Infertility | Fight against stigma with help of Merck More than a Mother

infertility stigma

infertility stigma

Infertility is a very bigger problem for today’s generation couples. According to a survey, it has been found that one out of six couples finds difficulties in getting pregnant naturally. After trying for one year of regular and unprotected sex, couples are not able to conceive, it meant they are suffering from any type of infertility issue. So, when couple find themselves unable to conceive, they start roaming around the infertility experts, diagnostic center and many more which leads them to a greater level of stress and tension. The main reason of stress and tension of infertility is stigma. They found themselves guilty for this natural process. They start blaming themselves for unable to get pregnant naturally.

infertility treatmentHowever, stigma is the biggest curse which makes a woman unable to hope for future pregnancy. So, Nigeria’s first lady launches a program for infertile men and women to fight against stigma. This campaign meant to fight against infertility stigma in women which makes the infertility treatment and hope for future pregnancy worthless. This campaign is sponsored by an organization called “Merck More than a Mother”.  Mrs. Aisha Buhari the first lady of Nigeria has launched the program in partnership with Senate Commission on Health; Ministry of Health, Ministry of Women Affairs and Social Development and Future Assured organization. The motto of this “Merck More than a Mother” is to break stigma around infertility and empower infertile women by improving access to information, education, healthcare and change of culture and mind-set to de-stigmatize infertility. Her Excellency Mrs. Aisha Buhari pledged her support and the support of Nigerian Governors’ wives in the implementation of Merck More than a Mother activities in Nigeria focusing on eliminating infertility stigma and creating awareness and providing information and education on causes of infertility; facilitating access to healthcare; and economic and social empowerment of infertile women. The leaders of the Nigerian women also supported the empowering of infertile women who form a vulnerable part of the population.

get pregnantWomen who are suffering from infertility in Nigeria and many other African countries who can no longer be treated have been empowered socially and economically to lead independent and happier lives through Empowering Berna initiative. Empowering Berna is a part of Merk More than a Mother campaign. Helen Phillip, a Nigerian woman from the North shared her story that how she suffered from infertility stigma? She expressed her gratitude to the support Merck more than a Mother that provided her through establishing new business so that she can become an independent productive member in her community. Many Nigeria’s infertile women shared their stories of social suffering of infertility stigma and their transformation after the economic and social empowerment provided by Merck more than a Mother and Empowering Berna project. According to Hon. Aisha Alhassan, Nigeria’s Minister of Women Affairs and Social Development “In Nigeria we have been advocating for the end of harmful traditional practices including the stigmatization of women which is prevalent all over the country. Women have not been coming out openly because they are traumatized. With the help of Merck more than a Mother and Empowering Berna campaign, we will encourage those women to speak out and we pledge our support and collaboration.

infertility causesDr. Rasha Kelej, Chief Social Officer, Merck Healthcare said that Merck More than a Mother campaign is a great initiative to break the stigma around infertility and to empower an unprivileged category of women in Africa, women who suffer infertility. Infertile women have been neglected, mistreated and discriminated because they cannot bear a child, yet 50% of infertility is due to male factors. We can together improve access to education, information, awareness, health care and change of mind-set and culture to stop these women’s suffering. According to Professor Isaac Adewole Hon. Minister of Health emphasized: “We are responsible for policy at the Ministry level and this is where we can make a difference in improving access to fertility care in Nigeria. We will work through training institutions we are responsible for to strengthen fertility management by making it a sub-specialty. We will also as a Ministry work with private sector, the Senate and the National Assembly to improve governance and quality of care to provide standards to protect infertile men and women seeking treatment.”

pregnancy-miracle-book-downloadHowever, infertility is a world-wide problem. Many countries took the forward steps to improve the situation and condition of infertile men and women but many countries have not done anything in this case. So, if you are one of them who are dealing with infertility stigma, you must have to take the action against it. Getting pregnant or infertility is a natural thing but if you find yourself unable to conceive naturally, do not jump to the thought process that you are an infertile. Yes! It can be a reason but you should always think positive. Always pamper yourself and make a belief that with a little bit of hard work and care, you can too get pregnant and become mother. After finding yourself unable to get pregnant naturally, consult a good doctor and take a medical help. If you think it is very painful and expensive look for another option like meditation, acupuncture, life modification program and many more. So, here are numbers of treatment option which you can avail easily and get pregnant.

getting pregnantGetting pregnant and delivering baby is a very natural instinct and it can be done naturally too. Now a day’s many people turns to the natural treatment for their illness and infertility is one of them. As I told you earlier there are several option for infertility treatment but these all are very expensive, longer time taking and the most important they have no guarantee. So, if you are looking for the sure shot formula of getting pregnant without any worry, I will recommend you to go for natural and holistic ways. Pregnancy miracle is a product which is 100 percent natural and it has been proven to give satisfactory result since centuries. It provides step by step methods which are very easy to follow and it has no side effects. For more detail, how pregnancy miracle works…please visit the official website.

