Male infertility | How smoking causes male infertility? | New York

smoking and infertilityInfertility in men and women are associated with many reasons. According to New York report, it has been found that a man who smokes regularly is on the greater risk of developing infertility. Men who have smoking habit develop a greater extent of DNA damage than that of non-smokers men. It has been found by a new study that points to harmful effects of smoking on male reproductively. Some years ago, when a woman was not able to get pregnant naturally, people around were assumed that there could be something wrong with that women but now time has changed. Now if a woman is not getting pregnant naturally after one year of regular and unprotected sex, it doesn’t mean it can be only women woos. Men and women are equally involved in raising the most drastic problem of infertility in world. Now, male infertility accounts for about 30 to 50 percent of all infertility cases. These infertile men tend to have high levels of damage to the sperm DNA.

infertility causesSenior author of this new study Ricardo Pimenta Bertolla from Sao Paulo Federal University in Brazil said that more and more studies are demonstrating a harmful effect of smoking on male fertility. According to Pimenta Bertolla, “Our results point in the direction of important semen alterations: Semen of smoker men presents an inflammatory nature which is generally associated with decreased capacity of sperm to achieve fertilization and generate a healthy pregnancy in women. For this study, researchers involved 20 non smoking men and 20 smoking men. Researchers also assessed 422 proteins in the participants’ sperm. On the basis of this analysis, it has been found that one protein was absent, 27 proteins were underrepresented, and six proteins were over represented in smoking men.

pregnancy-miracle-book-downloadAccording to this analysis, it has been suggested that cigarette smoking may promote an inflammatory response in the male reproductive tract. This study was published in the journal BJU International. This point has been noted that study reveals the sperm DNA fragmentation was increased due to smoking in men. Pimenta Bertolla explained that other studies have proposed this to be a potentially promutagenic effect, which is to say that sperm with altered DNA may lead to health problems in the off spring. Men who smoke everyday are at an increased risk of following fertility problems:-

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  • Low sperm count and sperm motility problems (motility is the ability of sperm to swim towards and penetrate the egg).
  • Hormonal issues which are associated with male infertility.
  • Erectile dysfunction which causes trouble getting or maintaining an erection. Pregnancy-Miracle

So, if you are one of them who are trying to start your family but not getting success and your partner is smoking, suggest him/her to quit it as soon as possible. The sooner he quits, the sooner you may be able to conceive. Anyway, infertility in men and women can occur due to several reason but you need to treat it from inside in order to get pregnant and have healthy children. Natural and holistic ways are always proven to provide you satisfactory result to treat your all type of illness including infertility in men and women. So, before going to opt expensive and painful treatment for your fertility, you must go first for natural treatment. It will provide you step by step guide and you can be pregnant in just 60 days. For more information, please visit the official website.

Male infertility | Tips to treat male infertility naturally

male infertilityInfertility in men is on the peak these days. Now a day’s not only women are suffering from the pain of infertility but many men are also diagnosed by infertility. Many parents decide their family after getting settled in their career but things are not always in the favor.  For many prospective parents, it is the beginning of a long and often physically and emotionally painful process of fertility testing and treatment. Generally, difficulties in getting pregnant is linked with a female factor, sometimes there is a problem with both male and female, and in about a third of cases the problem is with male fertility.

get pregnantMost fertility tests and procedures for women are more invasive than men because people generally begin by ruling out or treatment of male infertility. Male infertility which led a woman unable to conceive naturally, most commonly occurs due to low sperm count, sperm problems such as poor form or motility, or a blockage in the tubes obstructing the passage of sperm. Quality of sperm is described in terms of sperm count (the number of sperm in a semen sample), sperm motility (how well the sperm move) and sperm morphology (whether their shape or form is normal). Addressing male infertility is a process of working out the nature of the problem. There are so many factors which are responsible to cause male infertility, including hormonal issues, nutritional deficiencies, unhealthy lifestyle, overheated or abnormally formed testes, damaged testes, prostate inflammation and erectile dysfunction.

