Type 2 Diabetes | Does Weight Loss Helps To Cure Type 2 Diabetes?

diabetes and weight loss

Type 2 diabetes is affecting almost millions of people on the earth. It has been found that 3.3 million of people in England and Wales are affected by type 2 diabetes. Here is big news that type 2 diabetes can be cured by doing weight loss. A new study by scientists of Newcastle University suggests that if people who are suffering from type 2 diabetes can cure their disease if they will be able to lose weight. This new study shows that this lifetime disease occurs due to fat accumulating in the pancreas and losing weight less than one gram from the organ. This lifetime condition blood sugar level can lead to blindness, stroke, kidney failure and limb amputation. But now scientists from Newcastle University claims that this life time condition can be reversed even in over-weight or obese people who are going through this type 2 diabetes since long time.

How type 2 diabetes can be reversed?

Scientists at Newcastle University have followed 18 people who were obese and suffering from type 2 diabetes for a long time. Those 18 members were given gastric band surgery and put on a restricted diet for eight weeks. After eight weeks they were found to be cured by type 2 diabetes. Those 18 members were age group of 25 to 65. During these experimental periods these 18 participants lost the weight up to an average of 2.2 stone which was almost 13% of weight of their body. Researchers say that they lost 0.6 gram of fat from their pancreases and allows the organs to make the insulin level normal. However, health expert says that people who are suffering from type 2 diabetes can reverse their condition by losing weight and their body function will allow draining excess fat out of the pancreas and body system will work normally. In Britain, the growing health crisis is diabetes and 90% of diabetic patients has type 2. According to a recent survey the number of type 2 diabetes sufferer has increased by 59.8% from the last decades compared to 10 years ago. So, it has been predicted that if the same lifestyle will be continue, the five million people will be diabetic in the year 2025.

diabetesCauses of type 2 diabetes


  • Poor eating habit
  • Lack of exercise
  • Genetics and
  • Over-weight or obesity

Type 2 diabetes was first called as the “mature onset” because it was mainly associated with the middle aged people but now it has found to be wrong. Since 15 years many young and teen aged boys and girls are getting affected by this condition and in September month a three year old girl got affected by this condition. She was youngest patients that ever seen for this blood sugar condition. So, now you can’t say that this blood sugar condition is only linked to middle and old aged people but yes! It is mainly associated with old or middle aged people. Generally type 2 diabetes is a progressive condition which can be controlled by diet restriction then tablets and later eventually insulin. New study from Newcastle University shows that these progressive conditions of blood sugar can be controlled for life time if the patients will be able to lose weight. Researchers found the link between fat which is deposited in the pancreas and type 2 diabetes through a new MRI scanning technique which allowed them to accurately test the levels of fatty deposits in the organ. During the eight weeks of experiment, the MRI scanning techniques shoed the decreased fat level 1.2%. During the experimental eight weeks the diabetes patients were asked to take calories up to 1200 kcal which is half of recommended dose.



Does weight loss helps to cure diabetes for everyone?

Naveed Sattar, professor of Metabolic Medicine at the University of Glasgow says that weight loss is the very big deal in order to cure diabetes. He also adds that losing weight will cure the diabetes is not obviously for everyone but losing weight will make them feel better, lighter and active. Dr Alasdair Rankin, Diabetes UK Director of Research says this study focus on treatment of type 2 diabetes through losing weight. Weight loss ideally should be done by diet and moderate physical exercise. This study mainly focus on maintain the ideal and healthy weight but if some people will be unable to lose weight through diet and exercise should go for surgery also in order to reverse type 2 diabetes. While losing a gram of weight sounds pretty easy but it’s not so easy. You’ll have to lose a lot of body weight to lose this very small amount of weight from pancreas. This research is first published in Diabetes Care and simultaneously and this information has been taken from www.telegraph.co.uk.

diabetes-destroyerWeigh loss seems a very tough task but when you will take it as a challenge then probably you will enjoy losing weight and definitely you will get several health benefits including reversing your type 2 diabetes. So, before starting any weight loss program you must know the fact of health industry which not only hinders your weight loss efforts, but even worse, you could have the early signs of heart disease or cancer without using this method.

  • Why salty foods like chips and French fries are not the real culprits for weight gain?
  • How certain vegetables that you often think are healthy, create serious thyroid problems that add fat to your stomach area even if you are busting your butt in the gym every day.
  • How fat-free, sugar- free, gluten-free, and low-carbs diets will all accelerate your weight because of two body fattening amino acids that are lurking in most of our foods you think are healthy.

weight loss tipsThis health industry injects the acids in the food that you really think as healthy. These acids transport deadly trans fats right into your blood stream, destroying the body’s metabolic system and halts the production of thyroid hormones, (especially in women), which results in abnormal fat storage, specifically around your stomach and thigh area. However, if you want to reverse your type 2 diabetes through weight loss, you must have to follow the expert diet plan. Health experts are very familiar with the healthy diet which will help you in losing weight without any harm. Please visit the official site where you can find several tips and ideas which can help you in weight loss faster and naturally without any side effects.