Infertility | The most common 8 myths about infertility

myths about infertilityInfertility is emotionally difficult enough on its own and on that added weight of false information only makes matters worse. If you are not a medical professional, it’s very difficult to know which information about infertility is true and which isn’t. Now a days as infertility has become the most common illness among men and women, the many myths about infertility floating around and the truth becomes even mistier. Anyway, those people thinks they are offering very helpful information for those who are getting difficulties in getting pregnant but these are actually the myths about infertility which is more harmful than good. These myths are particularly causing more than confusion but lead to hurt feelings, subtle shaming, and misdirection for conceiving.

get pregnantAccording to the website for the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention explained that getting pregnant is the result of a process with many steps from ovulation to fertilization. If one of these steps doesn’t take place properly, the baby making procedure is not possible. The reasons for disruptions in the steps to becoming pregnant is a medical condition linked to the reproductive system of both males and females and has nothing to do with having a negative attitude or having sex a certain way. So, the people who are going through this situation have already a very difficult time and false information only makes matters worse. So, make sure to avoid believing these myths about infertility which are more harmful than good. So, here is some list of myths about infertility which should be clarified in order to make you aware of what is the right information.

Myth # 1- After a certain age women becomes infertile

how to get pregnantAs we always read and hear that age plays the vital role for a man or woman to get pregnant faster and naturally. Yes, it is true that the ability to conceive faster and naturally becomes challenging after the age of 35 but it doesn’t mean that turning 35 has comes with a bad reputation, as far as fertility is concerned. A woman’s fertility changes throughout her life and difficulties in getting pregnant may occur at any stage of life according to the website for the National Infertility Support and Information Group.

Myth # 2- Infertility occurs due to endometriosis

Yes, we can say that endometriosis can be a cause of infertility but if you have this condition; it doesn’t mean that you will surely have the infertility problems. According to Baby Center, even though endometriosis is diagnosed in 45 percent of infertility cases laparoscopic surgery has up to an 84 percent success rate.

Myth # 3- Using contraceptive makes you infertile

Contraceptive pills are meant to stop ovulation from happening each month. If no egg is released, there is nothing to be fertilized by sperm, and the woman cannot get pregnant. Some advice that taking these type pills for long time makes this habit stick long after you stop taking the pills. But experts say that this is just a rumor. Ovulation will return within a few weeks of quitting the pill.

infertility treatmentMyth # 4- boxers may lower your sperm count

If you are losing your sleep over the boxer versus briefs debate, it’s just a time waste. It doesn’t matter what a man wears under his jeans has no relevance to infertility. According to Reader’s Digest report that researchers at the State University of New York at Stony Brook discovered that underwear type has no significance on male fertility.

Myth # 5- Stress causes infertility

Many experts say that stress causes infertility, which couldn’t be further from the truth. According to Resolve, The National Infertility Association’s website, infertility is a condition of the reproductive system and not the result of stress.

Myth # 6- STD’s don’t affect infertility

Symptoms and long lasting effects depend upon the type of STD (Sexually transmitted diseases) and it can be vary but if you will not get treated with this condition, it can affect you fertility. Untreated condition of STD (Sexually transmitted diseases) is linked to difficulties in getting pregnant. According to the website for CNN, an untreated STD can cause reproductive issues that lead to infertility for both men and women.

Myth # 7- Infertility is only the female problem

Pregnancy-Miracle-BookMany people think that Infertility is only the female problem but it’s totally inaccurate. Placing the blame on just one sex is more than wrong. The condition of infertility in men and women and in some cases is a combination of both partners, as the National Infertility Support and Information Group explained.