Pregnancy-Miracle-BookThe fertility specialist of men will first arrange the initial tests, which includes a semen analysis to assess sperm quality, blood tests to know the level of hormone and a general physical examination. He will then be checked for sexually transmissible infections, such as Chlamydia. If the fertility specialist will find any kind of problem with the sperm analysis or a structural problem, he may be referred to a fertility specialist for further investigation, such as testicular biopsy. Decisions will then need to be made about how best to achieve a pregnancy and this may involve various assisted fertility techniques. There are so many ways to improve male fertility naturally.

Natural ways to improve male fertilityDownload-Pregnancy-Miracle

  • Quit smoking, tobacco and cannabis. Men having smoking habit may suffer from low sperm count and sperm motility.
  • Avoid alcohol because it leads you to the low sperm count and increases the numbers of abnormal sperm.
  • Maintain a healthy weight to improve male fertility.
  • Avoid processed meat because it affects the quality of sperm.
  • Avoid toxins and opt for organic foods and products whenever you can.
  • Maintain physical activity by doing regular exercise but don’t overdo it.
  • Wear loose-fitting underwear and stay out of the sauna to avoid heat stress.

However, natural way to improve fertility and beat infertility is the best and safest way. It has been used by centuries. Natural and holistic ways are not so expensive and it has no side effects like expensive medical infertility treatment. How natural and holistic ways helps you get pregnant in just within 8 weeks, please visit the official website.

How to get pregnant? | 3 most common signs of male infertility

male infertilityInfertility is often considered around the women. If a woman is not able to get pregnant, people often thinks, it must be the woman’s fault but it’s not always true. Men can also be responsible for causing inability to conceive in women. So, if you are also one of them who are trying to get pregnant since long time without success, you must notice the symptoms of infertility in your male partner, which might help you to find ways. These symptoms are not only the signs of male infertility but they are the indication that should be concern, if you are trying to conceive faster and naturally.

Ejaculation and orgasm problems

This is one of the most common and biggest problems of male infertility. This is technically known as an ejaculation disorder. Experts say that there is not only one cause for it but this is the basic symptoms though, is that ejaculation is not normal, whether it only produces a small amount of fluid, rarely happens, is impeded by erectile dysfunction, or something else.

Pregnancy-MiracleEjaculation disorder generally occurs due to huge variety of things as it happens. There is a phenomenon called retrograde ejaculation, where the semen actually goes backward into the bladder instead of outward. This problem mainly causes due to use of certain medications like anti psychotics, neural condition and problems in spinal cord. These reasons can be responsible for difficulties. Anyway, it needs to be checked out because sperm plays the key role in making baby plan or getting pregnant.

Vericocele testicles

If you find lump or swelling in your testicles, it may be a vericocele and it may be bad for your capability of reproduction. Health experts say that if you notice it early, it can be easily treated in most cases. Vericocele is a swelling vein in the testicles which looks like a varicose vein which prevents the proper drainage and lower sperm counDownload-Pregnancy-Miraclet. The causes of these Vericocele testicles are not yet confirmed but signs of it include dull pain, swelling of the testicles, lumps, and visibly enlarged, angry veins. Almost 10 to 15 percent of men suffer from this problem but it can be solved with the help of surgical intervention. So, if you have any kind of lump or problem with your testicles, do not make any delay in checked out because it may prove to be an impediment to fertility.

Lower sperm count

The simple reason of male infertility is low sperm count and not enough sperm get a chance to get the eggs for fertilization. This has a fascinating scientific name as oligozoospermia but in fact it leads to a lot of pain and the reason of not able to get pregnant naturally for many couples. Low sperm count in a man is defined if they have fewer sperm than 15 million sperm per milliliter of semen. It sounds tremendous but considering that semen analysis medicine counts between 20 and 150 million sperm per milliliter as normal. This is the symptom that cannot detect on your own but it can be detected with the diagnostic help. There are many reasons which can lower sperm count like infections in the testicles to high levels of sperm-attacking antibodies, environmental exposure to toxins, imbalanced hormone levels, and previous experience of STDs. Many reasons from them can be solved while other requires a long way of treatment.

get pregnant fastHowever, if any of these signs that you find in yourself, you need to get to a doctor to find out what’s going on. Anyway, you can try natural and holistic approach in order to treat any type of infertility in men and women and it has no side effects. Natural and holistic approach helps you to be able to make your female partner pregnant in just 2 months. For more information, please visit the official website.

