Infertility Treatment | How To Detect Low Ovarian Reserve?

egg-countInfertility is rising day by day and women who are thinking to become pregnant may have to keep a check of if she is on the risk of eggs running out. A new test has been designed to reveal that if a woman is trying to get pregnant but she is not getting success, may be the risk of running out eggs prematurely. This new test will end the heartache of infertile couples. As we know that one out of six woman is infertile and one in ten women are suffering from the condition which is called as premature ovarian ageing. In this condition premature ovarian ageing a woman is carrying very fewer eggs than normal women. This condition can occur in any stage of life. Unlike men who produce new sperm throughout their lives, women are born with all their eggs but the number is decreasing over time until there are none left and then menopause begins. Although, women who are suffering from the condition called premature ovarian ageing which is also popularly known as POA may become childless for lifetime if she will take the late discussion to start her family. A woman with premature ovarian ageing condition is keen to loss her entire eggs very faster and she may begin menopause faster and result will be infertile for lifetime.

How to detect premature ovarian ageing?



A new test which will reveal the number of eggs of woman is known as “What’s My Fertility” may save you from being the infertile for lifetime. This new test has been designed by The Center for Human Reproduction in New York. This test called what’s My Fertility looks the hormonal changes and any genetic defects which can lead a woman more prone to risk of premature ovarian ageing. This test can be conducted by the age of 18 to 35 years of age group of women. If the women will be detected at the risk of premature ovarian ageing will be advised to start her family as soon as possible or she can freeze her eggs for the future use with IVF at the later stage fertility treatment. Dr Norbert Gleicher, Medical Director and Chief Scientist of The Centre for Human Reproduction say we are treating female infertility for decades and hearing them asking the time again and again. Now with the help of this test called what’s my fertility will tell them the exact condition of their body. He adds we are determined to find a better way to protect young women suffering from the lifetime pain called infertility because this test will help them to find out the egg condition and they can take the quick action to start their family. With this test women will need to make informed decision earlier in life and they can avoid the emotional impacts of infertility on life, relationship and hefty costs of fertility treatment. This test has to be the first risk screening program for premature ovarian ageing or POA. It will help to detect those women who are at the future risk of premature ovarian ageing or POA rather than who are already suffering. Detecting early premature ovarian ageing will help them to make family plan on the correct time. Test what’s my fertility is especially designed for the women under the age of 18 to 35 because women are leaving motherhood later than ever. Last year in 2014 we found it for the first time the average age of new mom was 30 and in September 2015 the number of over 35 mothers bypassed the number of those under 25 for the first time.

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How What’s My Fertility test is being performed?

This test includes requires a questionnaire about the history of family followed by three types of blood tests. Two tests will look for the high levels of follicle stimulating hormone (FSH) and low levels of anti-Müllerian hormone (AMH). These two tests will indicate that how much eggs are left and the third test checks for a mutation to the FMR1 gene. This test will cost around £65.

How accurate is What’s My Fertility test?

British experts who invented this test say that this test could be very useful to eliminate the future risk of infertility but sometimes hormonal level are being accurate. A leading fertility expert Professor Charles Kingsland, from Liverpool Women’s NHS Foundation Trust said: “This test is topical as it has come at a time when women are thinking about freezing their eggs for social reasons and delaying families. However this test will be very useful to detect the future risk premature ovarian ageing with a certain amount of skepticism because hormone test are not always accurate. Anti-Müllerian hormone (AMH) will give you the indication of the quantity of eggs has left but unable to detect the health of eggs. Without knowing the health condition of your left eggs may lead women to make the decision by their own choices, she can put off the motherhood until it’s too late because they are not aware of the risk of premature ovarian ageing. Consultant in Reproductive Medicine and Surgery at Hammersmith Hospital, London, Dr Geoffrey Trew said: “Certainly a home test for the ovarian reserve would be good as a lot of women are either put off by their GPs or they can only get the test privately and have to pay for the consult and the test which is prohibitive for a lot of people.

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How to treat low eggs count?

However, as you have learned that what’s my fertility test will reveal the status of your eggs and if you find you have lower level of eggs left in your ovary, then you can take the appropriate action to protect yourself from the pain of infertility while freezing your eggs for the future use, start the family without delay or you can take the action to increase the number of eggs. On the internet you can find so many ways which can help you to reverse your fertility issues while treating all type of infertility but how can you trust on them. Are they really worth or just fake information? While treating your any type of fertility issues, always refer the expert advice which can give you the guaranteed satisfaction. Follow the natural steps which can help you increasing the number of eggs which will protect you from the future pain of infertility and helps you get pregnant naturally without any medical help.

