Getting pregnant- How gestational diabetes can affect you during pregnancy?

gestational diabetesGetting pregnant and becoming mother is the one of the most wonderful feeling for every woman. Pregnancy wellness requires a lot of care and attention towards mother and child. During pregnancy, mother has to be extra careful for her unborn baby. She is advised to eat only those things which can help in the development of the fetus. So, the bottom line is that a pregnant woman has to be very care full about her own health and development of her unborn baby. As pregnancy wellness tips requires a lots of care but still many women are there who suffers from many different type of pregnancy problems. As we all know that getting pregnant and starting your own family is the most precious feeling but it brings a lot chaos with it which is generally known as pregnancy complications. These pregnancy complications include high blood pressure, weight gain, nausea, morning sickness, backache, anemia and the most important gestational diabetes. This diabetes is mainly occurs during the time of pregnancy and that’s because it is also known as pregnancy diabetes. Gestational diabetes is the most common among health issue for women during pregnancy. This type of diabetes is affecting almost 10 percent of women in the world.


What is gestational diabetes?

Gestational diabetes is most similar with normal diabetes. Type 2 diabetes is a condition when your body doesn’t respond to sugar which you generally observe from carbohydrates’ or directly from diabetessugar. According to health expert, it has not been found yet that what exactly causes the condition of diabetes but some most popular factors are there which can be linked like, overweight or obesity, genes, excessive use of sugary product and high blood pressure. You must have heard that pregnant woman should eat for two or she has to gain a certain amount of weight for proper development of the baby but these are only misconception. Health experts say that in order to maintain a healthy pregnancy, mother has to take only 300 calories a day and only 30 to 45 pounds of weight should be increased. Weight of pregnant woman increases automatically when her baby’s weight increases in womb. Mother has not supposed to do anything to gain weight during pregnancy. Efforts for gaining weight during pregnancy may cause several types of health issues including gestational diabetes.

Causes of gestational diabetes

Physicians say that gestational diabetes can affect those women also who have never have any type of diabetes. They say there is no exact findings about what causes gestational diabetes but some clues have been found. Placenta which is connected to you and your baby for the supply of nutrients for the growth and development. As you eat food and after digestion it produces sugar. This sugar enters in your blood stream and your pancreas produces insulin. Insulin is a kind of hormone which helps the sugar (glucose) move from bloodstream to your body in order to generate energy. But during the pregnancy time placenta which connects your baby produces several other hormones. These hormones impair the action of insulin in your cells which raises the level of blood glucose in your body. As the baby grows, placenta produces more and more hormones which can block the action of mother’s body to use insulin. This problem is known as insulin resistance. When pregnant woman’s body is not able to produce and use all the insulin which is required for the pregnancy then gestational diabetes occurs.


Risk factors of gestational diabetes

Gestational diabetes generally occurs after half of the pregnancy. It occurs when your baby’s body has formed and busy in growth. Generally it doesn’t affect baby and the growth of baby but poorly controlled and undiagnosed condition may lead your baby to some problems. Pancreas works overtime in order to produce more insulin when mother get affected by gestational diabetes but these insulin doesn’t help to lower the level of blood glucose. Higher level of blood glucose reaches to baby through placenta giving the baby high level of blood glucose. This high blood glucose level of baby’s pancreas makes extra insulin to cut blood sugar. As baby gets more energy than the normal requirement for the growth, the extra energy is stored ad fat. This type of health problem can cause macrosomia or fat baby. Baby who comes in the category of macrosomia may suffer from some types of health issues like damage of their shoulders during delivery. Baby can also suffer from low blood sugar at the time of birth as the baby’s pancreas made extra insulin and higher risk of breathing problems. The biggest risk of gestational diabetes actually happens when baby is delivered and who is used to being exposed to higher level of glucose is now not getting any glucose in mother’s milk and still baby’s body is realizing the sugar absorbing hormones. In this condition baby’s blood sugar drops down and leads the baby at the risk of seizure and coma. According to health experts, macrosomic babies are at the higher risk of obesity and when they grow adult, they develop the risk of type 2 diabetes.