Male Infertility | Ancient Ayurvedic Methods For Infertility In India

ayurveda for male infertilityInfertility is a condition which is affecting almost 1 out of six couples in the world. fertility experts say that if a person is infertile, it’s not her/his fault. It can happen with anybody. This is a medical condition which occurs due to several reasons. Now a day’s male infertility is also rising with a double pace. The main problem which is linked with male infertility is sperm. This is the most common fertility issue with men is the inadequate production of sufficient normal, motile (moving) sperm. There are so many reasons which can raise the fertility issues in men and women. Sometimes doctors are not able to find the exact reason of infertility in men and women. This in clarity in diagnosis, infertility treatment in the large majority of cases remains imperial.

pregnancy-miracle-book-downloadDr Urmila Sureka, India who specializes in infertility and is an IVF consultant says there are so many couples who are unable to get pregnant after several years of regular and unprotected sex. Men and women both are equally responsible for leading them in the pain of infertility. Approximately, in 20 percent of cases, men are responsible for inability to get pregnant naturally and contributory in another 30-40%. She says that these days so many options are available for infertility treatment which has improved the probability of pregnancy. Dr Anil Patil, a yoga guru who also works on integrated medicines, India says that natural medicines is used for centuries to treat all type of illness. Natural or ayurvedic remedies have long been used to address the problems of fertility. He says there is several evidence of the use of herbal or natural treatment for infertility dates all the way back to 5000 BC.

Natural treatment for infertility

infertility causesMucuna Pruriens (Velvet beans) – This is a medical plant which has been mentioned in the treatises of ancient Indian books such as the ‘Charaka Samhita’ and the ‘Susrutha Samhita’. Mucuna Pruriens provides potent antioxidants and reduces oxidative damage to sperm by preventing disruption in the membrane integrity of sperms. It helps to treat female infertility too. Oral administration of Mucuna Pruriens seed or extract effects on oestrous cycle, ovulation, reproductive hormones and oxidative stress in the ovary.

how to get pregnantChlorophytum borivilianumIt is said that this is one of wonder plant which helps to treat infertility in men. The dried root of this plant is used in Ayurveda as an aphrodisiac. Tube of chlorophytum borivilianum in ayurvedic medicine preparation. This natural plant contains about 30% alkaloids, natural steroid saponin (10-20%), polysaccaroids (40 to 45%), carbohydrates and proteins (5% to7%). Chlorophytum borivilianum was primarily used as a tonic to rejuvenate the reproductive system. Men who are suffering from impotency, premature ejaculation and low sperm count should use it regularly to get the maximum benefits. It is very effective in curing impotency and low sperm count in which is the major cause for male infertility.

pregnancy miracleShilajit (Mineral pitch)- It is an excellent source to ensures good physical performance for the individual and provides balanced harmonious health. Shilajit or mineral pitch is also known as sex tonic in India as it increases the core energy responsible for sexual drive or libido. It balances debility, general fatigue and provides strength to muscles and bones.

Pregnancy MiracleHowever, above written ayurvedic plants are very helpful in curing your male infertility. As I always suggest going natural and holistic way to treat your any type of infertility. Natural and holistic ways are proven and it has no side effects. so, just go for natural and holistic approaches to treat male or female infertility naturally and get pregnant faster. If you want more information about how to treat infertility naturally and get pregnant in just 60 days without any side effects, visit the official website.


Male Infertility | Does Using Cell Phone May Harm Men’s Fertility? Israel

Male infertility and cell phoneInfertility is a rising problem these days and male infertility is also a reason of concern because it is also a rising problem day by day. A recent study which has been conducted in two institutions which was published on Tuesday in a medical journal called Reproductive Biomedicine online says that there is a link between reducing the fertility health in men and prevalent use of cell phone. According to this recent study, it has been found that a man who uses phone for more than 1 hour in a day is at the double risk of getting affected by infertility like low sperm count. These researchers were from the Haifa Technion and the Carmel Medical Center, Israel. They say that the sperm quality of western men is decreasing constantly and the crucial case of getting pregnant naturally among couples are up to 40 percent.

