Pregnancy Tips | Some Common Health Issues During Pregnancy

health problems during pregnancyPregnancy is a time when a woman has to provide full of help. Support and rest. Pregnancy requires a lot of attention which can help to eliminate all the stress, tension and lack of rest. These all facilities are provided to pregnant women because these things will help in development of fetus. During pregnancy getting sick is not a good sign because it can cause any kind of problem which can affect the baby too. So, this is normal to have some health issues during pregnancy. This health issues arises during pregnancy and sometime you develop it which you have already faced it in past. If you get the chronic health condition, you must visit your doctor immediately.

Risk factors during pregnancy


  • Anemia- This is a kind of problem when numbers of healthy red blood cells are lower than normal. In this health condition, a pregnant woman is advised to take iron and folic acid tablets. During pregnancy blood test reveal the entire data of red blood cells and white blood cells. If doctor find it lower than normal, he prescribes some supplements to increase the blood level. Symptoms of anemia include tiring feeling, pale yellow look, fatigue and shortness of breath.
  • Depression- This situation arises when new mother feels extreme sad due to any reason during pregnancy.infertility-solution This extreme sadness leads a pregnant woman to depression which is not good for her and baby’s health. Depression can be treated by one or combined treatments like therapy, support group and medicines. Depression during pregnancy can affect the development of baby and that’s why treatment of depression is the first priority of family member. Symptoms of depression in pregnant women are intense sadness, helplessness and irritability, changes of appetite and thoughts of harming self and baby.
  • Fetal problems- It includes the poor health condition of unborn baby like poor growth or heart related issues. Treatment starts after checking the result of test to monitor fetus health. If the test shows any kind of problem. Do not panic. It only means that mother has to take extra care of her health and sometime bed rest is suggested or baby can deliver early in this case. Symptoms of fetal problems are less movement of baby, smaller size of baby than normal at gestational age and some problems can be finding through prenatal test.
  • Gestational diabetes- This diabetes condition only occurs during pregnancy and that’s why this is known as pregnancy diabetes. In this condition pregnant women’s blood sugar level goes very high. Many women are able to control their blood sugar level by following strict diet plan and some needs insulin to make their insulin level normal. Health expert says that if the blood sugar level cannot be controlled during pregnancy then it can cause preeclampsia, early delivery, birth of baby through c-section, size of baby big which can make the delivery complicated, baby born with low blood sugar, breathing problems, and jaundice. Symptoms of gestational diabetes don’t indicate but sometime women can feel extreme thirst, hunger and fatigue. Gestational diabetes can be finding through screen test.pregnancy-miracle
  • High blood pressure- This problem generally arise when a woman is more than 20 weeks pregnant. This is common during pregnancy and it goes away after delivery of baby. In order to make sure high blood pressure is not preeclampsia; mother and baby’s health should be watched closely. It doesn’t show any symptoms.

During pregnancy if you get any above written health issues, do not take these matters lightly and visit your doctor immediately. Be relaxed and do some pregnancy exercise and focus on your diet during pregnancy.