Myth # 8- infertility is very unusual thing

Many people who are going through the condition of infertility, feels lonely and weird when they see everyone and their sister is easily becoming pregnant. But it’s not true. You are not alone in this situation. According to Parents, one in every 10 couples has problems with infertility.

infertility causesHowever, what are the myths and what are the truths about the infertility of men and women have cleared now. So, whenever you seek any information from anywhere like it may be your friends, family, relatives or internet, you must check it properly whether it is true or just a myth. Anyhow whatever the reason of your infertility or inability to get pregnant faster and naturally, but it must be treated. There are many people around us who are going through this condition but they don’t know the exact reason of their difficulties in conceiving. There are so many ways of treating infertility in men and women but these treatments are very much expensive, time taking and lack of success rate. People those who can afford it they are going for these treatment but affordability of infertility treatment is not possible for everybody who are in this situation. So, don’t worry, nature has decided equally for everyone. Natural a holistic approach may help you in your way. This natural way is proven to give satisfactory result since centuries and it has no side effects like medical treatment. So, if you want to treat your infertility fast and naturally without taking risk with your health and pocket, you must opt natural and holistic approaches. For more information about how to treat all type of infertility and get pregnant in just 60 days, you must visit the official website.

Infertility | Why infertility awareness is necessary for all women?

infertilityInfertility is a kind of health issues that affects million of couples in the world. Every woman wants to go through the experience of motherhood. But all are not so lucky to get this opportunity. However, she always dream of becoming of mother do everything well planned without knowing the fact that her reproductive system may have same issues that can create difficulties in getting pregnant when she will be fully prepared. After diagnosis of inability of getting pregnant, they go for expensive treatment which has a lot of side effects and fewer guarantees because of over age. So, in order to save time and money, every woman should be aware of the signs of infertility.

Symptoms of infertility

These signs and symptoms of infertility include irregular menstrual cycles, infrequent menstrual cycles and a complete lack of menstruation. If these symptoms are noticed early in the life and given medical attention, the further problems and complications of getting problem can be prevented. The following discussion focuses on why it is crucial for every woman to pay attention to these signs and symptoms:-how to get pregnant

Psychological preparation-

Infertility, especially the mandatory one which occurs when women hit the age around 50 years and it’s almost impossible to be able to give birth. This inability has certain impacts which are not easy to handle. It arises tension between your spouse and other social pressures are just some of the psychological battles that accompany infertility. So, paying attention to the warning signs of infertility, women are better equipped to deal with the inability of getting pregnant. It also gives more time to contemplate certain alternatives such as IVF or assisted conception or adoption.

Infertility treatment-infertility-solution

In many cases, infertility is just a signal that something is not fine with body and it can be fixing if proper medication and attention can be given. If the problem of the body can be fixing, women are able to get rid of Infertility. So, being aware about uterine or cervical abnormalities, early menopause, endometriosis, hormonal imbalances and other issues can help you find the real help you need to treat your inability of getting pregnant. After diagnosis your real problem and treatment can eliminate these conditions and other health issues that accompany infertility.

Prevention from other medical condition-

Now a day’s many types of lifestyle practices, congenital disorders and medical condition are also causing infertility. Excessive consumption of alcohol and smoking, over exposure to harmful radiation, contraceptive pills and several types of medications, sexually transmitted diseases, ovulation disorders, and damages or blockages of the fallopian tube need to be addressed medically. If you are suffering from any of this medical condition, you have the potential to harm the body.

Time and money is saved-

get pregnantA famous phrase says that “a stitch in time saves nine”. When an issue is addressed in a timely manner, it can reduce the amount of money and time is spent dealing with its side effects and less effectiveness. Being aware of the signs and symptoms of infertility and recognizing in the timely manner may help you save time and money in combating them.

The final verdict-

Being aware of signs and symptoms of infertility is very much important because it can signal the likelihood of an impending fertility or other medical condition. If you are not able to address these issues you may have far-reaching consequences.

Pregnancy-Miracle-BookHowever, treating infertility is not always a very expensive and less effective approach. Because natural and holistic ways are proven since centuries and it gives 100% result. Natural and holistic ways to eliminate all type of infertility in just 8 weeks and it has step by step formula which is very easy to follow. For more information, please visit the official website.