How to get pregnant? | How Eating Sweet Potato Will Help In Getting Pregnant?

sweet-potatoHow to get pregnant are the first questions for all the men and women who couldn’t conceive naturally after having natural and unprotected sex for one year. We all know that having regular and unprotected sex will lead to pregnant but this is normally possible for those women who have no problems in conceiving naturally. When you decide to get pregnant and facing any kind of difficulties in getting pregnant the first and the most important thing to take charge which can help you in conceiving faster is your “DIET”. Yes; diet is very important factor which can dramatically affect your fertility. Supposed you are eating something regularly which is not in favor of fertility may lead you to infertility and if you have any fertility issues but eating the right diet to boost your fertility may help you to reverse your fertility naturally. According to Cynthia, a nutrition specialist at the Berkley Center for Reproductive Wellness and Women’s Health in New York City Diet affect everything in your body from your blood cells to your hormones. American Pregnancy Association, a nonprofit organization which promotes reproductive health for men and women says couples who have difficulties in getting pregnant should take three months dietary changes to take root to boost fertility naturally and try it for sometimes.

Infertility treatment is one of the most sophisticated treatments which require a high amount of money spended on it such as, powerful medication, and high tech procedure but this is not true for all the couples who have problems in starting their family. Some people are there who believes that before spending hard earned money on one of the most expensive treatment which can be cure naturally by just opting for some diet changes. Yes, choosing the right things to eat which can increases your odds of getting pregnant sounds like a folktale wisdom than expensive medicines but we are blessed with several healthy food items that we can just add it get the most precious benefit like becoming mother. Here are some healthy diet tips which can help you in getting pregnant without spending thousands of dollars on fertility treatment and you’ll get only the good side effects. You must have heard about the most tasty and yummy treat “Sweet Potato”. Health experts say that this tasty treat sweet potato is jam-packed with several health benefits which have listed below:-

Health Benefits Of Sweet Potato-



  • It is a good source of Vitamin A. it has been found that one serving of sweet potatoes provides almost 7 grams of fibers. Consuming every day at least one serving will never let you suffer from constipation. Vitamin A is one of the most important factors to improve the cervical fluid and follicles development.
  • It contains Beta Carotene which helps mom to be to regulate her periods as normal menstrual cycles is a crucial factor for reproduction.
  • It has Vitamin B. Behind many infertility issues; there is a reason of imbalanced hormones. Vitamin B helps to regulate hormones that are very important in conceiving naturally.
  • It contains a high amount of Vitamin C which helps you build a strong immune system while eating just seven ounce per day will deliver 65% of daily allowances of Vitamin C.
  • Sweet potatoes are the great source of antioxidants which helps to prevent against inflammation in the body. As we know that antioxidants are great for our skin and cell health including keeping our uterus healthy. It reduces the risk of PCOS the greatest factor for female infertility and endometriosis.
  • It is a good source of complex carbohydrates. A complex carbohydrate helps to stabilize you blood sugar which is most important for timely ovulation. If your blood sugar is stable, there is better chance of your ovulation.
  • This is unique combination of iron and calcium. Calcium is a vital nutrient in triggering growth in embryos and iron helps improve egg health that promotes healthy ovulation.
  • Last but not the least; sweet potato is a good source of potassium. As we all are aware that getting pregnant or during pregnancy, there will be very stress and stress increases more when women is trying to conceive without success. So, eating sweet potatoes everyday will help in reducing your stress level in your very stress full days. Potassium balances the nervous systems and helps to elevate mood.

