Weight Loss After Baby | Get a stronger and flatter belly in just 1 move!

stomach vacuumWeight loss and wish to have a stronger and flat belly, then let’s face it: As we all know that getting a stronger and leaner body is possible only after sparing hours in the gym with doing some hard workouts and the most important strict and balanced diet. Whenever we think about to get a flatter and leaner belly, the first thing comes in our mind is crunches. Crunches are more than 2000 years old and it’s very tough and complicated process. Health expert says that what will happen when you could put in the efforts and it’s not at all harder than sucking in your gut? So we did the same thing to help you get your stronger and flatter belly by using just one move. This move is known as stomach vacuum and it is on the rise these days. Many people especially girls who delivered their babies and want to get back their college day’s abs back. In order to get a flat stomach, stomach vacuum is the best way because it’s very simple and safe exercises. So, let’s try it! Get a flatter and leaner body and stomach with no any extra efforts.

What is stomach vacuum?

weight loss tipsThis is a kind of movement when you have to pull your abdominal muscles in very much the same way as you do when you suck in your tummy to zip up your pants. Experts say that if you think to start a stomach vacuum to get a flatter and leaner belly, think again. This is not as easy as just about breathing in and your tummy goes inward automatically. This is a movement which should be done very carefully. This is about contracting your abdominal muscles to actively bring your belly toward your spine. The most challenging part of doing this activity is that, you have to pull your abs inward and brace them as though you are about to be punched. Meanwhile you have to keep your abs drawn in while doing a crunch, working all the layers of your abs simultaneously with the deep abs (transverses) pulling the abdomen in and then superficial muscles (rectus) contracting to perform the crunch.

the-venus-factor-reviewsBrian Pankau a certified personal trainer says that vacuum is an isometric exercise that isolates the muscles that lie underneath the external abs and obliques, which are often neglected. Stomach vacuum increase the intensity which is placed on these underlying muscles that could assist a person result flattering their abs and defining their stomach and oblique’s better. Another benefit is increasing maximum output during power lifts.

Expert says that Stomach vacuuming has nothing to do with your Dirt Devil and do not try it at home. Generally, this is a kind of breathing exercise which helps to activate and strengthens your deepest abdominal muscles by simply contracting it. You just have to do it right and you will be able to clinch your midsection while stabilizing your spine. Stabilized spine helps to reduce back pain and helps you improve your postures.

How to practice stomach vacuum?

Flat belly through stomach vacuum is possible if you will do it every day. In order to grab the techniques of stomach vacuum outside the expensive classes, just start with the most basic move and take your core to the next level. Stomach vacuumed should be the first thing in the morning (on an empty stomach while you are on your bed). Simply roll onto your back with your knees bent or your feet should be in flat position on the mattress. Take a big time exhale and pull your belly button in towards your spine (The closer you get, the greater the intensity of the contraction and the move will be more effective). Hold on this position for 15 seconds in the beginning and then progress to hold this position for 60 seconds. Repeat this movement three to five times daily in the morning. You need to take small breath.

weight loss after pregnancyIf you want to make this movement harder, you can try it on your hands and knees, sitting straight up in a chair without back or arm rest. You can try this position on Swiss ball also. Once you master the squeeze, you can be able to hold you’re naval to your spine while sitting or standing throughout the day. According to experts, doing this practice every day, you need to eat well and balanced diet and keep up your regular exercises. You will notice the benefits within a few weeks which are more than doing crunches for whole life.

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