Link between cell phone and male infertility

Pregnancy-MiracleDr. Ariel Zilberlicht of the Carmel Medical Center, Israel led the researchers and investigated the link between the characteristics of mobile phone or cell phone and quality of semen. This research has been done by studying the men’s habit of using mobile phones and their semen quality. According to this research has been found that men who kept their cell phone half a meter (c. 2 feet) or less from their groins are more likely to drop their sperm counts to that level which can cause male infertility. During study, it has been recorded that men who kept their cell phone throughout the day in their pockets were recorded as abnormal low level of semen concentration among 47 percent of men compared to only 11 percent of the general male population.

Male infertility can occur due to talking on the phone for more than an hour in a day. Many people use the device for many purposes including talking while it’s getting charged. Using device while charging is dangerous in many cases and it doubles the risk of low semen concentration or low sperm count said by researchers.


Male infertility prevention

Getting pregnantMale fertility can be protected if the men will shorten the duration of talking on phone, avoid carrying the device near their groins, avoid sleeping next to cell phone, speaking on it when it’s charging (it is in fact recommended to turn it off when it’s charging) and using head phones or a headset as much as possible. Researchers says that they are surveying large number of people so that they can convey the message in order to point definitively at the damage cellular radiation can cause to male infertility. During an interview with an official from the sperm bank at Asuta, a chain of Israeli outpatient facilities says that it’s not a clear indication that using cell phone by men are the reason for dropping the semen quality or low sperm count in men but we all have the gut feeling that the radiation caused by cell phone or any other radiation have direct link with rising male infertility by reducing the number and quality of sperm in men.

In the past scientists blamed the radiation from cellular phones and especially cellular towers, the relay stations that enable phones to be portable and maintain good reception over vast areas are responsible for an alarming drop in the global population of bees. That development, they fear, could spark a chain reaction leading to the extinction of plants relying on bees to carry their pollen and fertilize them. This news is taken from

Does Housekeeping Gene Is Linked To Male Infertility? | Iowa State

regulating-gene-expressionInfertility is affecting millions of people in the globe and the reasons behind it several. There is no hard and fast rule that infertility is only linked to women. You can find so many cases around you that couples are not able start their family and the inability to get pregnant naturally go to man partner. So, man and woman are both equally responsible for rising infertility. As you must read my earlier post about how men and women are equally responsible for not getting pregnant and what are the main reason which leads them to this unbearable pain for lifetime. Today, we are going to talk about male infertility again but the reason behind is something special because it can be find in your home too. Researchers at Iowa State University, Iowa State have found the evidence that a “housekeeping” gene present in every cell of the body which may cause male infertility.

Housekeeping Genes And Male Infertility

pregnancy-miracle-book-downloadRavindra Singh, a professor of biomedical sciences at the ISU (Iowa State University) College of Veterinary Medicine has done the study on survival motor neuron (SMN) gene for several years. He found the link between housekeeping gene with male infertility. He says that a deficiency in the gene is found which is known as a “housekeeping” gene. Presence of this gene which is essential for basic cellular function, can lead to neurological problems such as spinal muscular atrophy. Housekeeping genes are a typically constitutive gene which is required for the maintenance of basic cellular function and are expressed in all cells of an organism under normal and patho-physiological conditions.

Researcher Ravindra Singh discovered in a laboratory the link between SMN (survival motor neuron) and male infertility but he says that this link makes it one of only a handful of genes suspected to have such a connection. These findings came in light very recently and this report is first published in a peer-reviewed academic journal published by Nature. To find the link between SMN (survival motor neuron) and male infertility, Singh and his team conGet-Pregnant-Fastducted a genome-wide study on mice and they found the surprising correlation between low levels of the gene expression and testicular size and even low sperm count in mice with male specimens. Singh says that everybody needs to have housekeeping genes for normal function. Every cells of the body require the housekeeping gene. He adds that we were seemed to uncover a new function of the gene and suggest that SMN (survival motor neuron) plays a role in testicular development. Mice that had deficiency of gene had lower sperm count and they were more instances of infertility.