Symptoms of gestational diabetes

Generally gestational diabetes doesn’t show any symptoms but you can track it by testing for the condition. Test of gestational diabetes is done during 24th and 28th weeks of pregnancy. Sometimes you can find some symptoms of gestational diabetes in pregnant woman. Those symptoms are

  • Increased thirst
  • Increased frequency of urination
  • Increased hunger
  • Blurred vision

Many women feel more frequency of urination and increased hunger but it doesn’t mean diabetesthat pregnant woman is having gestational diabetes. If you have these symptoms, you can visit your doctor so that you will be tested. It is a very important task for every pregnant woman to be tested for gestational diabetes. High blood glucose level is not only harmful for pregnant mother but it is more harmful for baby too. If it possible you can seek the heath cares early before getting pregnant so your doctor can evaluate risk of gestational diabetes as a pregnancy wellness plan. Visit the official website of diabetes destroyer.

Getting Pregnant | Quick And Easy Tips To Avoid Birth Defects

pregnancyGetting pregnant is the most natural instinct in this world and when you are on this path; you need to take extra care of your health. Many women face many health problems during her first trimester and many women don’t face any problem. So if you are the lucky one who has no health issue in your first trimester or you are suffering from morning sickness and many more problems… in both the cases you need to take care of your health and your unborn baby too during pregnancy. So now, if you do not have any problem then you can start keeping fit and healthy from beginning of the pregnancy and if you are suffering from any health issue then you may start from your second trimester. Now I will let you know that how to stay fit and healthy during pregnancy?
Food- Food is the most important thing in the pregnancy. You have to take care of your eating habits. It is called that seafood is the greatest source of protein and energy during pregnancy if you can pick them correctly. Eating fruits, vegetables and pulses, dairy products and green vegetables are also very important in pregnancy.
Exercise- To keep you fit and healthy you should also have to take care of your exercise routine. You can do some pregnancy yoga, morning and evening walk and many more which are beneficial for pregnancy.
Drinks- During pregnancy you need to drink plenty of water. Drink 8 to 10 glass of water and 2 to 3 glass of milk and juices. Drinking water and juices will provide sufficient amount of fluid in your body which can help in movement of baby under the womb. Drinking water and juices throughout the day will keep you hydrated and active and drinking milk will increase your bone strength.
Rest- Yes; you must have known that taking rest is one of most important routine during and after pregnancy. During pregnancy taking proper rest will provide a better opportunity for the development of your unborn baby and your baby can observe sufficient nutrition from you.

Pregnancy-MiracleHowever, above you have learnt that the things to do which can help you in keeping you fit and healthy during your pregnancy. Many women think that giving attention towards fitness during pregnancy is only waste of time and energy because women will gain weight anyway but it’s not true. Yes; women are gaining weight during pregnancy but keeping fit and healthy during pregnancy is beneficial for your health and for your child’s health too. It helps in proper development of your baby and protects you against birth defects, miscarriages, low birth weight and many more reasons. Many women gains excess weight during pregnancy, many gets affected by diabetes, hypertension, high blood pressure, stress and depression and some more dangerous health issues which is not in favor of mother’s health along with unborn baby’s health. Although, giving extra care towards health and fitness can save you from many dangerous health issues and you can enjoy your journey of pregnancy happily and stress free. We all know that during pregnancy, you have to take proper meal on the time and avoid eating those things which can damage the development of your baby. Here are some foods and beverages that you need to avoid during pregnancy for the sake of your unborn child. Here are more tips which will indicate what you are not supposed to eat during your pregnancy?

Foods and Beverages to Avoid During Pregnancy

Foods with high mercury- The most important to avoid is seafood. These foods contain too much mercury, which can harm your baby’s developing nervous system.  Seafood which has high level of mercury is swordfish, shark, king mackerel and tile fish.
Alcohol- It can be very dangerous for your unborn child because it can damage your baby’s tiny developing organs including brain. It can also lead to a whole host of disorders called Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders. So, be safe and eliminate all use of alcohol while you are pregnant.
Raw Fish and Under-cooked Meats- during pregnancy, it’s recommended to avoid all raw fish or shellfish and undercooked meats.
Unpasteurized Cheese- During pregnancy you’ll have to avoid unpasteurized cheese such as brie, feta and blue cheese. These cheeses are more inclined to allow growth of bacteria called as listeria. If you’ll get infected with listeria which is called listeriosis then illness can cause serious health issues of your baby.
•  Caffeine– During pregnancy, you always feel extra tired and fatigued. Caffeine can increase the level of tiredness and fatigue. Reducing the amount of coffee less than 200mg a day will be good for you.

