Infertility Treatment | A New Breakthrough in Infertility Treatment

Infertility treatment is one of the most common treatments these days. Many couple is going through this phase just because of not able to start their family naturally. There are many reasons are responsible for infertility in today’s generation. So now today we are going to have vast information on how French scientists reveal details of breakthrough in fertility treatment. The scientists have created in vitro sperm. This is a human sperm but outside the human body.

Breakthrough in infertility treatmentSo far this in vitro sperm has been developed by using a bio-reactor and immature cells. Bio-reactor and immature cells are found in prepubescent boys. The research has been carried out by a French start-up company, Kallistem, working with government laboratory CNRS.Marie-Helene Perrard, CNRS researcher and co-founder of Kallistem said, firstly we experimented on animal (rat) and obtained sperm. Later we did it on other species like monkeys and lastly human. The main challenge with human experiment has been reproducing in the lab a human process which usually last 72 days.

It’s a big hope for those infertile men who could not become father for lifetime. As we all know that cancer is the most deadly disease and there are no chances for them who are going through this situation. Cancer patients can only survive but they don’t live their life. So, this experiment can benefit in the future for them also who are suffering from the life threatening disease “Cancer”. Now a day’s many young people are also suffering from one of the most dangerous disease cancer. In this disease, patents get chemotherapy which can damage the production of sperm and the young boys will become sterile, said Perrard.

So it will be a new hope for them to start their own family by keeping their fertility if they are suffering too. The more detail about this research has revealed only after a patent was secured. There is still a long way to go before the findings are translated into medical use but the technology must now be clinically tested. However, it was the detail about those who wants to go through the medical process, but if you are looking for ways to get pregnant fast and naturally and you want to know how you can get pregnant faster without the help of doctors or you have been told that you can never conceive your own child!

However, if you want to start your own family the most important thing to know is the best time. This is the most critical factor and many couple gets it wrong. After taking the decision to get pregnant you needs to make sure you are not doing anything which can reduce your chance to conceive. So, before we start to know all the methods which can help you in getting pregnant, you need to know some basic tips which will help you in conceive naturally faster. If a couple is not able to conceive after a year of regular and unprotected sex, this may called as infertility. When you find something wrong with you and your partner in getting pregnant, you must consult your doctor immediately. So that you can prevent yourself from infertility pain.

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