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whey-protein-dietWeight loss after baby is a very difficult process. A new mother has to take care of her new born baby and she learns to manage her baby every day. As you are also one of them who have a little baby at home, then how difficult to get time take care of your health and beauty. Actually the lack of time is the most common reason for almost every woman who gains weight after delivering their baby and they keep it continues gaining. After gaining extra body weight, you must look fat and unhealthy and this is the most important cause of less self esteem. However, if you are the one who have the baby and you are also suffering from the weight gain, you must focus on your diet. You diet can help you lose weight naturally without paying extra time.

Weight loss with high-protein diet

weight loss for womenAccording to health experts, a diet which is high in protein can aid the weight loss and it also help to manage type 2 diabetes. High protein is generally found in dairy products. A Previous research has suggested that eating a large size of breakfast containing protein, a medium-sized lunch and a smaller size dinner can help a person to feel satisfied throughout the day and it also aid weight loss and prevent spikes in blood sugar. According to a new study by a team at Tel Aviv University, Israel has found that whey protein which is found in cheese product and also found in many dairy products is more effective for controlling the blood sugar than source of protein like eggs, soy and tuna.

belly fatHealth experts involved 48 people who were overweight or obese with suffering from type 2 diabetes and the age of 59, in order to get the effects of high protein breakfast for weight loss. Researchers assigned participants to one of three diets that contained the same number of calories for 23 months. Group 1 at the breakfast which was mainly contained whey protein including protein shakes while the second group ate other proteins rich breakfast such as eggs, soy and tuna and the third group at a breakfast high in carbohydrates.  At the time of re-assessing the groups after 12 weeks, researchers found group first who ate whey protein breakfast, lost 7.6 k.g of weight, while the second group who also ate protein rich breakfast like eggs, soy and tuna lost up to 6.1 k.g of weight and the third group who ate carbohydrates, lost up to 3.1 k.g of weight. So, whey protein diet significantly suppresses the ghrelin, a hunger hormone said Dr Daniela Jakubowicz, professor of medicine at Tel Aviv University, Israel.weight loss for womenWeight loss experts says that whey protein drink can be easily prepared and it provides the advantages of a high-protein breakfast for people who are on the path of weight loss because it reduces hunger, glucose spikes and HbA1c (glycated haemoglobin, high levels of which are linked to diabetes).

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