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Infertility Treatment | The best gift for you and your family

Infertility Treatment | Best Christmas and New Year Gift for You and Family

improve-semen-qualityChristmas is one of the biggest festivals for western countries people. They celebrates this day with full of joy, love and happiness. Christmas Eve brings so many changes in people’s life. Many people receives the best gift from their near and dear and some people get to know the intense feeling of love by their lover, partner, parents, friends and many more. In short Christmas is the only festival which brings a lot of love, joy, happiness and togetherness. So, if you are one of them who are still thinking what to gift your partner which shall be the most precious for the life time, you need to read this full article.

Sperm quality and infertility

pregnancy-miracleAccording to a research, it has been found that there are various exercise regimens which can affect on overall sperm quality. This observation was published in the journal “Reproduction”. It has been found that 1 out of 6 couples gets difficulties in getting pregnant due to any type of male or female infertility and 1 in 3 couples find themselves unable to get pregnant just because of poor semen quality. These couples who are going through the infertility phase due to poor semen quality, has only in vitro fertilization (IVF) option as the solution of their childless life. Poor quality of sperm leads to increase the risk of miscarriage, birth defects, and childhood cancer. So here are some natural and most effective ways are given which will help you increase sperm quality for the sake of your health and well being of current and future generations.

infertilityGenerally, in order to improve sperm quality advice given to men are eating well, reduction of alcohol consumption, no smoking and regular exercise. Anyway, these are the standard mantra but according to some evidence, the impact of exercise on sperm quality has been contradictory. Some studies shows that that intense exercising such as endurance cycling and long-distance running can reduce the quality of sperm but some other studies have found that certain types and duration of exercise have a positive impact on sperm quality. According to a team of scientists, from Uremia University in Iran, set out to investigate the effects of exercise intensity on a range of sperm parameters. They included 261 healthy men, aged 25-40, in the study. At baseline, none of the men followed a regular exercise plan or did more than 25 minutes of exercise more than 3 days each week. These men were split into four experimental groups:

  • Moderate-intensity continuous training (MICT) – running on a treadmill for 25-30 minutes, 3-4 days per week
  • High-intensity continuous training (HICT) – running on a treadmill for 50 minutes-1 hour, 3-4 days per week
  • High-intensity interval training (HIIT) – 1-minute bursts of treadmill sprinting followed by 1 minute of recovery, repeated 10-15 times
  • Control group – no exercise.get pregnant

The each routine was followed for 24 weeks. Semen samples were evaluated before, during, and after the exercise period to assess sperm count, motility (the ability of the sperm to move), morphology (size and shape), levels of inflammatory markers, and their response to oxidative stress. The role of oxidative stress – specifically reactive oxygen species – is a growing area of focus in fertility research. Although reactive oxygen species are vital in the fertilization process under normal conditions, if they are not under tight physiological control, they can negatively impact the overall quality of to get pregnant

Exercise impact on semen quality

All exercise groups, when compared with the control group had improved sperm quality across all measures. The best performing of the three experimental groups was the MICT exercise group when compared with the control group. The men in MICT group had:

  • 8.3 percent more semen volume
  • 12.4 percent higher sperm motility
  • 17.1 percent improved sperm cell shape/morphology
  • 14.1 percent more concentrated sperm
  • 21.8 percent more sperm cells.getting pregnant

These results are impressive, but the changes were not long term. Measures of sperm count, shape, and concentration dipped back toward pre-training levels 1 week after the exercise regimen had ended; sperm motility dropped back after 30 days. However, according to the authors, loss of weight during the exercise plan might well have been an important factor in the improvement of sperm quality. They also believe that MICT had a particularly positive effect by reducing the teste’s exposure to inflammatory agents and oxidative stress. The next step for the Iranian scientist’s team will be to see if these measurable changes in sperm quality will translate into an increased ability to fertilize. As further research is conducted to back up these findings, in the future, sperm-specific training packages could hopefully be designed, raising the chances of fertilization without medical intervention. The lead author of this study Behzad Hajizadeh Maleki says that “Our results show that doing exercise can be a simple, cheap, and effective strategy for improving sperm quality in sedentary men. However, it’s important to acknowledge that the reason some men can’t have children isn’t just based on their sperm count. So, first you need to diagnose what exactly you have the problem and then after try to solve it with the medical or natural help.

Pregnancy-Miracle-BookHowever, infertility or not able to get pregnant can be due to any reason and there are several reasons are associated with it any one can be responsible for that. Sometimes, it belongs to male partner and sometimes it goes to female partner. So, if you want to solve this issue and celebrate your Christmas with full of joy and happiness, start preparation of getting pregnant with the help of the miracle product called “Pregnancy Miracle”. This product is really miraculous. It has step by step formulas which are proven to give satisfactory result since centuries. It is 100 per cent natural and no horrible side effects. Many women got pregnant after using this product within 2 months. It helps you treat any type of male or female infertility if your doctor have told you that you can never have your own children. it provides very easy step by step methods to follow. So, this year don’t go for anything else and gift yourself and your partner a best Christmas gift for life. For more detail, please visit the official website.