get pregnant fastSo, above you have learned about how eating sweet potatoes everyday will help you in getting pregnant faster? Here you can find many ways which can help you in getting pregnant faster and naturally. Yes, we know that infertility became the most frustrating situation for millions of couples and they all are spending millions of dollars in treatment. There are so many reasons for infertility in men and women and they all are associated with our body system. Sometimes our body’s system doesn’t work properly and it leads to infertility but doing some easy and simple efforts may help you in making these body systems promptly. You must have known that before starting any kind of infertility treatment, doctor suggests to do some light physical activity or some moderate exercise along with diet changes. Do you know, why? Doctors says that doing moderate exercise and diet changes make the body ready for treatment and the chances of positive result of treatment will be higher. As simple is that when you have no major issues with your reproductive system but you are getting pregnant, just follow the simple steps like doing light and moderate physical activity and eat the right foods which are especially effective to boost the chances of getting pregnant. You can follow some easy and simple ways of getting pregnant fast and naturally along with your lifestyle modification. Experts say that natural ways are always effective and it has no harmful chemical which can lead you to severe side effects. you must have know that infertility treatment has higher chances of getting side effects along with very less chances of getting success and it’s very expensive too. So, before opting any expensive infertility treatment, please refer the natural and holistic approaches of getting pregnant with no side effects.

Infertility Treatment | Does Uterine Transplants May Help To Get Rid Of Infertility?

uterus tranplantationInfertility treatment has taken a new curve that is “Uterus Transplantation”. Six doctors have swarm around the body of the donor and immediately they started to operate. First they brought out the Kidney and then team began another rare organ that could be donated. After 90 minutes of operation they took out the organ that is rare donate organ which can give a new life to an infertile woman that was Uterus. This operation was just a practice but they claim that within few months they will become the first surgeon of U.S to treat infertile women. This claim is based on uterus transplantation. Doctors say that very soon they are going to announce the Cleveland Clinic in the U.S that will transplant a uterus into a woman who needs it, in order to get pregnant and become mother. Actually, some women are born without uterus or her uterus has removed for any reasons or her uterus is not able to allow her to conceive naturally but they can’t conceive their own child in her lifetime without uterus. Lack of uterus makes a woman unable to get pregnant naturally and she becomes infertile. Uterus transplantation will help those women who need it but she doesn’t have her own uterus.

According to doctors, this transplantation will be temporary and this uterus will be removed after having one or two babies. This transplantation is a new outcome and from two fields it becomes special that is known for innovation and for pushing limits from ethically and medically, that is reproductive medicine and transplant surgery. Doctors say that if the procedures will work promptly then many women will get benefits and around 50,000 of women are candidates who need this uterus transplantation but there are some potential dangers too. Women who need this uterus transplantation will have to face the risk of surgery and anti-rejection drugs for a transplant that someone who suffered from heart or liver failure and there are no chances to live. After this transplantation the pregnant women will be considered as high risk. In this pregnancy the fetuses will be exposed to anti-rejection drugs and the child will develop in a women’s womb that is already dead. Doctors say eight women have already begun the screening process from U.S. This screening process has started in Cleveland Clinic in the U.S. these women are just hoping to be selected candidates for this rare type of transplantation. One of those eight women says she had two adopted kids but still she want to become pregnant and want experience the feeling of mom to be. She says, she wants morning sickness, backache, swelling feet and baby movement under the womb. She came from miles away and kept her identity secret. She says she came to know about that she has ovary but she doesn’t have uterus when till the age 16, she did not started her menstrual.

how to get pregnantThere are so many women in the world who couldn’t adopt and surrogate for some reasons such as family, cultural or religious says the driving force behind the project, Dr. Andreas G. Tzakis. He is the director of solid organ transplant surgery at a Cleveland Clinic hospital in Weston, Fla. Tzakis says these women are fully aware about this process and they know there are some complications and risks too and they have given enough time to take the right discussion. He says we planning to make this procedure at least 10 times as an experiment then we can make this procedure as safe and successful as possible. Anti-rejection drugs are safe and it can be used by women during pregnancy who have donor kidneys and livers. After receiving anti-rejection drugs they have delivered healthy babies. Some women got affected by pre-eclampsia. This is a normal complication that generally occurs due to pregnancy which involved high blood pressure. In this situation their babies tend to be smaller size. This problem has not the clear fact that whether those problems are caused by the drugs, or by the underlying illnesses that led to the transplants. According to Dr. Tzakis the complication rates would be very low because the women who received the uterus transplantation would be healthy.