Pregnancy-Miracle-BookAnyway, now you are fully aware of what you need to do and what you need to eat and what you need to avoid during your pregnancy. Just keep checking your food before eating and enjoy the journey of conception. Getting pregnant is the most beautiful feeling in this world but all women are not so lucky. They don’t get pregnant very easily. Millions of women are infertile and they are just hoping that there will be a day when miracle will happen and she can get pregnant. Now a day’s male and female infertility both are on the rise globally. People suffering from infertility are ready to do all the possible efforts in order to get pregnant so that they can start their family. According to a recent survey, it has been found that billions of dollars are being spended on the infertility treatment. There are so many causes for infertility in men and women such as PCOS, late decision, excess use of contraceptive pills, pollution, stress full lifestyle and many more. If you are one of them who are trying to get pregnant but not getting success, please refer an expert advice which can help you in finding the exact reason of your inability to conceive. Many couple tries for some months and they directly approach to medical advice. It’s o.k. to get medical advice but spending your hard earned money on fertility treatment which can be solved naturally without spending a single penny. Many infertility issues should be solved by medical expert but many issues are also there which doesn’t require any medical terms. If you are not getting pregnant naturally after trying for several months, take an expert advice which can help you to get pregnant faster and naturally without any horrible side effects which you can face through infertility treatment.

Getting Pregnant- Is Consumption Of Alcohol During Pregnancy Harmful?

Pregnancy and alcoholGetting pregnant is the most precious feeling in this world but it is a very lengthy list of things that a pregnant woman is not suppose to do while she is carrying. It is a miraculous process to grow and neutralize the human being but sometimes it become more difficult to handle because of the list of CAN’T. From the time when a woman hears the news of that she is pregnant, she has to focus on all those things which are not allowed during pregnancy. It might be her favorite thing but if this is not suitable for unborn child, she has to stop it right away. After conceiving or during pregnancy our elders and doctor suggest us not to eat sushi, no hot tubs, no jumping and running, no caffeine no deli meats and many more. Some doctors recommend to completely avoiding the alcohol and some says that occasionally light consumption of wine may not harm your baby. This is seems to be might confusing. You can find this confusion among your friend circles. If one has enjoyed the few glasses of wine during her pregnancy and her baby is still fine but some other will say why to take risk? Since long time it has been proved that heavy drinking during the pregnancy may harm your unborn baby and may cause birth defects it’s a bit of confusing that what will happen if the alcohol can be taken in light and moderate way? This consequence is not well understood. Its bit a confusing question that what is the exact amount alcohol is safe during pregnancy?

Pregnancy is a very critical process and we are not supposed to try anything new which is actually not well understood. This may harm the baby or it may cause any kind of birth defect. As we know that alcohol is toxin and toxin is not good for health it and it can harm the baby. When you drink alcohol and automatically it will reach to baby through the placenta via your blood stream. These toxins will reach to that baby which is not fully prepared yet. Heavy or binge drinking may cause miscarriages and premature birth. Here are some opinions on drinking alcohol during pregnancy. The point of views of experts has explains below. These experts have studied for many years to find the solution for how much consuming of alcohol during pregnancy is safe and how much is harmful?

how to get pregnantThe most important things which are forced to avoid during pregnancy is drinking and smoking. It’s o.k. for those women who doesn’t drink or smoke but it’s very frustrating for those who are addicted to it. Yes we know that smoking is not at good for both mom and unborn baby while pregnancy is carry on but it’s harmful in normal situation also. If you are not pregnant bust still you should not smoke because it will lead you to much kind of severe healthy problems and the most important is that it can lead you to Lung Cancer. However, smoking is harmful in any circumstances but drinking is not always harmful but if you are pregnant you’ll have to sacrifice your drinking habit.

