Post Pregnancy Weight Loss | How Kim Kardashian Lost 30lbs After Baby?

Kim kardashian newsKim kardashian’s weight loss journey is on the full of rise. An insider revealed that Kim Kardashian lost 30 lbs after delivering her baby boy in the month of December 2015. She is on the mission to get her slim, sexy and curved figure once again after gaining a lot of pounds during pregnancy. Kim Kardashian welcomed her baby son Saint in the month of December 2015 and till now she lost the weight over two stone. This is really a very short time to lose weight naturally so faster. Kim Kardashian is very much excited and she revealed that she had managed to lose weight up to 30 lbs since the arrival of her second baby son in the month of December.

weight loss tipsKim Kardashian writes on her twitter account on Tuesday that “I’m so excited! I’m 30 lbs down today but 40 to go! I’m so focused. I will show u guys my workouts on my app & share my Atkins diet plan too!” Kim Kardashian says that she wants to lose even more weight. Actually she wants to lose more than before getting pregnant. According to her statement, she gained up to 60 lbs during her second pregnancy and she is carrying 10 lbs extra weight since few years. So, this is the time when she will lose all extra weight and she can get her sexy figure once again. Kim’s personal trainer revealed before Christmas that her exercise sessions are as programmed into her daily routine like breakfast and lunch.

Kim Kardashian’s family trainer Gunnar Peterson says she is determined to lose baby weight as soon as possible in all the safest way. He says that she will succeed in getting her original body back when it is safe. He said that I have seen Kim over the years, it’s not like that she will say oh, I have got to work out; Her daily routine are as breakfast, shower, lunch and work. Kim is just following this routine regular and it’s what she does for her post pregnancy weight loss. Gunnar add in his explanation

Get the body like kim kardashian

Get the body like kim kardashian

that he never think that Kim would like to take much break from her weight loss regime during festive season and of course she also has two year old daughter North. He says that Kim Kardashian is not a kind of person who makes promises to buy herself extra time. He says she is not a lady who is going to get started based on the calendar date. He admitted that Kim was also feeling bit rusty in the beginning when she started out. In an interview to new! Magazine, Gunnar says that he would like to start weight loss program with low intensity and one hour training session because he wants something to build on. He says that my goal to make Kim’s feel better not worse during her post pregnancy weight loss session and that’s why we are going toward step by step.

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