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Infertility Treatment | 8 Early Signs of Male and Female Infertility | New York

early signs of infertilityInfertility is affecting approximately 1 in 8 couples worldwide. Infertility is the most obvious sign of not getting pregnant naturally after 1 year of regular and unprotected sex. There are so many reasons of infertility couples have their children after going for long and expensive treatment but most of the time their time and money goes waste just because of time. Actually these days the priority of people has been changed. Many men and women wants to settle down in their life and at last they think about the baby and it becomes the most general reason for the failure of infertility treatment. Experts say that women who suffer from the inability to conceive naturally can get pregnant if she starts early.

get pregnantInfertility experts say that, the major portion of success rate in infertility treatment depends on the age of infertile men or women. So, here are some 8 early signs of infertility in men and women, who can help you, suffer from the pain of childless life for the lifetime. These symptoms will not only help you to pay attention towards your reproductive system at the right time but it will explain why you can’t get pregnant?

  1. Problems with your menstrual cycle- As you must heard that the first sign of female infertility are the problems with the menstrual cycle. If you Get-Pregnant-Fasthave irregular or non-existence period, it must be linked with your fertility health. In order to have regular periods, the pituitary gland and the hypothalamus in the brain, along with the ovaries, must work together. But if they fail in working together, it means there is some hormonal imbalance which could lead to irregular periods. Dr. Jason M. Franasiak, a board-certified OB-GYN and a board-certified technical supervisor in embryology and andrology at Reproductive Medicine Associates of New Jersey in Marlton says that irregular or absent periods represents the fact that there are some issues with regularly production of eggs and that can be a clear cause of infertility. According to a survey, it has been found that between 5 and 10 percent of women who are dealing with the difficulties in getting pregnant because of heavy periods. Heavy periods can occur due to uterine fibroids. Some women have painful periods which could be due to endometriosis. This is a condition that also linked with the problem of reproductive system. Brian Levine, a board-certified OB-GYN and fertility specialist, and the New York practice director for the Colorado Center for Reproductive Medicine in New York City says that some women experiences the sudden drop of periods from around 28 days down to 21 days, or their periods have stopped. It could be the sign of menopause. Many women who have the genetic predisposition or an autoimmune disease, they can suffer from the early menopause. It could be happen as early as their 20s.getting pregnant
  2. Vision problems and clumsiness- Brian Levine says that if you are feeling that your vision is not as strong as it seem to be and you are suddenly feeling clumsiness and you are also getting problems with your monthly cycle, it could be the sign of prolactinoma. It is a non-cancerous tumor on the pituitary gland that can affect your reproductive system. Levine explains that the pituitary gland makes follicle-stimulating hormone (FSH) which regulates the ovaries and egg production. Yet since the pituitary gland sits directly on the optic chiasm— the point in the brain where the optic nerves in the eyes cross over— the prolactinoma can push down on the chiasm and push the cells that make follicle-stimulating hormone (FSH) together, which in turn affects your vision. If your physician finds that you have elevated prolactin level, he/she may order an MRI of your head to see the exact size of tumor. If the size of tumor or prolactinoma is small, it can be treated with medication while larger ones will require surgery to remove it. After treatment, your periods should return to normal and you will have better chances of getting pregnant.Pregnancy-Miracle
  3. Excessive growth of unwanted hair- Franasiak explains that if you are getting excessive growth of unwanted hair, it can be due to polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS), a hormonal imbalance. It is a very common cause of female infertility. The condition of polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) causes the ovaries to make more androgens, or hormones, than normal and create a disconnection between the ways the brain talks to the ovaries. The symptoms of polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) are irregular periods, sudden weight gain and acne.
  4. Lost libido- According to a study, it has been found that approximately 40 percent of infertile couples suffer from lost libido. Men with lost libido have trouble getting or keeping an erection, problems with ejaculation or pain, swelling or a lump in the testicles. These symptoms reveal the fact that there are some problems with fertility.
  5. Over-weight or obesity- According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), it has been found that approximately 45 percent of women are dealing with over-weight or obesity before getting pregnant. If a woman carries extra pounds, it creates the difficulties in getting pregnant. Weight is the most important factor for reproductive health. Experts say that if over-weight is the problems for conception then under-weight is also responsible for creating problems with fertility. So, if you are underweight, over-exercise or are athletic, you could have irregular periods, which can directly affect your reproductive health. So, if you are planning to start family, you need to talk with your doctor or a nutritionist who can help you come up with a plan to get to a healthy weight.getting pregnant
  6. Painful intercourse- If you are suffering from painful sex, then extra lubrication might do the trick. If the vagina is getting dry, it can be due to lack of estrogen, which is a sign of early menopause and it can create an obstacle in getting pregnant.
  7. Hair loss – If you feel that your hair is becoming thinner day by day and it more is falling out, it means you have thyroid dysfunction which affects the ovulation. In fact, according to a study in The Obstetrician & Gynaecologist found that 3 percent of women who are suffering from the pain of infertility had an overactive thyroid. There are some additional symptoms also which needs attention to be paid are anxiety, weight loss, rapid heartbeat and fatigue.
  8. Vitamin D deficiency- According to Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) found that 41.6 percent of men and women are dealing with vitamin D deficiency that may be linked with infertility. Although, some study shows that maintaining a sufficient level of vitamin D may help in people’s to get pregnant

