Weight loss | 5 proven ways to trick your body into losing weight

weight-lossWeight loss needs a full time consciousness and you have to keep in your mind that you are on your weight loss regime. Brian Wansink is a specialist in food behavior oversees the dietary guidelines of the US, which help him to asses around thousands of eater. To have an understanding of how people make the food decision, Dr Wansink have secretly monitored their behavior, he analyzed the content of people’s fridge, cupboard, bins and supermarket trolleys by wiring them up to tracking devices. He says that it doesn’t make any difference whether you follow your strict diet plan or can’t resist your food vice but everyone is just as easily influenced by their surroundings. So, here are some very simple ways to trick your body into losing weight.

Weight loss trick for wine

peanut butterIf you swap your bulky and broader glass of wine for taller and narrower glass of champagne flutes, you will be able to cut your wine consumption by 10 percent. Actually, when somebody wants to judge the size of a glass and how much they have drunk, they usually look at the height of the glass rather than width. When you are offered a refill of your glass, put it on the table because it appears fuller than holding it in your hand and you get 12 percent less wine.green coffee bean max

Weight loss trick for workouts

You must have seen that many people do workouts in order to lose weight and later they eat more to compensate for the spurt of exercise. So, you can trick your body while giving a new name to your exercise like telling yourself that you are taking a ‘scenic’ walk rather than a calorie-burning one, or thinking of an exercise class as toning, strengthening, or stretching. These tricks could help to reduce the calorie consumption.

Weight loss trick for buffet

half day dietMany weight loss studies show that people who are slim are fully aware of that how to attack the buffet without slapping on the pounds and it’s unconscious. According to researchers, they have discovered that overweight or obese people are tend to choose large size of plate and they fill it with a little of everything that they don’t specifically hate rather than what they actually like. They like to sit on a table that is close to the buffet. In other hand, slim or thin people first check out the buffet before picking up a plate. They like to pick smaller plate and select the food items which are really their favorite. They like to sit further away from the buffet and don’t face the food. Slim people chew their food three times more than overweight or obese.

Weight loss trick for supermarket

The_Half_Day_DietYou must know that we should not go for food shopping on an empty stomach. Empty stomach encourages you to grab the maximum unhealthy foods but cravings can kick any time regardless of whether you are full or hungry. Experts say that chewing minty gum can help to stop your cravings by making you hard to imagine the sensory details of crunchy chips or sweet puddings. You just have to take one piece of gum and you could cut your unhealthy food consumption by seven per cent. You should also divide your trolley by filling half with fruit and vegetables.

Weight loss trick for restaurant

It has been found that people who sit by the side of window in a restaurant or in a well lit area, they are more likely to order healthier dish than those who sit in cozy darker place. It happens because dim light makes you feel less guilty about eating unhealthy food. Sitting in the well lighted area could make people more aware of their appearance, while an airy and light atmosphere could make a salad more appealing.

half day dietHowever, above written tricks are easy to follow and you can make it your habit for lifetime. Here is a natural way which helps you lose weight faster and naturally. It also tricks your body into burning fat like you are on a low carbs and low fat diet, while you eat yummy carbs every day. If you want more information about how to trick your body into fat burning, please visit the official website.

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