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Infertility Cure | 3 primary foods that boost fertility

best-fertility-boosting-foodsInfertility or inability to get pregnant naturally is just an indication that tells you something is wrong inside your body and it can be fix if things will go right. So, here are many foods that is not healthy as per the general health benefits but these foods helps to boost your fertility and fix those things that makes you unable to get pregnant. These foods are known as fertility foods because after eating these foods on the recommended time periods, you can get pregnant faster and naturally. According to Jorge Chavarro, M.D., an associate professor at the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health and an associate epidemiologist at Brigham and Women’s Hospital It have been found that to some extent, modification of diet and lifestyle can increase the chances of getting pregnant up to fifty percent.

infertility causes

Lifestyle changes for better fertility

Diet and lifestyle modification their success rate by 10 to 15 percent higher for those women who are seeking the fertility treatment, says Chavarro.  In specific pregnancy magic is less and diet and lifestyle modification plays the Vitol role. So, take a deeper look at some of the must-know factors when it comes to pregnancy food.beat infertility


This veggie has got a lot of attentions it relates to baby bump. Chavarro says it happens because soy contains very weak estrogens, which could work as endocrine disruptors, messing with your body’s hormones and thus potentially impairing fertility. But the scientific research is not clear cut about soy. While some studies shows that using soy on regular basis can reduce the fertility in animals but others find the just opposite result of using soy. Experts say that women who went through IVF have given high dose of soy supplements, saw an increase rate in birth rates. A research has also demonstrated that women who are struggling with infertility simply ate more soy mostly soy milk and tofu got the higher birth rates than those who did not eat it.

Folic acid and B12

You must have seen that women who are trying to conceive preach the powers of folic acid and vitamin B12. Says Chavarro, It helps to increase ovulation rates in women with no history of infertility. He adds that these both nutrients are essential for building DNA. Anything that requires cell division needs folic acid and B12. The key point is that you should consume it while you are trying to get pregnant. Chavarro says that in its early days, an embryo can’t take either vitamin from its environment, so it might rely on bodily stores of the vitamins to survive.

get pregnant

Increase iron with natural foods

Your source of food really matters when it comes to iron. Chavarro says that in his own research, he found that women who loaded up on non heme or source of iron from plant based foods like legumes and nuts and seeds experience the lower risk of infertility. According to researchers, they are not sure, why it happens but more than 10 percent of women are iron deficient and if they conceive, they are more likely to suffer from a deficiency of iron. So, if you are planning to start your family, it’s infertility-solutionimportant for your body to stock up.

Here are so many tips and advice which can help you to treat all types of infertility in men and women. Natural and holistic ways are proven to give satisfactory result since centuries and it helps to beat all types of male and female infertility. If you are also one of them who are the victim of infertility, before going for painful and expensive treatment, please go for natural and holistic approach to get pregnant. Follow all the advice and step by step methods suggested by expert and get pregnant in just 60 days. For more information, please visit the official website.

Diabetes Treatment | A Positive Way To Control Your Diabetes

type 2 diabetesDiabetes is a rising problem these days but health experts says that it can be controlled. According to a recent survey, it has been found that diabetes is the seventh leading cause of death for citizens of United States of America. Rates at which people are being diagnosed are also rising at double pace. For the running month, Health Check 12 James Quinones sets the record straight about some common types of myths and facts that is most important to know. A recent sufferer of diabetes condition Deirdre Nezzie was in shock when she was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes. She said that she was in the denial condition for two to three months. She assumed that diabetes condition is also the same condition when people suffer from cold and fever and after taking medicines for sometimes, it goes back.