Above written symptoms of infertility are very helpful for those couples who are busy in their personal and professional life and keeping their pregnancy on hold. If you feel any of these symptoms, you must visit your doctor and have a thorough check of your fertility. If anything goes wrong, you can start treatment early, in order to get more success. Natural and holistic ways are very effective ways treating infertility. Learn more about natural and holistic ways to get rid all type of infertility.


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Infertility | Does Crocodile sperm provides insights into male infertility?

Saltwater CrocodileMale infertility is affecting about 1 out of 20 men in Australia. According to the findings which were published in the Royal Society Journal Proceedings B could help in the search for causes of male human infertility. Researchers say that crocodile sperm is more like human sperm than scientists previously thought. Dr Brett Nixon, a reproductive biologist at the University of Newcastle and lead author of the study said that now scientists are hoping to use the crocodile as a model for understanding sperm function at a basic level, and see whether we can apply that to get a better result on infertility among humans. This research could also help improve commercial breeding and conservation of crocodiles. Dr Nixon said in many cases of male infertility occurs due to defective sperm.

pregnancy-miracle-book-downloadIn normal cases of development, human sperm emerge from the testis in an immature form and must be exposed to certain conditions in the male and female reproductive tracts before it is capable of fertilization. They look a like normal sperm but they have the lack of ability to swim and lack of ability to recognize an egg and participation in fertilization. According to Dr Nixon, till now this process was unique of sperm maturation to mammals. Dr Nixon adds that first it was widely believed that crocodile sperm is similar to birds sperm, in which sperm comes out of the testes and are immediately able to fertilize. But now according to this new study of sperm from Australian saltwater crocodiles, Dr Nixon and team have found otherwise. They say, the sperm of crocodile do undergo functional changes after they leave the testis. The team collected crocodile sperm from sedated Australian saltwater crocodiles and incubated it under various conditions that mimicked the female reproductive tract.

get pregnantDr Nixon said, they identified a handful of proteins that are involved in enabling the sperm to move and recognize eggs. These proteins are also present in human sperm and could provide targets for infertility research. According to researchers, they believed they have identified a chemical switch, in the form of bicarbonate ions in the female reproductive tract that are able to that activate the proteins. The low level of bicarbonate the proteins makes the sperm’s tail move in a whip, but when the bicarbonate level rise up, it increases the levels of a biological molecule called cyclic-AMP, which stimulates the proteins. Dr Nixon said, Cyclic-AMP also changes the surface of the eggs so it recognizes eggs. He said that it is a well known fact that bicarbonate levels rise up in humans during ovulation but this is the first time that it’s found in crocodiles.

Research will help crocodile conservation

Pregnancy-Miracle-BookThis research is not only helpful in human infertility research but it explains the mystery of how the American alligator stores sperm for several months in the female reproductive tract. The sperm experience an environment that is low in bicarbonate initially but then upon ovulation, we anticipate there would be a spike in bicarbonate that would reactivate the sperm and then they would be able to fertilize the eggs. Storing sperm in female reproductive tract ensures that sperm is available when ovulation occurs and also to fertilize different eggs in a clutch using sperm from different males. Dr Nixon adds that this research will also help in storing crocodile sperm for conservation or breeding purposes. Low level of bicarbonate could be used to “silence” the sperm and ensure that it does not exert its energy until it is required for fertilization.

Infertility | How Endocrine disruptors are major cause of infertility?

infertilityInfertility is affecting more and more women in the world and they are finding the most natural instinct pregnancy as the most difficult task. Researchers say that increasing rate of inability to get pregnant naturally shows the evidence of chemical uses in plasticizers and pesticides. The recent consequences are estimated the cost the EU €1.4 billion per year. Avoiding chemicals in everyday life is almost impossible despite endocrine-disrupting substances being considered a health hazard. But now millions of women in the world are getting difficulties in getting pregnant and they came to know that they are infertile. Here are so many scientific evidence which are enough to point the finger at some substances which are used in pesticides and plastic products. These pesticides and chemical used in plastic products are enough to cause cancerous tumors, birth defects, infertility and other developmental disorders.

