Potty Training | 5 Simple Steps For Potty Training In Just 3 Days

potty trainingPotty training for kids requires a lot of patience. When your baby has born, you must have got surrounded with your friends and family. They all share their views in order to take care of new born baby. When time comes to train your toddler, again the friends and family gives the list of tricks and ideas on how to give potty training to your toddler. All the parents have own experience of training their kids for poop and they just share their tips and ideas with to make the potty training possible without any nervousness. You must have noticed that every child is unique and their personalities are totally different from each other. If you are a mother of two or three, then you must have seen the big differences between your all children. If any idea or tip has worked very well for one kid, it doesn’t mean that it will work well for every kid. Getting others tips and ideas are not at all a bad thing but you have to just adapt it according to your child’s personality.

Potty training tips


Potty training is a very important task for early child hood which needs to be accomplished in early stage of life. In order to provide your child potty training, you have to use your set of certain skills together like being able to interpret the signals your body is giving you, undressing, having some control over your bowels and bladder, and washing your hands. You have to teach your child all these skills to make your child’s potty training session successful. Experts say that before start your toddler’s potty training session, your child should be both biologically and emotionally ready. All children are not ready at the same age. Time will not harm their intelligence, personality, or motivation. So, follow the step by step tips for potty training of your child.

  1. A potty chair- Give your child a potty chair instead of making your toddler habitual with your regular toilet seat. Many children get scare of sitting on top of the toilet seat in the beginning. Giving a potty chair will make the child feel secure and comfortable and later you can make him/her to sit on the toilet seat.
  2. Place for potty chair- Always place the potty chair at convenient place of your child like you can place the chair at the play are where your child spends a lot of time. Do not put it in the bathroom. It should be easy to access in the beginning.
  3. Make your child feel special- After bringing potty chair, let your child explore it. Make him feel special that your brought this special potty chair only for him.
  4. Make him practice slowly- Make your child to use this chair for poop and urine. Do not force him and just give him time to understand what this chair is and how to use it.
  5. Praise for every single progress- Praise your child for everything whether it should be a very small progress or a big one. You can use some sticker too to make him feel special for doing such things.

However, these are the general tips which can be used for almost every child but as I told you that every child is unique. So, before starting potty training, you should make the plan according to your child’s behavior. You can also take the expert advice which can help you in dealing with your child in your style. On the internet so many tips and ideas are available for potty training but you should go for that program which can really guarantees the success. Potty training in 3 days is really an awesome product which can help you in potty training your kid in just 3 days. It is effective for every type of children it provides the tips according to the child’s personality. To know more, visit the official site of potty training in 3 days.

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