measure their irisin hormone level. We also want to compare younger people against older aged people. Comparing their irisin hormone level will reveal that they are going to have exactly the same fitness level or the same obesity level. The people who participated in this study, will be tested their blood test at various times during exercise session. Actually, Martin Senechal wants to know how much of the irisin hormone is released, and whether it peaks during or after the exercise. According to Senechal, one of the most important health benefits of this hormone is that it helps to enhance glucose metabolism. In the simple way, it protects you against diabetes or you already have diabetes, irisin hormone helps you control your blood sugar level.

weight lossThe University of New Brunswick kinesiology professor Martin Senechal said, he expects pharmaceutical companies are taking a big interest in the irisin hormone in the hopes of developing new drugs for diabetes. He adds that how this hormone is going to the venus factorhelp us is to design better intervention for people that are overweight or obese or at risk for Type 2 diabetes.

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