Diabetes is that type of condition that doesn’t go back and it affects your whole life, if you will not control on the correct time. Anyway, Deirdre Nezzie is not alone. According to The American Diabetes Association estimates that approximately 29 million Americans people either have diabetes or they at the greater risk of pre-diabetes. Many studies have done on diabetes and a new research is offering new insights into diagnosing and treating the condition of diabetes. For example, type 1 diabetes is also known as juvenile diabetes because it only appears in younger age group and in this condition; your body doesn’t produce enough insulin. But age is no longer a factor says Sathya Jyothinagaram, the executive director for the Institute of Diabetes at Banner Health. In fact, one of the oldest people I have ever diagnosed with type 1 diabetes. When she was first developed the condition, she was 77 years old. In the other hand, type 2 diabetes is known as mature onset diabetes.

diabetesType 2 diabetes is now being found in teenagers. In fact type 2 diabetes has become the fastest growing segment of the population within teenagers said Jyothinagaram. Health experts say that the leading causes of higher level of glucose or type 2 diabetes are obesity and a genetic pre disposition. Anyway, Deirdre Nezzie was in shocked after being diagnosed with type 2 diabetes but she said that it was a waking call for me. She overhauled her lifestyle and signed up for a triathaon. She said that she was weighing 230 pounds when she started the triathaon and she lost 50 pounds. First she was used to sit at home and doing nothing physical activity but after joining triathaon, now she is used to go for swimming, running and biking. Now she became the part of the Tour de Cure. It is a cycling event which raises money for diabetes research.

How-does-it-work-diabetes-destroyerHowever, here you have seen that how Deirdre Nezzie got herself in shocked when she first heard that she is suffering from type 2 diabetes but she took it in a positive way started her lifestyle changes to live her life with full harmony. You can also do it, if you find that you suffering from high glucose level or you are at the greater risk of developing diabetes. You just need to do some lifestyle changes and you can be able to control your diabetes naturally. For more information about how to control diabetes naturally, please visit the official website.

How To Get Pregnant? | Causes And Diagnosis Of Female Infertility

infertilityInfertility is known as the inability to get pregnant after one year of regular and unprotected sex. When a couple is not able to conceive after several efforts while doing regular intercourse is defined as the infertility. There are so many factors which can be blame to take the responsibility for causing infertility in men and women. In order to know the exact reason of inability to conceive, clinical assessment is necessary. After doing clinical assessment to know the reason of not getting pregnant naturally, physicians have found many causes which are associated with infertility and the range goes from tubal and peritubal abnormalities to uterine, cervical and ovarian abnormalities.

infertility treatmentInfertility treatments are very vast but it starts from HSG (Hysterosalpingography). This is usually the first test that evaluates the patency of fallopian tubes. HSG (Hysterosalpingography) test can also show the uterine filling defects and contour abnormalities but it often require further imaging with Saline Infusion Sonography (SIS), pelvic ultrasonography or pelvic magnetic resonance imaging (MRI). If woman is suffering from infertility and the reason is cervical abnormalities, it can be seen during attempts at catheterization for HSGs or SISs. Ultrasound can reveal the ovarian abnormalities.

Fallopian tube

pregnancy-miracle-book-downloadFallopian tube abnormalities are one of the most common causes of infertility among women. It has been found that approximately 30 to 40 per cent cases of not getting pregnant naturally are linked with fallopian tube abnormalities. HSG (Hysterosalpingography) test shows the depiction of tubal patency, tubal occlusion, tubal irregularity, and peritubal disease. The diagnosis of fallopian tube abnormalities includes tubal spasm, infection, and prior surgery. In the very rare case of tubal occlusion include granulomatous salpingitis due to tuberculosis, intraluminal endometriosis, parasitic infection, and congenital blockage of the fallopian tubes. According to health experts, selective salpingography and recanalisation can be performed after getting confirmation of a proximal tubal occlusion at HSG (Hysterosalpingography). The causes of tubal irregularities is inflammatory condition which is linked with pelvic inflammatory disease, ectopic pregnancy (pregnancy outside the womb), and infertility. Women who suffer from any of these conditions are often conceiving her child through IVF (in vitro fertilization). According to experts, both endometriosis and pelvic inflammatory disease may lead to peritubal adhesions which can be the reason of female infertility. Women with peritubal adhesions can be evaluating with MRI (magnetic resonance imaging).