American Congress of Obstetricians and Gynecologists has long been touted the policy of zero alcohol. Just some time ago American Academy of Pediatricians released a new report on fetal alcohol spectrum disorder that occurs due to any and all alcohol consumption during pregnancy. According to expert there is no safe level of alcohol consumption during pregnancy. American culture has long since wised that binge drinking or addicted to alcohol is dangerous bit it also suggests that a very complicated truth is that alcohol may harm the fetus even the occasional glass of wine. It’s definitely harmful for your unborn baby. Emily Oster, a professor of economics at Brown University and author of Expecting Better criticize the recommendation during pregnancy and tells Quartz that there is no connection between the light alcohol consumption and the one size fits all recommendation. So, it’s a well known truth is that heavy drinking is harmful for fetus but light consumption of alcohol doesn’t show any harmful effect to fetus and pregnant mom. Oster says, several studies indicate that light or occasional drinking will not harm the fetus or unborn children’s intellectual abilities or behavior. Apart from Oster’s point of view there are five more Danish researcher’s studies published 2012, they claim that low and moderate weekly consumption of alcohol in the first trimester or early pregnancy may not linked to adverse Pregnancy-Miracle-Reviewneuropsychological effects in children by the age of five. Doctors and researchers are not agreeing on the same page. It has been found that if a woman who has completed her all the homework and want to have a glass of wine may not feel ashamed. Just like that if a woman is breastfeeding, she is not allowed to drink or eat anything which is harmful for her child.

Oster says when she was pregnant with her first child; she followed all instruction given by the doctor. She sacrificed her much need coffee, abstained from lunchmeat and she was not allowed to take a single sip of wine under any circumstances. After three years she got pregnant again and admittedly she broke all the pregnancy rules. She says she enjoyed her daily cup of coffee and of course a few glasses of wine too. She adds she was frustrated over running after a hyperactive toddler. She says after all these breaking rules of pregnancy. She gave birth to a weight of nine pounds baby without any worse of those broken rules of pregnancy. So, the bottom line is that you always take the risk whether it is driving car, walking down the stairs or even if you want to enjoy some fresh air. If you want to avoid all kind of risk. You’ll have to be in a protective bubble and don’t leave your house while pregnant. So, the most important thing is that pregnant woman is capable of making the right discussion about her unborn baby. Pregnant woman should not be ashamed for the choices they make.

How to Get Pregnant? | Emotional Impacts of Infertility

impact of infertility

Impact of infertility

Infertility leaves a negative impact on couple’s who are struggling to get pregnant but not able to conceive. It has emotional and psychological impacts which are being highlighted by Jackie Stewart. She is an independent counselor who supports patients at Bourn Hall Clinic. She said if couple is suffering from infertility, it has a huge impact on their life’s and relationship. It affects their work and their everyday life. Couples, who know that they are unable to conceive and cannot, have their own child naturally experience the distressing emotions. This type of distressing emotion is equal to those who did something significant loss. Jackie says, this emotion distressing includes grief, depression as well as loss of self-esteem and a sense of lack of control over their destiny. Many infertile couple goes through trauma of guilt and shame that they did not perform. They feel shame and guilt that they are not able to do something which is very easy and natural. They often feel that they are unable to support their partner to start their family and live a happy life. They feel they are just able to keep their own head over water. They feel pressure but unable to find the solution.

get pregnantGetting pregnant and giving birth to her own child is the unique ability which is found only in the women not in men. So, when the infertility news comes to women, they react emotionally. There are some universal feelings which are common for all those women who get news of infertility and learn that she is unable to give birth to her own child. Emotions include hopeless­ness, a sense of physical failure, embarrassment, shame, low self-es­teem, anxiety, and shock that arise repeatedly for infertile couple. It has been found that pain and sadness which occurs due to news of infertility can never be healed but finding peace with these emotions can resolve their issues and may help them in finding the right approaches to reverse infertility or they may boost fertility naturally.