Dr. Jeffrey Kahn, a medical ethicist of Johns Hopkins University but not connected with the research says “We are doing lots of research to help people who are infertile to have their babies in ways that were never done before”. Dr. Kahn said this research belongs to that category. Dr. Eric Kodish, the director of the clinic’s ethics center explained that organs transplantation has started 50 years ago in order to save lives but it included many things such as face and hand transplants. Dr. Tzakis says in his 65 years of age he has performed nearly 4,000 to 5,000 transplantation surgery including kidneys, liver and other abdominal organs. He says in order to get perfection in uterus transplant, he spent time with Swedish team and practiced at miniature swine and baboons and observed all nine transplant that belongs to human.

getting pregnantDoctors say that Sweden is the only country where uterine transplants have been completed successfully. Dr. Tzakis describes uterus transplantation ethically superior than surrogacy. In this surrogacy process, people have buy or rent a body of women where you can develop your fetus and this also a kind exploitation of poor women. Dr. Tzakis said doctors from Cleveland Clinic will use deceased donor to avoid the risk because the operation is far complicated than standard hysterectomy and it takes longer hours of around 7 to 11 hours if the donor is live. When the donor is deceased then there will be no need to worry about the injuries and the organ can be removed faster and can survive up to 6 to hours. However, to be eligible for this process, the candidate must have their own ovaries and she should be in a stable relationship to avail help and support. In the uterus transplantation the natural pregnancy will not be possible because fallopian tubes will not be connected.

How to Get Pregnant? | Emotional Impacts of Infertility

impact of infertility

Impact of infertility

Infertility leaves a negative impact on couple’s who are struggling to get pregnant but not able to conceive. It has emotional and psychological impacts which are being highlighted by Jackie Stewart. She is an independent counselor who supports patients at Bourn Hall Clinic. She said if couple is suffering from infertility, it has a huge impact on their life’s and relationship. It affects their work and their everyday life. Couples, who know that they are unable to conceive and cannot, have their own child naturally experience the distressing emotions. This type of distressing emotion is equal to those who did something significant loss. Jackie says, this emotion distressing includes grief, depression as well as loss of self-esteem and a sense of lack of control over their destiny. Many infertile couple goes through trauma of guilt and shame that they did not perform. They feel shame and guilt that they are not able to do something which is very easy and natural. They often feel that they are unable to support their partner to start their family and live a happy life. They feel they are just able to keep their own head over water. They feel pressure but unable to find the solution.

get pregnantGetting pregnant and giving birth to her own child is the unique ability which is found only in the women not in men. So, when the infertility news comes to women, they react emotionally. There are some universal feelings which are common for all those women who get news of infertility and learn that she is unable to give birth to her own child. Emotions include hopeless­ness, a sense of physical failure, embarrassment, shame, low self-es­teem, anxiety, and shock that arise repeatedly for infertile couple. It has been found that pain and sadness which occurs due to news of infertility can never be healed but finding peace with these emotions can resolve their issues and may help them in finding the right approaches to reverse infertility or they may boost fertility naturally.

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention revealed that 7.3 million women in U.S are suffering from infertility. 3 million women are affected by secondary infertility. Secondary infertility is that when a woman is already having at least one biological child but she is unable to get pregnant for the second time. Infertility scientists say that when people try to start their family again after confronting infertility, they take time to acknowledge the emotions and losses which is associated with the experience. It can help them in finding peace. People who is going through the infertility trauma is allowed to grieve and sad. If they don’t want to jump quickly to the next step, let them be at their place. Infertility counseling is one kind of supports that many infertile couple is going through.

how to get pregnantJackie is a health psychologist from Anglia Ruskin University. She says that specialized counseling is a form of support and it provides opportunity to people who struggling to conceive but suffering from infertility has the negative feelings about themselves; go through their thoughts and feeling with someone who understands the fertility process. Jackie says that many people who come to the clinic for counseling, they don’t know that they are already in the grieving process. They come in grieving process because they had a sense of loss their fertility and they are unable to start their family naturally and they don’t have any outcome to reverse fertility. People fighting with infertility cope differently. They feel out of control and there is lack of control over the issues which is involved in their health problem. Many people struggle for several years and the level of stress also increasing with time. These stress and grief feeling affects their all area of life. It doesn’t affect only their life but it affect their work and social life too. They develop the inferior complex about themselves and act on that.

infertilityInfertility counseling is not needed for everybody if they have enough support and love from their family and friends. This counseling is very important for them who have no support from their family because many people take it easy. They try to conceive naturally for some time and after finding that they are infertile, they approach for the treatment but they don’t even realize that stress of treatment can also affect their fertility and can delay of conception. Every woman find a different kind of solution to find the peace. No matter from which therapy, affected woman is getting relief and finding peace but it’s very important to provide her peace. As you know that stress causes many kind of sickness and it will make harder to take any right path that can help in their way. If you want to reverse infertility and trying to start your family again the first and the most important thing to remember that you should be totally stress free.

