Post Pregnancy Weight Loss | Know The Fact Of 5 Common Myths About Weight Loss

How-to-Get-Rid-Of-Weight-after-PregnancyWeight loss after delivery of baby is the first and most important task for new mom. As we get pregnant, family members, friends and doctors all advised to focus on your diet. A woman can eat everything but nutritious during pregnancy and her family and friends doesn’t decline it. So, the point is that during pregnancy, women generally eat and taking plenty of rest without any hard works because it’s recommended for her and baby. But after delivery of baby those pounds that you got during pregnancy becomes the first barrier in making you look like a not so attractive woman. As you must heard that a woman can never get pre pregnancy look and body after having children but I tell you that if you are willing to get back your pre pregnancy look and body then definitely you will get it. You receive lots of tips and advice on how to lose post pregnancy weight from your family member, friends, relatives, paper and magazines and now a day’s internet. I don’t claim that those tips and advice are fully ignorant but before getting any conclusion, you should know fact about the most popular myths which is especially made for weight loss.

Facts about popular myths of weight loss

Weight loss resolution is the most popular resolution among people who are generally over weight and obese. So, before hitting the gym or buying any diet book which will help you in losing weight faster, I will suggest you to just have a look on the popular myths about weight loss.

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  • Calories in V/S calories out- As we all know that if a person want to lose weight, he/she must have to be vigilant about the calories in and calories out. According to a recent study which was published in 2015 revealed that if a person is taking in identical calories everyday will be approximately ten percent heavier today than 30 years ago. Health researchers says that now a day’s people’s life is full of stress, tension, lack of sleep, environmental toxins and highly processed foods with no added fiber make the weight loss very difficult and hard. This type of modern lifestyle factors are most popular list of making people overweight or obese with several other health issues. So, if you want to lose weight or post pregnancy weight but you’ll have to develop a good sleeping habit, stress management and full of nutrients diet.weight loss after pregnancy
  • Avoid using scale everyday- When you seek help or tips in order to lose weight, you must be require to avoid using scale every day. You can weigh yourself weekly or after an interval. This is the most popular recommendation of weight loss that don’t weight yourself every day. According to expert using scale everyday may which usually shows the water weight of the body may deflate your self esteem. But according to research in 2014, people who used scale everyday lost the most weight than those who used the scale weekly once. According to 2014 research it has been found that weighing everyday helps to weight loss for womenmaintain weight after losing weight and it helps in losing weight on double pace and motivation. So, in order to stay on your motivation for weight loss or maintain your perfect weight, weigh yourself every day.
  • Water helps to flush out the fats- You must have seen that people generally develop the misconception that drinking water helps to flush out the fat from the body but unfortunately it’s not true. Water is not a magic drink which will burn your body fat but drinking appropriate amount of water may help with your weight loss efforts. According to a report that people who drunk at least 2 cups of water just 30 minutes before lost up to five pounds more weight than those who did not drink water before meal. So, here is a fact that water helps to fill up your stomach and you eat less during meal time. They also say that water helps to increase the ability of burning calories and improves your metabolism. Many people often get confused thirst with hunger. They grab the food item instead of drinking and it also makes them over weight. If you drink water before your meal then it will certainly not harm you in any way in fact it will fulfill your daily requirement of water in your body with a little weight loss.

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  • Count the number of calories intake not consumption time- Many people thinks that in order to lose weight faster, counting the number of calories are more important than the consumption time of calories. How much calories you eat in a day is important not when you eat. Health expert says that consumption times of calories are also very important in losing weight faster. According to research, meal time is strongly connected with body weight of the people. It has been found that eating a large portion of meal late in the day may disrupt the circadian clock which can lead you to overweight or obesity. So, if you want to lose weight faster and improve your metabolism, you should eat the recommended number of calories maximum in the early day time and fewer in the night.
  • Weight loss by working out in the gym- Do not develop any type of misconception that you can achieve your weight loss goal by just working out in the gym. Without proper diet workouts will be ineffective. Health experts says that people are losing more weight who followed the proper diet with full of nutrients and workouts in the gym than those who just focused on workouts.

weight loss for womenWeight loss with exercise is always a trend but if you want to make your weight loss resolution more successful, you have to pay attention on your diet too. As you must know that exercise helps to burn calories and it also helps in eliminating the stress and tension which generally causes low self esteem and lack of sleep. So, exercise will protect you from chronic stress and lack of sleep and your proper diet will provide your body all the nutrition which will boost your metabolism. If you want to know how to lose weight fast and naturally without any side effects, visit the official website.