Pregnancy-MiracleAccording to a scientists, who are involved in the study found that endometriosis, a type of chronic disease that occurs in the uterus as lining and uterine fibroids, benign tumors in the uterus, are both condition of uterus of women are linked to endocrine disruptors. These both condition of uterus are very painful diseases and it lead to female infertility. According to the researchers, it has been found that 70 percent of women who are dealing with infertility and exhibit at least one of these two diseases. a study that was published in the”Journal of Clinical Endocrinology and Metabolism” shows that the issue costs Europe €1.4 billion Euros every year. This bill accumulates due to healthcare spending and loss of working hours due to ill health.

infertilityFor the purpose of this study, researchers tested some substances which include DEHP and DDE. DEHP is a plasticizer and it is classified by the EU’s chemical regulation as a very high concern substance. Uses of DEHP are banned in the production of toys and other products which is used by children. EU member states are currently considering authorizing the incorporation of DEHP in plastics that would be usable in several consumer products. DDE is a byproduct of DDT pesticides that was banned decades ago in Europe. According to many studies, it has been found that some components of poison build up in the fatty tissues of animals and humans. It means they are being available in the food chain for a significant period of time.

get pregnantHowever, the fact is that pesticides and other chemicals are being found in the environment long after their use. The recent study demonstrated this fact by a study which was conducted in the South-East France, where traces of DDT were found in the soil, despite it’s not been used for several years. United States researchers said that DDT could lead to the onset of Alzheimer disease. Leonardo Trasande professor of pediatrics, environmental medicine and public health at New York University, warned that although many women are being diagnosed with endometriosis and fibroids condition which leads them to infertility but we acknowledge that this analysis only shows the tip of the iceberg. As infertility has become the growing problem of today’s generation, evidence tends to suggests the expose to endocrine disrupters which is directly or indirectly linked to wider range of fertility issues in women.

Pregnancy-Miracle-BookAn increased number of cancer and fertility problems have drawn the attention of researchers. Scientists stress the importance of these chemicals which is used in everyday products which is made by plastics. They say that millions of life can saved if the precaution is taken.

Male infertility | How Marijuana Can Help To Reverse Male Fertility? | Rome

marijuanaInfertility has become the most rising problem for today’s generation. It is a worldwide issues and it affects almost 15 percent of couples. Male factor is also responsible for raising the number of infertility issues in women. If a woman is not able to get pregnant after one year of regular and unprotected sex, it doesn’t mean that all the faults belong to that woman only. According to a survey, male factors account for 20 to 70 percent for making a woman not able to conceive naturally.

pregnancy-miracle-book-downloadA new study suggests that frequent smoking pot can take its toll on your sperm now as marijuana receptor might actually hold the key to new fertility treatment for men. In the research of treatment for male infertility, scientists showed a cannabinoid receptor that is called as CB2. It helps to regulate the creation of sperm. Not only evidence showed that marijuana can disrupt fertility in males, but it also suggests a therapeutic strategy for treating male infertility. A researcher Paola Grimaldi from the University of Rome Tor Vergata said that the main focus of this study to improve all the possibilities to treat infertility because now it has taken a wider place in the world and millions of families are getting affected by it.

infertility causesInfertility treatment researcher Paola Grimaldi and colleagues from the University of Rome treated three groups of mice with different agents for 14 to 21 days. The first group of mice was treated with a specific activator of the CB2 receptor. The second group of mice was treated with a specific inhibitor of the CB2 receptor and the third group of mice was treated with only a saline solution and served as the control group. After completion of 21 days of treatment, three groups showed the result as the first group, who was treated with the CB2 activator, showed an acceleration of spermatogenesis and the second group, who was treated with a specific inhibitor of the CB2 receptor, displayed a slower rate of the process. However, it means it has been suggested that a tight balance of CB2 activation is required for the proper progression of spermatogenesis. Scientists says that the normal beneficial effects of endogenous cannabinoids on spermatogenesis can be stimulated further by a chemical mimic that is an agonist and it is a potentially promising new idea for treating male infertility.

Pregnancy-Miracle-BookSo, if you are one of them who are looking for the ways to treat your inability to start your family, you can also get updated with our regular news on the treatment of infertility in men and women. But I always suggest that before grabbing any expensive and medical term of treatment of your infertility, you should first go for natural process. Natural and holistic approaches are proven for centuries and it helped thousands of men and women to beat their all types of infertility. It provides step by step guide to treat all type of infertility in men and women and get pregnant in just 8 weeks. This is not expensive at all and it has no side effects as compared to fertility treatments. So, to treat your fertility in the first place, natural and holistic ways are the best. For more information, please visit the official website.