getting pregnantDo all the efforts to keep away from tension and stress. If you are looking for any treatment or something else that can help to reverse your fertility issues, you’ll have to be happy and stress free to receive the maximum benefits. You and your partner can try yoga. You must have known that yoga is the best medicine in finding your inner peace. There are so many yoga poses which can help you to boost fertility naturally. If you know the yoga poses then you can try it yourself but if you don’t know, please consult the expert yoga instructor or you can go for online yoga classes also. Try to find all the possible benefit from nature. Natural medicines and approaches are best to deal with any kind of health issues. Natural approaches may only help you but it will not give you any side effects. Holistic and natural Chinese therapy is being used for centuries for reversing any kind of infertility and having healthy children. So, just keep looking for best and natural way to get pregnant faster and naturally.

Female Infertility | Obesity Is The Major Factor For Female Infertility

getting pregnantFemale infertility is increasing day by day worldwide. You can find infertility is common disability in one woman out of six women. A scientific impact paper has published this month by the Royal College of Obstetrician and Gynecologist that is also called as RCOG. This paper focuses on the very sensitive subject- Female Infertility.

Female infertility occurs due to several reasons but now a day it is more common because the numbers of obese people are rising. You can find one woman obese out of eight women. These days a modern lifestyle and poor diet is also playing a very important role to make people obese. Obesity and overweight itself a biggest health issue and it creates several other health issues too. Many type of health problems are related to obesity and overweight such as hypertension, high blood pressure, high blood glucose level, heart attack and heart stroke. According to this scientific impact paper this problem of obesity or overweight mostly occurs in the women’s life when she is under the age of reproductive. This paper claims that 26% of women in U.K are obese. This obesity is the major factor for not able to conceive their own child. If suppose, they get pregnant but they can’t complete their full journey of pregnancy till nine month and they are at the greater risk of miscarriage.

prenancy miracleObesity causes many heartbreaking challenges in couple’s life such infertility, miscarriages or loss of baby. So, in order to get pregnant naturally, women need to maintain their health and weight. If you want to conceive fast and dealing with obesity, you’ll have to do all your efforts to bring down your weight to normal. This is an important thing that if your BMI is more than 30, then losing weight is not so easy process. According to some doctors, BMI above 30 is almost impossible to burn fat with the help of dieting and exercise. For these morbidly obese women has only one option that is bariatric surgery. But according to scientific impact paper, surgery always should be the last option. Any kind of surgery is not an easy option not only for the list of health issues and complication arises due to surgery but it also takes a good amount of time in recovery. So, if you are one of them who’s BMI is more than 30, even you can try for lifestyle modification to boost fertility and reduce your weight naturally.

According to professor Adam Balen from Royal College of Obstetrician and Gynecologist (RCOG) women suffering from obesity and want to start family sooner, first they have reduce thier weight through healthy diet and weight loss program which helps burning fat and calories in all the natural way. You should go for the natural methods first even you are interested for bariatric surgery. National Health Service (NHS) provides free weight loss plan and a referral to a weight loss support group have proven to give the-venus-factoeffective way of achieving the goal of fat loss. Slimming world works with National Health Service (NHS) under a referral scheme where GPs, nurses and other health professional offers free membership of a local group to patients and weight loser feels the benefits. Through this scheme, National Health Service (NHS) assures the people suffering from obesity that they can get positive result in burning fat and reducing weight by lifestyle modification instead of bariatric surgery.

Anyway, now obesity will not spoil your opportunity to conceive faster if you will start any weight loss program and it will be more beneficial if you go for the weight loss program that is specially made for female. So, just be calm and focus on the way to reduce fat and boost fertility.

How to get pregnant? Diet and Lifestyle Changes Can Affect Your Fertility

Infertility is the most common problem which is caused by the people’s lifestyle. Earlier we were thinking that it occurs due to Ovulatary disorders but now it has been said that your diet and lifestyle is also affecting your fertility. Most of the time you can find women with normal health condition but still she is not able to conceive faster, why? Yes, ovulatory disorder is the biggest cause for women’s infertility but nutrients deficiency is also the one of the most important cause. Researchers say that poor diet and full of stress lifestyle is also giving the negative impact on pregnancy. Researchers from the Harvard School of Public Health, Department of Nutrition, worked on 17,544 women for eight years. They found that women who did not have any infertility signs or history but still they were trying to conceive for longer time. After a very long study on those women, they found that there is a very strong link between the ovulatory disorder and the quality of diet and lifestyle.