According to Biomedical sciences professor from ISU, Iowa State, Ravindra Singh Male infertility is around 5 percent and little is known about the intersection of genetics and infertility. According to singh, genome wide association studies have associated with only around six genes in the human genome which causes male infertility and potentially it makes SMN (survival motor neuron) another such gene. However, Singh said that further more human-based research is needed to validate this finding. As of now these findings are based on observations in rodents. Although, housekeeping genes are responsible for raising male infertility by lowering their size of testicular and low sperm count. As we all know that low sperm count is the most common issue which is linked to male partner which can make a woman unable to get pregnant naturally. So, if you are also one of them who has this kind of problems like small size of testicular or low sperm count then you must take the expert advice.

male infertilityNatural ways to boost fertility may help you if you have low sperm count and you can increase the number of your sperms. Natural ways doesn’t only help to treat all type of infertility but it also treat the infertility issues related to men or women. Here is a miracle product which can help you in treating your any type of infertility and it will boost your fertility in order to increase the chances of getting pregnant naturally. It has the solution of all kind of infertility problems by providing you step by step guide. So, if you really want to get help in your way and want to start your family without delay, visit the official website.

Male Infertility | How To Increase Low Sperm Count Naturally?

low sperm count

Infertility or getting difficulties in conception is becoming the most common situation for today’s couples. When a woman is not able to get pregnant, people generally thinks that there should be any reproductive problems with woman but in every scenario, it’s not true. Many times if a woman is not getting pregnant after several efforts, it doesn’t mean that only female partner is responsible for this issue. Men can also be responsible for not getting pregnant after trying for a long time. There are several reasons which can make a woman unable to get pregnant naturally. Those reasons are 30 percent infertility is linked to female partner and 30 percent linked to male partner, combined infertility issue is linked to both partner, unexplained reasons are 25 percent and other factors are 5 percent. So, we cannot say only women is responsible for infertility, men also plays the equal role in fertility issues.

Male infertility factors

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Infertility in men is mainly linked to low sperm count. Inadequate and poor quality of sperm production by men can also make a woman unable to conceive naturally. According to the World Health Organization, the normal concentration of sperm is at least 20 million per ml of semen. If you find fewer than 15 million sperm per ml of semen, it could be considered as low sperm count. It is also called as oligozoospermia. Pregnancy problems arise when there should be fewer than 40 million sperm ejaculate. Male infertility like low sperm count or oligozoospermia can occurs due to several reasons such as

  • abnormalities in hormones
  • semen infection
  • prostate gland infection
  • varicoceles (enlargement of veins within the scrotum)
  • damaged sperm ducts
  • use of anabolic steroids
  • cigarette smoking
  • alcohol abuse
  • drug abuse
  • toxic chemicals
  • certain medications,
  • heavy metal exposure and radiation
  • and even vaginal lubricants.


A recent study reveals that heating of testicles due to electromagnetic frequencies (EMFs) is also the biggest problems for low sperm count. Health researchers were surprised when they found poor quality of semen even in the young men between the ages of 20 to 25. So, our environment is also a big reason for increasing the number of male infertility.

Natural treatments for low sperm count

There are various treatment are available in the market to increase the sperm count but those medical treatments are very expensive and it can have several side effects too. So, before going to opt expensive and risky way to increase your low sperm count, why don’t you try something 100 percent natural. Natural treatments are very much demanding these days and one of the biggest advantages is that it has no side effects and its pocket friendly too.

male infertility

Natural treatment like eating right portion of food everyday plays the Vitol role in managing any type of health issues. Even diet has a biggest impact on fertility system for both men and women. Right amount of food and nutrition helps to improve sperm count and you get pregnant faster. Natural treatment doesn’t include only diet but is has several ways which can help you in treating your any kind of infertility in all the natural way. Infertility could be associated with men or women but natural way can help them in reversing naturally and you can be able to conceive faster and naturally.  In order to achieve optimum level of success in getting pregnant naturally, follow the expert advice and implement these natural way in your daily life and get pregnant under 8 weeks. So, if you want to know the step by step guide on how to get pregnant naturally with any type of fertility issues linked with both male and female, please visit the official website.