Weight Loss | 5 Quick Tips To Lose weight

the-venus-factor-programWeight loss is always a big challenge for everyone but this is more challenging if you are a woman. Women can gain weight by many reasons whether you recently have a baby or you have just put on some weight because you did not participate in any physical activity like jogging, walking, skipping and many more. Overweight or obesity is associated with many reasons for men but for women it is mainly linked to baby. You must have seen that women who are trying to lose weight now were holding a perfect shape of body just before her first pregnancy. After getting pregnant and delivery of baby, mom always gets busy with her new born baby and if she has other responsibilities too then she has not at all time for herself. In that situation, women always ignores her health and beauty and this is the biggest mistake which is often done by women and it leads to weight gain, obesity, cellulite and lost of youthful look. Over weight and obesity not only responsible to make a woman ugly but leads to many deadly diseases too such as diabetes, hypertension, blood pressure, heart diseases and many more. These become the lifelong health issues which never let you live your life in your original style. So, before getting all these life threatening situations for lifetime, just eliminate the biggest reason of these deadly diseases (overweight or obesity). Here are so many tips which can help you in weight loss but all these ways may not work for you. So, here are some very easy and quick tips which are especially made for women who are trying to lose weight naturally without ignoring her family and her responsibilities.

5 Quick Tips For Weight Loss-

  1. Watch your calories intake- As you know that calorie consumption is one of the most important factors for your health and weight. Yes; controlling your intake of calories will not help you in gaining the weight loss goal over night but if you will watch your intake of calories, you can lose weight up-to two pounds per week. These little bit of weight loss will add up and makes you fit and healthy forever. Remember, it takes time.


  1. Don’t go for dieting- This is the biggest myths for weight losers. People who are trying to burn some calories, they often thinks that if they will reduce the portion of their plate size will help them in losing weight faster but this is the open invitation for consuming more calories than your normal consumption. Dieting makes you starve and you always feel hungry and tired and these feeling don’t allow you to focus on your work, study and even sleep. While getting too much tiredness and feeling to eat something yummy makes you to eat all those things which is strictly not good for your health and especially when you are on weight loss program. So, don’t go for dieting and eating your normal portion size but it should be full of fibers, proteins and nutrients. These things will boost your metabolism and help you in doing more and more physical activity.
  2. Drink- Yes, I did not mention here drink water or drink juice. As you must have known that drinking water is one of the best ways to help you in losing weight but while you on your weight loss regime, you can drink water, fresh fruit juices, milk and some time coffee. Consuming fluids throughout the day keep you hydrated and helps you in eliminating the toxins from your body. Drinking water and juices is one of the best ways to detox your body too. Detoxification of your system is also very important while you trying to lose all those unwanted body fat. So, just drink everything which is healthy and recommended for good health.
  3. Forget about vigorous workouts- If you feel that workouts are not so venus-factor-revieweasy and you cannot manage it every day, and then forget about it. Yes, vigorous exercise helps in losing weight faster but this is possible for those who can manage it easily but lack of time and having all the responsibilities you can cut the workout from your daily routine and add brisk and moderate walk. 20 to 30 minutes of brisk walk is very effective in long term weight loss. You can go for walk with your baby, friends or alone. Brisk walk allow you to enjoy your chit chat with your friends and family members or you can enjoy your favorite music while losing weight. Walking after dinner allows a better digestion, better sleep along with weight loss.
  4. Avoid transport- If you are going on short distance like nearer super market or visiting your doctor who stays on walking distance, avoid taking transport. Add these habits in your lifestyle and you can feel the drastic change in your daily life. While going to these spot walking which you have always went there by car will give you multiple health benefits. It will help in burning calories, pump your heart and it will increase your heart beat while making you feel thirsty and you will definitely drink at least 2 glasses of water and lastly funny and enjoyable.
  5. Eat fresh and crunchy- Whenever you watch movies or you favorite T.V show, you tend to eat something tasty and crunchy like French fries, potatoes chips, popcorn and many more. So just keep it continue to eat crunchy and just replace it with fresh. Eat cucumber, radish, carrots, beet root, apple, avocado and many more fruits and vegetables which are fresh and crunchy. Eating these foods will not only to satisfy your hunger to eat something crunchy but it will provide several health benefits. Make sure whatever you eat; it should be fresh and healthy.


Weight loss tips for women which has mentioned above will not only help you in losing weight but it helps you balancing your stress level and your health too. If you want to get faster result, you can join weight loss program which is especially made for women. These programs are very effective and it gives a faster result than traditional methods.