Diet for fertilityThey gave closer attention towards the consumption of diet such as monounsaturated fats, vegetable protein, carbohydrates with low glycemic index and other nutrients. These foods were previously believed to lower the risk of ovulatory disorder. After this long study researchers found, those women were not getting these nutrients which can help them in lowering the risk of ovulatory disorders or infertility. Researchers say, popularity of fertility diet may help women to avoid the risk of ovulatory disorders. It may be very effective and expect a positive result on fertility while combining the fertility diet with regular physical activity. It has been found that some physical movement like moderate exercise and diets which are effective to boost fertility may lower the risk of infertility in women due to ovulatory disorder by 69%. So, it’s not a small achievement ladies. You can simply reduce the risk of infertility by 69 % by ovulatory disorder which is one the biggest reason for infertility in women by just changing your eating habits and lifestyle modification.

Fertility diet tips is all over around on the internet which offers hundred of tips to increase the chances of getting pregnant or boosting your fertility. A group of scientists recently published a book about the fertility diet. Here some tips from that book which can help you in the path of getting pregnant faster-

Fertility Diet-

  • Fat- As you know that fat is bad for our health but healthy fat is good for health. You can get healthy fat from nuts, vegetable oil and fish like salmon and sardines. Avoid using Trans fat and start eating vegetable more vegetable oil.
  • Protein- As you know that we can find protein from many foods item including meat. But in order to increase the chances of getting pregnant, you’ll have to take protein from the vegetables and fruits instead of meat. Vegetables like peas, beans, soy and nuts has high level of protein that can help in improving fertility.
  • Carbohydrate- Start eating fiber rich foods like vegetables, whole grains, fruits and beans. These foods are full of carbs that can be digested slowly but improve fertility, control blood sugar and insulin level.
  • Iron- includes iron rich food items in your diet like beans, spinach, tomatoes, pumpkin, beats and whole grains. These all food items contain high level of iron.
  • Water- Water is also very effective in boosting your fertility. In moderation, tea and coffee is also good and occasionally a glass of wine may also not harm your fertility. Keep away the soda because it can increase the risk of ovulatory disorder.
  • Exercise- Yes, exercise is also very important to increase the chances of conceiving. As you read earlier that diet according to fertility and moderate exercise is very effective to boost your fertility naturally.

Infertility Treatment – Switch Your Underwear For Healthy Sperm

Infertility in menInfertility is the major problem for maximum number of men and women. Generally we think that infertility is associated with women but always women is not responsible for not able to get pregnant. Many times if a woman is not getting conceive after several efforts, it can be due to male partner also. Now infertility is not only liked to female but it’s associated to men too. So men, don’t take it personally and do some efforts if you really want to start your family. You’ll have to track the problem linked with you. If it is related to your sperm quality then it’s very easy to improve the health of your sperm by just doing little changes to your choice. However, here you will learn about how to reverse male infertility and how male partner can produce healthy sperm in order to start your own family.

Reasons For Male Infertility

Infertility in male partner is associated with the position of their body. It’s long been suspected that underwear used by men is not good to hold their bodies in a proper way and it can affect the quality of sperm. According to a new research, men should be free and unfettered to have own children. Researchers found that men who wore boxer shorts in the day time and slept naked in night time have less damaged DNA in their sperm compared with men who wore tight underwear in the day and night time. Lead researcher Katherine Sapra from U.S National Institute of Child Health and Human Development said that reducing exposer of bed decreases DNA fragmentation. Better semen quality can be found in men who wear loose pants or boxers in the day time and none in the sleeping time.

How To Improve Healthy Sperm?

This study has tracked 500 men in a study for a year. They took note of the type of underwear worn by men and the quality of sperm. According to this study, researchers found that those who wore nothing while sleeping and loose fitting pants or boxers in the day has 25% less DNA fragmentation than those who wore tight fitting pants and underwear in the day and night time. Researchers says that those men who increase the temperature of their testicles either through heat exposer at work or by wearing tight underwear has lesser and poor semen quality compared to those men who kept their testicles cooler. Although, this is a quite small research but these things has never adequately shown that men can improve their chances of becoming father by just choosing their right underwear. Sperm quality plays the key role in order to get pregnant. So, this small analysis is true and it can help you boost your fertility.