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention revealed that 7.3 million women in U.S are suffering from infertility. 3 million women are affected by secondary infertility. Secondary infertility is that when a woman is already having at least one biological child but she is unable to get pregnant for the second time. Infertility scientists say that when people try to start their family again after confronting infertility, they take time to acknowledge the emotions and losses which is associated with the experience. It can help them in finding peace. People who is going through the infertility trauma is allowed to grieve and sad. If they don’t want to jump quickly to the next step, let them be at their place. Infertility counseling is one kind of supports that many infertile couple is going through.

how to get pregnantJackie is a health psychologist from Anglia Ruskin University. She says that specialized counseling is a form of support and it provides opportunity to people who struggling to conceive but suffering from infertility has the negative feelings about themselves; go through their thoughts and feeling with someone who understands the fertility process. Jackie says that many people who come to the clinic for counseling, they don’t know that they are already in the grieving process. They come in grieving process because they had a sense of loss their fertility and they are unable to start their family naturally and they don’t have any outcome to reverse fertility. People fighting with infertility cope differently. They feel out of control and there is lack of control over the issues which is involved in their health problem. Many people struggle for several years and the level of stress also increasing with time. These stress and grief feeling affects their all area of life. It doesn’t affect only their life but it affect their work and social life too. They develop the inferior complex about themselves and act on that.

infertilityInfertility counseling is not needed for everybody if they have enough support and love from their family and friends. This counseling is very important for them who have no support from their family because many people take it easy. They try to conceive naturally for some time and after finding that they are infertile, they approach for the treatment but they don’t even realize that stress of treatment can also affect their fertility and can delay of conception. Every woman find a different kind of solution to find the peace. No matter from which therapy, affected woman is getting relief and finding peace but it’s very important to provide her peace. As you know that stress causes many kind of sickness and it will make harder to take any right path that can help in their way. If you want to reverse infertility and trying to start your family again the first and the most important thing to remember that you should be totally stress free.

getting pregnantDo all the efforts to keep away from tension and stress. If you are looking for any treatment or something else that can help to reverse your fertility issues, you’ll have to be happy and stress free to receive the maximum benefits. You and your partner can try yoga. You must have known that yoga is the best medicine in finding your inner peace. There are so many yoga poses which can help you to boost fertility naturally. If you know the yoga poses then you can try it yourself but if you don’t know, please consult the expert yoga instructor or you can go for online yoga classes also. Try to find all the possible benefit from nature. Natural medicines and approaches are best to deal with any kind of health issues. Natural approaches may only help you but it will not give you any side effects. Holistic and natural Chinese therapy is being used for centuries for reversing any kind of infertility and having healthy children. So, just keep looking for best and natural way to get pregnant faster and naturally.

How to Get Pregnant? 5 Tips To Boost Fertility Naturally

how to get pregnantHow to get pregnant is a very common question these days because of increasing number of infertile men and women. This is not a problem for particular for one place or area but fertility problem is spreading on everywhere in the world. Here are so many reasons which are responsible for making you not able to get pregnant naturally but one of the most important reasons is today’s lifestyle. People are getting so hi-tech and they are not giving importance to the natural things, that’s why infertility is rising on double pace. Anyway, we cannot do anything to change the people’s mind but we can help them in boosting their fertility in natural way. So, for boost fertility has also several ways but they all are associated with medicals and they are very expensive treatment with some severe side-effects. So, if you want to increase your fertility, 5 tips are very effective to improve your fertility which can helps you in get pregnant naturally and faster without the help of doctors.

5 Most Important Diet To Increase Fertility-

  1. Start eating fertility diet- If you want to get pregnant with some times but not able to conceive till yet, May your fertility will be in slow pace. So, to boost your fertility, you’ll have to eat diet which can help in boosting your fertility.
  2. Include zinc in your daily diet- Zinc is very important nutrients which can help in boosting both male and female’s fertility. A researcher from the Northwestern University in the U.S have recently discovered that eating zinc on everyday basis may help in producing healthy eggs that can be ready for fertilization. Eating zinc everyday will also help men in testosterone production healthy sperm. Zinc can be found in lean meat, chicken, fish, and egg yolk, legumes, sunflower and pumpkin seeds.
  3. Quit eating processed food- In order to improve your fertility naturally, you should eat everything fresh. Fresh foods supply all the nutrients which are needed for reproductive function either it could be healthy sperm or healthy eggs. If you are suffering from the deficiency of even one nutrient, it can make your conception delayed and difficult. So, limit your intake of processed food and eat always fresh and healthy. Processed food can give you a negative impact on your fertility and make you unable to conceive.
  4. Reduce the food loaded with toxins- Avoid eating food items which are loaded with toxins such as pesticides and herbicide residue. For example seafood contains high level of mercury, cigarettes, xenoestrogens which are found in some plastic, alcohol and caffeine.
  5. Eat more carbs- our body digests carbs but here are some bad carbs too which our body consumes regularly. These bad carbs are cookies, cakes, white bread and white rice but after getting digested, these turn them into the blood sugar. Good carbs are those containing fiber such as fruits, vegetables, beans and whole grains. These carbs are digested slowly but it gives a more gradual effect on blood sugar and insulin. So, avoid eating bad carbs and start eating good carbs to boost your fertility naturally and helps you become pregnant faster.

