Male Infertility | How To Increase Low Sperm Count Naturally?

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Infertility or getting difficulties in conception is becoming the most common situation for today’s couples. When a woman is not able to get pregnant, people generally thinks that there should be any reproductive problems with woman but in every scenario, it’s not true. Many times if a woman is not getting pregnant after several efforts, it doesn’t mean that only female partner is responsible for this issue. Men can also be responsible for not getting pregnant after trying for a long time. There are several reasons which can make a woman unable to get pregnant naturally. Those reasons are 30 percent infertility is linked to female partner and 30 percent linked to male partner, combined infertility issue is linked to both partner, unexplained reasons are 25 percent and other factors are 5 percent. So, we cannot say only women is responsible for infertility, men also plays the equal role in fertility issues.

Male infertility factors

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Infertility in men is mainly linked to low sperm count. Inadequate and poor quality of sperm production by men can also make a woman unable to conceive naturally. According to the World Health Organization, the normal concentration of sperm is at least 20 million per ml of semen. If you find fewer than 15 million sperm per ml of semen, it could be considered as low sperm count. It is also called as oligozoospermia. Pregnancy problems arise when there should be fewer than 40 million sperm ejaculate. Male infertility like low sperm count or oligozoospermia can occurs due to several reasons such as

  • abnormalities in hormones
  • semen infection
  • prostate gland infection
  • varicoceles (enlargement of veins within the scrotum)
  • damaged sperm ducts
  • use of anabolic steroids
  • cigarette smoking
  • alcohol abuse
  • drug abuse
  • toxic chemicals
  • certain medications,
  • heavy metal exposure and radiation
  • and even vaginal lubricants.


A recent study reveals that heating of testicles due to electromagnetic frequencies (EMFs) is also the biggest problems for low sperm count. Health researchers were surprised when they found poor quality of semen even in the young men between the ages of 20 to 25. So, our environment is also a big reason for increasing the number of male infertility.

Natural treatments for low sperm count

There are various treatment are available in the market to increase the sperm count but those medical treatments are very expensive and it can have several side effects too. So, before going to opt expensive and risky way to increase your low sperm count, why don’t you try something 100 percent natural. Natural treatments are very much demanding these days and one of the biggest advantages is that it has no side effects and its pocket friendly too.

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Natural treatment like eating right portion of food everyday plays the Vitol role in managing any type of health issues. Even diet has a biggest impact on fertility system for both men and women. Right amount of food and nutrition helps to improve sperm count and you get pregnant faster. Natural treatment doesn’t include only diet but is has several ways which can help you in treating your any kind of infertility in all the natural way. Infertility could be associated with men or women but natural way can help them in reversing naturally and you can be able to conceive faster and naturally.  In order to achieve optimum level of success in getting pregnant naturally, follow the expert advice and implement these natural way in your daily life and get pregnant under 8 weeks. So, if you want to know the step by step guide on how to get pregnant naturally with any type of fertility issues linked with both male and female, please visit the official website.