However, in future you may receive some more valuable insight on effects of men’s underwear on sperm quality. We just need to focus on whether choosing the right or loose boxers to make the female partner conceive faster than switching the tight underwear which delay in conception. You simply need to look after the health of your sperm. Changing the choice of underpants is not a big risk to do. So, you can get some loose pants, if you really wish to be a father soon.

How to Get Pregnant? 5 Tips To Boost Fertility Naturally

how to get pregnantHow to get pregnant is a very common question these days because of increasing number of infertile men and women. This is not a problem for particular for one place or area but fertility problem is spreading on everywhere in the world. Here are so many reasons which are responsible for making you not able to get pregnant naturally but one of the most important reasons is today’s lifestyle. People are getting so hi-tech and they are not giving importance to the natural things, that’s why infertility is rising on double pace. Anyway, we cannot do anything to change the people’s mind but we can help them in boosting their fertility in natural way. So, for boost fertility has also several ways but they all are associated with medicals and they are very expensive treatment with some severe side-effects. So, if you want to increase your fertility, 5 tips are very effective to improve your fertility which can helps you in get pregnant naturally and faster without the help of doctors.

5 Most Important Diet To Increase Fertility-

  1. Start eating fertility diet- If you want to get pregnant with some times but not able to conceive till yet, May your fertility will be in slow pace. So, to boost your fertility, you’ll have to eat diet which can help in boosting your fertility.
  2. Include zinc in your daily diet- Zinc is very important nutrients which can help in boosting both male and female’s fertility. A researcher from the Northwestern University in the U.S have recently discovered that eating zinc on everyday basis may help in producing healthy eggs that can be ready for fertilization. Eating zinc everyday will also help men in testosterone production healthy sperm. Zinc can be found in lean meat, chicken, fish, and egg yolk, legumes, sunflower and pumpkin seeds.
  3. Quit eating processed food- In order to improve your fertility naturally, you should eat everything fresh. Fresh foods supply all the nutrients which are needed for reproductive function either it could be healthy sperm or healthy eggs. If you are suffering from the deficiency of even one nutrient, it can make your conception delayed and difficult. So, limit your intake of processed food and eat always fresh and healthy. Processed food can give you a negative impact on your fertility and make you unable to conceive.
  4. Reduce the food loaded with toxins- Avoid eating food items which are loaded with toxins such as pesticides and herbicide residue. For example seafood contains high level of mercury, cigarettes, xenoestrogens which are found in some plastic, alcohol and caffeine.
  5. Eat more carbs- our body digests carbs but here are some bad carbs too which our body consumes regularly. These bad carbs are cookies, cakes, white bread and white rice but after getting digested, these turn them into the blood sugar. Good carbs are those containing fiber such as fruits, vegetables, beans and whole grains. These carbs are digested slowly but it gives a more gradual effect on blood sugar and insulin. So, avoid eating bad carbs and start eating good carbs to boost your fertility naturally and helps you become pregnant faster.

Getting pregnant will be easier if you will include above suggested diets in your daily life before going for sophisticated treatment for infertility. Choosing the right foods and drinks is a very powerful way to influence the ability to get pregnant and it is suggested by the doctors too. Here you will find how healthy and natural eating habit is effective in getting pregnant faster if you’re suffering from any kind of infertility.

How To Get Pregnant | Moderate exercise Will Boost Your Fertility Faster

how to get pregnant

How to get pregnant?


Infertility or not able to get pregnant has many ways but to boost fertility naturally is only in our hands. It has been found that moderate physical activity or exercise is very powerful tool in helping you get pregnant naturally. Total health condition is responsible for fully functioning reproductive system. In an unfit body, metabolism will be low and immune system will be very less. Lower metabolism and less immunity leaves body prone to illness. These common illness can make you conceive harder, low fertility or even infertile. It has been found that moderate exercise is very beneficial for conceiving fast and naturally but in other hand vigorous exercise too can make you delay in conception or even infertile.

Running, aerobics, gymnastics, swimming and intense bicycling are considered as vigorous exercises while brisk walking, leisurely bicycling, playing golf, and gardening are moderate exercise for fertility. Here is a major findings that exercises either it could be vigorous or moderate is totally dependent on the time of conception and type of body. As you have found earlier that vigorous exercise may delay conception but if you are over-weight or obese, you’ll have to reduce your unwanted body fat and weight on double pace and for that you’ll have to go for vigorous exercises. Once you have achieved a normal body weight then you can start moderate exercise to keep your body healthy and to boost your fertility too. For normal weight women vigorous exercise is not good if you want to conceive faster.