Male Infertility | How Preconception Supplement Helps To Avoid Infertility?

male_infertilityInfertility condition can be finding among more than one couple out of six in their reproductive age. Now, infertility is not only the female woos but men are equally involved. Now 40 percent of infertility cases are associated with men. Health expert says that in most cases the reason for infertility is unknown. Researchers have been done an exclusive research and they found that there is a significant factor for rising rate of infertility is “Oxidative Stress”. This type of stress is generally caused by the exposure to chemicals pr radiation, poor nutrition, infection and some lifestyle habit such as smoking. These all important reasons contribute to a high oxidative burden on the male fertility system and that in turn impairs the potential of reproduction or fertilization.

pregnancy-miracle-book-downloadOxford University Press study has found a promising treatment for male infertility. Experts says that this treatment will not help only men to treat their fertility problems but women can also get the benefit of reducing the chances of miscarriages. Men who try to become father, often uses preconception supplements according to a little data which has existed until now. According to this recent study, it indicates the precise formulation which has been offered by CellOxes. People can find it without prescription and it is well known as the antioxidants ingredients. This supplement can be known as fertilix and it is very carefully formulated. This supplement can be used as the preconception preparation which will counter the oxidative damage with antioxidants that support the normal function of sperm. The data has been collected from two separate studies which involved mice. This study demonstrated that fertilix helps to restore pregnancy rates to normal and it also helps to reduce fetal resorption which is equivalent to miscarriages which occurs in women. It happens due to sperm protection cells and the DNA which has carried from oxidation during the development and subsequent storage. Researchers says that damaged or spoiled sperm DNA is strongly associated with sub fertility or infertility as well as higher chances of developing the risk of miscarriages. It appears as the new genetic mutation among children.

get pregnantThis is a collaborative study between CellOxess and Professor Joel Drevet from the University of Clermont in France and Professor Alfonso Gutiérrez-Adán at the Instituto Nacional de Investigación y Tecnología Agraria y Alimentaria or INIA in Spain. This study was first published in the journal of “Human Reproduction,” in February 2016 issue. This is a peer-reviewed scientific journal from University Oxford Press. The inventor of Fertilix formulation, Dr. Parviz Gharagozloo commented that male infertility plays the major role in making a couple infertile for lifetime and unfortunately, oxidative stress which is very common these days due to pollution and hectic lifestyle is often overlooked as a causative factor while treating a male infertility. He add that we firmly believe that appropriate treatment of such patients before trying to conceive will surely help to avoid sub fertility or infertility by achieving a healthier pregnancies.


Professor John Aitken, a world leader in sperm biology, from the University of Newcastle in Australia said that if the results found on mice translate into human, it will surely influence the clinical practice because this is an inexpensive adjunct therapy to the most expensive and risky IVF treatment. Fertilix can be sold in the USA and international market. It is available in three strength to provide more personalized option of treatment. This is a unique strategy which will can minimize the risk of over supplementation which can lead to reductive stress level, a phenomenon that equally damage to spermatozoa. Many IVF experts are coordinating a large multicenter, multinational clinical study to confirm the results translate into humans.

Infertility in men and women can be treated naturally too and it has no side effects. Here is a miracle product which claims to treat all type of infertility in men and women naturally and help to get pregnant in less than 60 days. These natural tips are step by step provided and very effective on entire reproductive problems. So, if you want to know the natural treatment for all types of infertility and get pregnant in less than 60 days, visit the official website.

Infertility | Does Asthma Causes Fertility Problems? | Copenhagen

asthmaGetting pregnant is the most natural instinct but now a day this natural instinct has become very serious matter and it’s not as easy as it was decades ago. These days infertility is affecting million of couple in the world and the reason behind it several. According a recent report, Copenhagen says that women who are suffering from the health illness called Asthma may have problems in getting pregnant naturally. Researcher says that women with asthma may have some issues with their fertility health which can delay the conception or it may make them childless for lifetime also.get pregnant

According to researchers from Copenhagen, women who are suffering from asthma may make the women unable to get pregnant naturally faster than those women who are not suffering from asthma. Researchers included 245 women between the age group of 23 and 45 for the study. They all were suffering from unexplained infertility and they were seeking fertility treatment. 96 out of 245 women were diagnosed with asthma. These all women were followed by the researchers until they successfully conceived their child, fertility treatment stopped and the study ended. Researchers found the average time of getting pregnant for those women who were not diagnosed with asthma was about 32 months. Average time for those women who were diagnosed with asthma was about to 55 months. So, women who were suffering from asthma took almost the two more times to get pregnant than those women who were not diagnosed with asthma.

pregnancy-miracleGetting pregnant became two times more difficult for women with asthma. According to the study which was published on Feb. 12 in the European Respiratory Journal shows the gap between the two groups increased with age. The lead author Dr. Elisabeth Juul Gade said in a journal news release that the trial finding adds several evidence which suggest a link between asthma and fertility. Gade is working with the department of respiratory medicine at Bispebjerg University Hospital in Copenhagen, Denmark.

Pregnancy-Miracle-BookInfertility has become one of the most painful health issues and one of the biggest reasons of it is asthma which can be finding among many women. Asthma increases the time to get pregnant and even more so with age, Gade said. According to her, medical science did not know the casual relationship between asthma and fertility issues and it may be the complex process with types of asthma, psychological well being, medicines which is used for asthma and hormones. These all are playing a role to make women unable to get pregnant faster than normal women who are not suffering from asthma. She says that doctors and health experts should encourage those women who are having asthma to start their family at the early age and they should step up their asthma treatment before they get pregnant. Gade says that patient education is also very important as adherence to treatment may be enhanced if the women with asthma are informed about the link of fertility and their illness. She adds that while this study only focuses on the association between asthma and the difficulties to get pregnant which generally occurs in those women who have asthma. This study doesn’t prove and cause and effects.