Getting pregnant will be easier if you will include above suggested diets in your daily life before going for sophisticated treatment for infertility. Choosing the right foods and drinks is a very powerful way to influence the ability to get pregnant and it is suggested by the doctors too. Here you will find how healthy and natural eating habit is effective in getting pregnant faster if you’re suffering from any kind of infertility.

How To Get Pregnant | Moderate exercise Will Boost Your Fertility Faster

how to get pregnant

How to get pregnant?


Infertility or not able to get pregnant has many ways but to boost fertility naturally is only in our hands. It has been found that moderate physical activity or exercise is very powerful tool in helping you get pregnant naturally. Total health condition is responsible for fully functioning reproductive system. In an unfit body, metabolism will be low and immune system will be very less. Lower metabolism and less immunity leaves body prone to illness. These common illness can make you conceive harder, low fertility or even infertile. It has been found that moderate exercise is very beneficial for conceiving fast and naturally but in other hand vigorous exercise too can make you delay in conception or even infertile.

Running, aerobics, gymnastics, swimming and intense bicycling are considered as vigorous exercises while brisk walking, leisurely bicycling, playing golf, and gardening are moderate exercise for fertility. Here is a major findings that exercises either it could be vigorous or moderate is totally dependent on the time of conception and type of body. As you have found earlier that vigorous exercise may delay conception but if you are over-weight or obese, you’ll have to reduce your unwanted body fat and weight on double pace and for that you’ll have to go for vigorous exercises. Once you have achieved a normal body weight then you can start moderate exercise to keep your body healthy and to boost your fertility too. For normal weight women vigorous exercise is not good if you want to conceive faster.

How to Boost Fertility?

Getting pregnant will be more easy and fast if you will include light and moderate exercise in your daily routine suggested by the fertility experts. As we all know that exercise is beneficial in order to lower your cholesterol, blood pressure, risk factors of heart attack, strokes, obesity, cancer and diabetes along with boosting your fertility too. It has been said that if you want to conceive through IVF, it would be recommended to do some moderate exercises. A research shows that if a woman is more active before fertility treatment has three times higher chances of getting pregnant than those women who were not or less active before fertility treatment. So, exercise for fertility is good for natural conception and if you are suffering from Poly-cystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS) as well as IVF too. It’s not recommended that you’ll have to go for morning and evening walk at any cost if you cannot afford it but you can achieve your goal by doing household works. Here are some main reasons for doing exercises which are responsible for boosting fertility.

How Exercises Boosts Fertility?

Exercise helps your muscles to work efficiently. All the body parts work together optimally such as heart, lungs, kidneys, liver, blood, brain and hormones. It’s a fact that if all your system will work promptly, then definitely the hormonal imbalance, which is one of the most important factors of infertility, will be regulated. Exercise regulates the level of insulin and stops it climbing very high because insulin harms the eggs from developing. So at the end, exercise is found to be the best solution to keep the insulin’s level low and stable.

What Kind of Exercises Are Suggested?

As we suggested earlier that exercise is good for fertility but vigorous exercises can affect your fertility and it can delay your time of conception along with some other harms. So, in order to increase fertility, you can choose walking rather driving for short distance, stairs rather than lift, choose to stand for some time in queue rather than sitting in waiting area and many more which you can do easily without any stress. However, exercise is important for improving overall health condition because it’s not only helps in making our body fit and healthy but it’s very effective in eliminating the negative thought too. So, keep moving all day long.

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