How to Boost Fertility?

Getting pregnant will be more easy and fast if you will include light and moderate exercise in your daily routine suggested by the fertility experts. As we all know that exercise is beneficial in order to lower your cholesterol, blood pressure, risk factors of heart attack, strokes, obesity, cancer and diabetes along with boosting your fertility too. It has been said that if you want to conceive through IVF, it would be recommended to do some moderate exercises. A research shows that if a woman is more active before fertility treatment has three times higher chances of getting pregnant than those women who were not or less active before fertility treatment. So, exercise for fertility is good for natural conception and if you are suffering from Poly-cystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS) as well as IVF too. It’s not recommended that you’ll have to go for morning and evening walk at any cost if you cannot afford it but you can achieve your goal by doing household works. Here are some main reasons for doing exercises which are responsible for boosting fertility.

How Exercises Boosts Fertility?

Exercise helps your muscles to work efficiently. All the body parts work together optimally such as heart, lungs, kidneys, liver, blood, brain and hormones. It’s a fact that if all your system will work promptly, then definitely the hormonal imbalance, which is one of the most important factors of infertility, will be regulated. Exercise regulates the level of insulin and stops it climbing very high because insulin harms the eggs from developing. So at the end, exercise is found to be the best solution to keep the insulin’s level low and stable.

What Kind of Exercises Are Suggested?

As we suggested earlier that exercise is good for fertility but vigorous exercises can affect your fertility and it can delay your time of conception along with some other harms. So, in order to increase fertility, you can choose walking rather driving for short distance, stairs rather than lift, choose to stand for some time in queue rather than sitting in waiting area and many more which you can do easily without any stress. However, exercise is important for improving overall health condition because it’s not only helps in making our body fit and healthy but it’s very effective in eliminating the negative thought too. So, keep moving all day long.

Infertility Treatment | A New Breakthrough in Infertility Treatment

Infertility treatment is one of the most common treatments these days. Many couple is going through this phase just because of not able to start their family naturally. There are many reasons are responsible for infertility in today’s generation. So now today we are going to have vast information on how French scientists reveal details of breakthrough in fertility treatment. The scientists have created in vitro sperm. This is a human sperm but outside the human body.

Breakthrough in infertility treatmentSo far this in vitro sperm has been developed by using a bio-reactor and immature cells. Bio-reactor and immature cells are found in prepubescent boys. The research has been carried out by a French start-up company, Kallistem, working with government laboratory CNRS.Marie-Helene Perrard, CNRS researcher and co-founder of Kallistem said, firstly we experimented on animal (rat) and obtained sperm. Later we did it on other species like monkeys and lastly human. The main challenge with human experiment has been reproducing in the lab a human process which usually last 72 days.

It’s a big hope for those infertile men who could not become father for lifetime. As we all know that cancer is the most deadly disease and there are no chances for them who are going through this situation. Cancer patients can only survive but they don’t live their life. So, this experiment can benefit in the future for them also who are suffering from the life threatening disease “Cancer”. Now a day’s many young people are also suffering from one of the most dangerous disease cancer. In this disease, patents get chemotherapy which can damage the production of sperm and the young boys will become sterile, said Perrard.

So it will be a new hope for them to start their own family by keeping their fertility if they are suffering too. The more detail about this research has revealed only after a patent was secured. There is still a long way to go before the findings are translated into medical use but the technology must now be clinically tested. However, it was the detail about those who wants to go through the medical process, but if you are looking for ways to get pregnant fast and naturally and you want to know how you can get pregnant faster without the help of doctors or you have been told that you can never conceive your own child!

However, if you want to start your own family the most important thing to know is the best time. This is the most critical factor and many couple gets it wrong. After taking the decision to get pregnant you needs to make sure you are not doing anything which can reduce your chance to conceive. So, before we start to know all the methods which can help you in getting pregnant, you need to know some basic tips which will help you in conceive naturally faster. If a couple is not able to conceive after a year of regular and unprotected sex, this may called as infertility. When you find something wrong with you and your partner in getting pregnant, you must consult your doctor immediately. So that you can prevent yourself from infertility pain.

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