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Carbohydrates-For-Weight-LossWeight loss after baby or just want to maintain your healthy weight, but the most important thing is diet. Diet plays the key role in weight loss or keeps off with your health weight. Many people around you have seen that they are going for walking, jogging and doing all the efforts like yoga and exercise but still they are not able to maintain a healthy body weight. Do you know why? Because they do all the efforts in order to maintain a healthy and fit body but their diet plan is not according to a healthy body weight. According to a recent report, many health experts say that if you are unable to do exercises and workouts but you are following strict diet plan, you will definitely achieve your goal to weight loss.

Food and weight loss

In order to lose weight or maintain a fit body is all about the balance and it is especially suited for food. According to a news journal’s annual health challenge, Take It Off is completely focusing on to encourage their reader to get their healthy weight and fit body. The goal of this challenge is weight loss to get healthier and fit body which can help to minimize several types of health issues like diabetes, high blood pressure, heart diseases and strokes and many more which generally occurs due to over-weight or obesity. Diabetes is a health condition which is near the epidemic levels and the most important reason is poor eating habit. Weight loss challenge Take It Off is sponsored by Christiana Care Health System.

weight loss tipsWeight loss is simply not possible without knowing how and what to eat better? We get three nutrients from the food which is carbohydrates, protein and fat. Those three nutrients are very important for our body to work promptly. Generally these nutrients often come with a bad rap. Our body needs calories up to 45 to 65 from the consumption of carbohydrates. After consumption of carbohydrates, it broke down and converts in to glucose (sugar). Our pancreases releases insulin into bloodstream helps cells to absorb sugar and convert it into energy. Diabetes arises when the pancreases are not able to produce enough insulin which can help the cells to absorb the carbohydrates and convert it into energy and then the level of blood glucose rises. Risen up of blood glucose or sugar is known as diabetes. Health experts say that carbohydrates play the same role in human’s body as the gas is important to run a vehicle. So, without gas a vehicle is not able to run or move, in the same way without carbs (which gives energy to human body) humans are unable to do anything. But as overfilling up the tank of gas will messes up the engine in the same way excess consumption of carbohydrates will make you gain weight which can be the reason of several deadly diseases.

Eat better for healthy weight

tips for weight lossTrick to figure out that which carbs should be eat and which type of carbs should not eat if you want to lose weight faster and naturally. The amount of consumption of carbs is also very important. We generally get carbs from the consumption of sugars, starches and fibers. These are found in food such as fruits, grains, legumes, vegetables and dairy products. We also get carbs from the snacks items like pretzels, soft drinks and processed foods. When we consume these foods in high quantities, we should burn it immediately but if we get failed to burn off, it may be the reason for creating the risk of weight gain. As you must know that weight gain alone is the single reason to invite several type of health risk like heart diseases, diabetes, high blood pressure and cancer.

Many people around us, they don’t associate sugar with pizza and pretzels. They think that they get the sugar for their body only eating after sugar but the body doesn’t behave in the same way. So, if you are also one of them who are eating these types of things, thinking that you are not likely to develop the risk of diabetes, you may be wrong. Stop eating those processed foods and monitor the amount of carbs consumption, not only sugary products.

Choose right Carbs for weight loss

weight lossHowever, if you want to post pregnancy weight loss or simply weight loss or you just want to maintain a healthy and fit body, start choosing the carbs that come from unprocessed whole foods. These carbs are peanuts, chickpeas, quinoa and vegetables and these foods also contains fiber. Lourie Cherundolo, a dietitian with Beebe Healthcare, Lewes says that if you really want to decrease the amount of processed foods, avoid using white flour, low fiber starches, white bread, white pastas because these are low fiber foods. Actually, the main reason to avoid low fiber carbs are that after consuming low fiber carbs it gets digested easily and faster and produces sugar to build up quickly in the blood stream. When body gets too much extra sugar, it can damage the organs and diabetes can occur. Eating high fiber carbs helps to remove waste properly and provides sustainable energy. Alyssa Atanacio, a dietitian with Christiana Care Health System’s Eugene du Pont Preventive Medicine & Rehabilitation Institute says that carbs is the only nutrients that feed the cells of brain because they are easily able to pass through the blood brain barrier which separate the blood in the body from fluid in the brain.

weight loss for womenAccording to Cherundolo from Lewes, if the body will not get sufficient amount of carbs, the body will need to break down and convert protein from muscles and stored fat into energy. This process takes a longer time and it increases the production of waste which puts the extra stress on the kidney. Preparing meals including vegetables and fruits will protect you gravitating toward any processed foods that are easy to throw together on the go, but hard on the body. So, the bottom line of this article is, people who wants to lose weight for any purpose like post pregnancy weight loss or simply weight loss to get a slim and sexy body or you want to avoid health issues which occurs due to over-weight or obesity but you have to eat carbs while choosing the right quality and carbs. If you want expert advice to help you to choose the right diet plan so that you can lose faster and naturally in 3 weeks, visit the official website.