Weight Loss | Does Green Juice Helps You Lose Weight?


Weight loss is really a very challenging task for everyone but it’s more difficult for those who are over-weight or obese. As we know that weight loss requires a lot of discipline which is quite often hard to follow like regular exercise and following a very strict diet plan. Regular exercise and strict diet is not an easy task for everyone because it needs a lot of determination. Anyway, these days green juice is gaining a huge popularity. It provides several health benefits which are required for everyone. A list of health benefits is associated with drinking green juice regularly. Yes! We know that preparing green juice is a very hard thing. It messes up your kitchen and it takes an extra time to clean it. However, making a habit of drinking green juice will allow you to get several health benefits which are required in every stage of life.

What are the health benefits of green juice?

1.Provides complete nutrition-

Green juice provides your body with nutrition. As you must know that fruits and green vegetables are full of nutrients and it is a very good for your entire health and vitality. Here is no any condition that will force you to eat raw fruits and green vegetables, you will just feel it when to feed yourself with nutrition’s. People who drinks green juice regularly says that after using it for a very short time, you will feel the changes in your body from inside like feeling better every time, your face and skin will reveal your good health condition by glowing naturally, your eyes will get a new spark, you will feel much younger than your real age and last but not the least is that you will never get any anti wrinkles cream that will give back your skin a new shine and youthful look. As many people think that eating fruits can make you fat because it contains sugar. green juice benefitsFruits do contains a sugar but this is natural sugar and called as fructose and this is not at all harmful for your health and it doesn’t make you fat. Fructose is not harmful as processed sugar but if you are diabetes patients, you need to get check up. For non diabetic people it’s a very good source for maintaining a healthy life. On the other side green vegetables contains a very low level of sugar and consuming it in the raw form helps you in detoxify and cleanse up your digestive track which is very important to throw out the entire waste of body. Health experts say that toxins play a very important role to lead you many deadly diseases. In order to eliminate waste or toxins from your body, you should add green vegetables in your diet everyday and eating raw vegetables provides a lot of health benefits along with detoxification and it saves you from eating junk food.

2. Quick absorption-

After drinking green juice, your body gets quick absorption of nutrients. While drinking green juice, you get all the nutrients which you often lose while cooking it. As green juice is in the liquid form, your body gets quick absorption of all the nutrients. As this is a liquid it goes directly to the cells and bloodstream and provides you all the health requirements and makes you feel Organifilighter, energetic and active throughout the day.

3.Helps you lose weight faster and naturally-

Green juice is a very effective method, if you are trying to lose weight. It makes your body to burn fat in a seamless manner. Losing weight with drinking juice is quite an easy and interesting thing. Many people think losing weight requires a very hard discipline and a very strict and tasteless diet. Following a hard discipline with strict and tasteless diet is not very easy for all people. Many people think dieting is one of the easiest ways to lose weight because it doesn’t require any hard work. Just skipping meal is a very easy option for weight loss but here is a fact about dieting that almost every people are not aware of that. Dieting is not at all effective in losing weight. In fact dieting makes you gain more weight than before. In order to lose weight, when you opt the dieting option, you skip your one or two times of meals. Skipping meals makes you feel starve and hungry because your body system has the habit of this. Starving and feeling hungry all the time makes slow down your metabolism. As you must know that slow metabolism is one of the most important reasons for weight gain. Slow metabolism makes you gain more weight while making the weight loss process slow. With the dieting option for burn fat you feel hungry and weak which makes you unable to do anything with full of energy. Feeling hungry for every time can make you binge eater and when you get the opportunity of eating tasty, you eat all those foods which are strictly not allowed to lose weight. In order to eat tasty, generally people opt for fast foods option which is not just unhealthy but it has a high level of calories and sugar too which is enough to make you over weight and obese. Anyway, if you want to lose in a healthy way without starving yourself, you can go for green juice. Losing weight with green is very easy and tasty option. Simply, you can skip your any one or two meals in a day and consume green juice at that time. While drinking green juice at the meal time will save you from over eating and you will provide all the nutrients which your body requires.weight loss Drinking green juice at the dinner or lunch time will help you lose weight faster and naturally and it will boost your metabolism too. Boosted metabolism will help you burn fat on double pace and you will feel energetic and active every time. Green juice boosts immunity and provides an extra layer of protection to cells in the body. If you are doing a juice fast and drinking green juices is your only source of nutrition, you can still enjoy weight-loss benefits while getting all the vitamins and minerals which your body needs.