Male infertility | How to improve quality and quantity of semen? | Danish

Male-InfertilityInfertility is rising and it’s not only the women’s woo. Now a day many men are also getting affected by infertility. Reproduction is the very simple process by nature which can be done by couples. But now for some couples it’s not so easy. In fact this is the most difficult task for them. Infertility can occur due to any reason and it can be associated with anyone. Male infertility is a kind of inability to make a woman unable to get pregnant naturally. If a man is not able to start his family with the help of his female partner, he can be called as infertile. Male infertility is mainly linked with quantity and quality of his sperm.

Male infertility

According to a survey, it has been found that male infertility is a globally spreaded health issues which affects about one in five infertile couples. This survey reveals that one out of twenty men has some kind of health illness which is directly or indirectly linked to his reproductive system. Very less number of sperm or low sperm count is the most common factor for male infertility. Infertility in men generally occurs due to quality and quantity of semen.

pregnancy-miracle-book-downloadMale infertility is recognized when female partner is not getting pregnant after one year of regular and unprotected sex and doctor declare female partner is absolutely fertile then it must be associated with the male partner. Sometimes couple do not conceive naturally and according to their doctor, both of them have no problem in their reproductive system, then it is known as unexplained infertility. This kind of infertility is also very common among today’s generation. In fact doctors say that one out of five infertile cases is linked with unexplained infertility. In this problem couple doesn’t get the exact reason of their inability of becoming pregnant and they keep hoping to become a parents one day. They can also do all the efforts in order to increase their fertility naturally.

However, after completing entire check up to find the exact reason of not able to get pregnant and the female partner has no issues with her fertility track, then doctors start the test to male partner. To find the reason for not occurring conception, doctors perform the physical examination of men. Physicians perform a thorough examination of the penis, scrotum, testicles, anus and rectum. Orchido meter is kind of test that can measure the volume testicular which in turn is tightly associated with both sperm and hormonal parameters. A physical exam of the scrotum can be done which reveals a varicocele, but the impact of detecting and surgically correct a varicocele on sperm parameters or overall male fertility is debated.

Getting pregnant

Diagnosis of male infertility

According to Daily Mail report an IVF Danish company has released the world’s first complete test for men. This is a home sperm test kit that is supposed to check the fertility in men. It can be used for both semen count and quality. Thus this test kit will help busy men eliminating the need for going to the fertility clinic. Daily Mail reported that the company, Motility Count, claims to be different from all existing sperm test kit. This test kit is absolutely different because existing test kit only checks for the number of sperm count that doesn’t ensure the semen’s fertility but this test kit by Motility count’s test kit shows the quality of the semen. This device is known as the Swim Count. This kit helps to find the quality of sperm which should be more accurate in telling the men that they have good or bad swimmers.

Get-Pregnant-FastAccording to Mirror report, Managing Director Dr. John Reese said that Motility Count developed this home sperm test kit product with J R Biomedical Ltd. in North Wales. “In November 2014 and I came to know that there was a Danish biotech working on a new type of male fertility home test that would be complete in 2015. The companies then had the test kits registered as a medical device, which has been launched via the Swim Count site. So far, this is only place where the product can be legitimately sourced, but Reese stated that it will hit drugstores or pharmacies later this year. Reese added that other home sperm test kit only helps in just a sperm count which can overestimate a man’s fertility and provide a false sense of reassurance that all is OK but the key benefit of Swim Count is that it provides a measure of motile sperm (good swimmers) rather than just a sperm count.

Meanwhile, some men are wary to use this test kit in order to avoid fertility test in clinics. These home sperm test kit made by Danish company will cost €49.99 and it comes with a cup and a syringe. Man has to collect sperm samples without using condoms or lubricants then he has to place this in the cup for 30 minutes. Then using the syringe, he should stir the contents of the cup and draw out 0.5ml to drop into the test device. After another 30 minutes, his test results will appear as the device’s indicator changes its color. Many commenters have opposed this device via Daily Mail.

Treatment for male infertility

Pregnancy-MiracleHowever, I don’t say that you should completely test this device or completely oppose it. When a woman missed her period, the next step she takes to test her pregnancy by using home pregnancy test kit and she takes the next step according to her test report which appeared on her pregnancy test kit. In the same way, if you find that something wrong with your sperm, just take the home test by using this home sperm test kit and take the right decision. Meanwhile, you find that your semen quality and quantity is poor, you can take the prior step to make it better by using which can help your female partner to conceive faster and naturally. There are several ways which are very effective in increasing the number of sperm count and improves the quality of the semen naturally without any side effects. So, if you want to know more about the natural treatment to improve the quality and quantity of your semen, visit the official website and take the expert advice.

