Post-pregnancy Weight Loss | Kim Kardashian Needs Motivation To Lose Weight!

kim kardashianKim Kardashian is on the mission of post pregnancy weight loss. She is doing all the efforts to complete her New Year weight loss resolution. As you read in my previous post that she has already managed to lose 30 lbs in a very short period of time but she wants to lose 40 lbs more weight. In fact Kim was carrying 70 lbs more weight since her pregnancy and she already lost 30 lbs but now she has to lose 40 lbs more body weight that she is carrying. Kim is feeling very tired and she says that she is struggling to lose those 40 lbs.

venus_factor_female_weightlossKim Kardashian is a mother of two and she earlier posted about her new fitness regime and the goal for losing all the extra pounds which she gained during pregnancy but after just days is flagging. On Thursday 21 January she wrote on her twitter account and begging her fans to motivate her to complete her New Year weight loss resolution. It’s a less than a month of New Year Eve and new mom Kim Kardashian is struggling to lose weight. She says that she is feeling struggle to fulfill her new year resolution that is mainly about losing weight and getting back her sexy, curved figure once again. She is also just like us and when it comes to work out in the gym, she hits the wall.

weight loss tipsKim Kardashian was very excited in the beginning and she succeeds to lose 30 lbs baby weight but she is still 40 lbs away from her goal. According to her twitter account she wrote to her fans that “Please motivate me to work out today, I’m so tired but my trainer will be here in 10 mins.” So, celebrities are also just like the normal people, we also do not skip to the gym either. Anyway, Kim is doing a lot of hard work for post pregnancy weight loss and its good news that there is Kim’s sister who gives her extra push. Both sisters are doing hard work at the gym yet and definitely we can expect the team work, according to a source.

So, here you have found that how the famous celebrity Kim Kardashian is struggling to lose baby weight and it happens with every women who get the blessing of being mom. Getting pregnant and pregnancy periods is the most wonderful feeling for every natural tips for weight losswomen but after delivery of baby, when it comes to lose weight, it becomes the worse situation for almost every women. So, if you are also one of them who want to lose baby weight but don’t what to do and how to do, then probably you are in the right place. Post pregnancy weight loss is something different kind of work which should be consider special.

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