Infertility | An Eastern Medicine Approached to treat Infertility! How?

InfertilityInfertility treatment is mainly linked with western treatment and when it comes to the topic of fertility treatments, it’s not always easy to forget the western one is not the only approach. For many couples who became parents after struggling with infertility through acupuncture. Many people turn to eastern medicine on their path to parenthood. It’s wondering that how those needles can actually do when the worlds of Western and Eastern medicine work together. In general, people thinks that acupuncture treatment is a type of calm atmosphere, with soothing sounds with several needles. But for many people, it’s also a tool to help build their families.

According to Stephanie Gianarelli, founder of Acupuncture Northwest, western medicine is getting so good at fertility treatments, that the piece we can add is what can we do before we get there. As a Chinese medicine practitioner, Stephanie specializes describes about acupuncture for fertility as a preventive treatment. You may be relieved to hear that needles are only as wide as a human hair but they can do much more than you think. Stephanie explains that through the acupuncture treatment, we give the body a suggestion, depending on what points you use, on how the body can come back into balance. All it is a suggestion for the body to heal itself… by putting a needle in!”

infertility causesStephanie says that eastern medicine sessions begin a bit differently than a traditional Western medicine session. She begins by checking different pulse points and interviewing the patient. After taking all the information then she decides where to place the needles based on the ‘energy’ of organs like the kidneys. According to Stephanie, kidney is the fertility bank account. Some people are low and if acupuncture can build that up… then they’ll have a better chance to conceive.

In Eastern medicine, the kidneys and the liver both play an important role in fertility. The liver is in charge of cycle regulation, which plays a big factor in trying to get pregnant. Supplements and Chinese herbs are also part of a well-rounded Chinese medicine approach to infertility. If you’re still skeptical as to whether any of this might actually work, you must know that Western medicine’s a bit of an upstart and they’ve been around 200 years and Chinese medicine has been around a minimum of 5,000.”

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