Infertility | How Gene-editing Technique Removes Infertility? |London

gene-editingInfertility in men and women has become the epidemic and all scientists, researchers and health experts are doing their all efforts to treat these diseases with most success rate. Just last week, United Kingdom Human Fertilization and Embryology Authority (HFEA), who are the regulators of United Kingdom for fertility matters granted the permission to the scientists in London, United Kingdom to make the changes in their genes in order to treat infertility. This is like an endorsement of such research which is done by national regulatory authority. According to this endorsement, people can be aware of that Human Fertilization and Embryology Authority (HFEA) has approved the application to use the technique of gene-editing like CRISPR-Cas9. In this process a healthy embryos should alter the genes that are active in the first few days after getting fertilized by a development biologist. In this process, the researchers will stop doing experiment after seven day because after which researched embryo will be spoiled. This research will help the researchers to find the better development of treatment for infertility by doing modification of genes, although the embryos will not comprise the basis of treatment themselves.

Gene-editing CRISPR-Cas9

pregnancy-miracle-book-downloadIn this world here are so many countries that have no such national regulatory authority may proceed to use the technique of gene-editing CRISPR-Cas9 for as the infertility treatment. Researchers may use the healthy human embryos which have been left over in fertility clinics after In Vito Fertilization (IVF) procedure. Scientists from London receives the approval plan so that they can block the activity of a master regulators gene which is active in cells and go onto the form the human fetus. Researchers says that after this research they will be able to discover how a healthy human develops by examining the very earliest stages of human development, thereby improving their understanding of in vitro fertilization success rates. However, while approving the research application to use the technique of gene-editing CRISPR-Cas9, the Human Fertilization and Embryology Authority (HFEA) stipulated that a local research ethics committee in the UK will need to evaluate and approve the research proposed by the researchers before such research could begin.

infertility treatmentThis report has brought a reverberating effect in all over the world and particularly in those countries where they were considering regulating this technology. Well this is a well-regulated system around world that is able to clearly make the differences between research in this area and reproduction. In the United Kingdom using gene-editing CRISPR-Cas9 technique to conceive a child is considered as illegal but many other countries have not yet considered legislation that addresses this new and emerging field. Now the decision to allow embryo-editing research could further perform the reason of debate over whether the gene-editing technique should be used for infertility treatment purposes only, or also in germ-line editing (editing genes that will be passed on to children).

Pregnancy MiracleSome countries do not explicitly prohibit using gene-editing CRISPR-Cas9 technique to get pregnant. Consequently, the research that got the approval letter just last week may further serve to teach us the potential risks which is involved in this gene-editing procedure for infertility treatment to be passed on to children to prevent certain hereditary diseases.

What is gene therapy?

Gene therapy is a different kind of procedure from gene editing procedure. In gene editing procure, health experts cuts out the bad or undesired gene from the DNA and replaces it with a healthy gene and gene therapy uses the procedure where they doesn’t involve any splicing out the ‘bad’ gene, but they make the addition of new genes to the patient’s cells in the hope that they will be taken up and replace missing or malfunctioning genes. For this process, researchers use the virus to carry the genetic material in to cells because virus customarily enters in to the cells to live and survive under the cells of body. So if a gene has mutated and it causes a protein that is vital to our normal functioning which has been damaged or absent, gene therapy may be able to introduce a normal copy of the gene into the cell in order to restore the function of the protein by using virus carrying the genetic materials.

prenancy miracleHowever, some great result has occurred due to gene therapy like the treatment of beta-thalassemia. This is a kind of blood disorders which involves greatly reduced amounts of hemoglobin (the substance inside red blood cells that binds oxygen for it to be transported around our bodies). Researchers are busy to discover some faithful result but for now gene therapy is the only and trustworthy solution for eliminating the need for blood transfusions in patients who are suffering from beta-thalassemia.

Benefits of gene-editing

Gene therapy is a very successful procedure for the illness which generally caused by the damage of single gene but new gen-editing technique is able to splice and it may create some abnormalities in several genes. The latter’s potential use of this new gene-editing techniques may include some hereditary diseases such as Duchene muscular dystrophy (progressive weakness and loss of muscle function, which first begins in the lower limbs of young boys and worsens quickly), and cystic fibrosis (in which an afflicted young person may die in their early 30s due to lungs that are blocked by very thick mucus).

get pregnantAnyway, this gene-editing technique may come in the new type of infertility treatment but as you read that it has so many side effects on other genes. So, I don’t say that people should not go for this procedure in order to get pregnant but as you always read in mu blog that I am the full supporter of natural treatment. Before opting any type of expensive and dangerous treatment for you illness, the first and most important tips is follow the natural treatment. Now a day’s several treatments are found which can be treated naturally because it has no side effects. In order to get the best result of natural treatment, follow the step by step guide, and get the satisfactory result as soon as possible. Infertility is also a kind of illness which can be treated naturally without any side effects and if is followed according to expert advice, women will be able to treat their all type of infertility. If you want more information about how to treat all type of infertility naturally and get pregnant in just 60 day, please visit the official website.

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