Intrauterine filling defects

An abnormal uterine cavity can lead you to infertility. Sperm that enters the uterine cavity through the cervical mucus must then traverse this cavity and enter the fallopian tube to reach the egg in order to fertilization. These structures Get-Pregnant-Fastshould be confirmed to be normal early in the infertility evaluation. This condition can be evaluated by HSG. The causes of Intrauterine filling defects are air bubbles, intrauterine adhesions, sub mucosal fibroids, endometrial polyps, or blood clots. In order to get the oblique views during a HSG will help to identify mobile filling defects like air bubbles and clots but saline infusion sonogram is performed to get the full detailed evaluation.

Uterine synechiae

Uterine synechiae are adhesions or you can call it scar tissue also can form inside the cavity of the uterus. It can be classified according to their location and extension. It generally covers the small part of the uterine cavity and doesn’t affect the fertility. It causes infertility when it covers too much space under uterine cavity. It generally occurs due to previous pregnancy’s dilation and curettage, surgery or infection. They appear as bright bands that traverse the endometrial cavity on SIS.

Endometrial polyps and sub mucosal fibroids

These factors are able to interfere with the transfer and implantation of the eggs which is directly associated with infertility. SIS (Saline Infusion Sonography) helps to identify the number and location of these lesions and then provides guidance for their removal.

Uterine contour abnormalities


The most common causes of uterine contour abnormalities are adenomyosis, uterine fibroids, and mullerian duct abnormalities. Adenomyosis occurs due to presence of ectopic endometrial glands under the muscular wall of the uterus which is surrounded with smooth muscle enlargement. It may cause impaired uterine contractility, which may hamper the transportation of sperms through the uterine cavity. Sub mucosal adenomyosis is also responsible to impair the implantation of the eggs. There is a strong link between adenomyosis and endometriosis has been found among the young women. HSG, pelvic MRI or ultrasound may help to evaluate the adenomyosis. The most common pelvic mass lesion is uterine fibroids and this is the most common cause of uterine enlargement among non pregnant women. It can be easily identified through performing HSG by uterine enlargement, endometrial distortion, or filling defect. Fibroids can be traced through pelvic ultrasound but MRI is very sensitive and it’s very specific.pregnancy miracle

Blocked tube clearance

You may be wonder to hear that a radiologist could clear your blocked tubes. Selective salpingography is a kind of diagnosis, in which a small catheter directly opacifies the fallopian tube through the uterine ostium. It has been used since 30 years to distinguish spasm from true obstruction. Blocked tube clearance procedure requires catheter and guide wire system is used to clear proximal tubal obstruction. The success rate of this procedure is about 71 to 92 per cent and pregnancy rates after procedure average 30 per cent.


get pregnant fastYou may get the vast information about Endometriosis from my previous article but here I will give you the short review if this factor of infertility. Endometriosis is a condition, when elements which make up the lining of the womb (endometrial glands and stroma) are found outside the womb or uterus. It has been found that approximately 30 to 50 per cent of women who are fighting with infertility are found to have this condition. In order to evaluate endometriosis includes pelvic ultrasound and MRI. Endometriosis may change the shape and sizes form of either small implants or cysts that change in size and appearance during the menstrual cycle. It is responsible to cause an inflammatory reaction, which leads to fibrosis and scarring. MRI imaging is found to have more sensitive and specific way for the detection of endometriosis, but laparoscopy remains the gold standard.

However, you are suffering from any type of infertility but natural and holistic approach is guaranteed to help you and you can be able to get pregnant under 60 days. These natural and holistic approaches are clinically proven and it provides step by step guide to treat all type of female and male infertility naturally. It has no side effects and it’s 100 percent natural. If you want more information, please visit the official website.