Infertility | Why infertility awareness is necessary for all women?

infertilityInfertility is a kind of health issues that affects million of couples in the world. Every woman wants to go through the experience of motherhood. But all are not so lucky to get this opportunity. However, she always dream of becoming of mother do everything well planned without knowing the fact that her reproductive system may have same issues that can create difficulties in getting pregnant when she will be fully prepared. After diagnosis of inability of getting pregnant, they go for expensive treatment which has a lot of side effects and fewer guarantees because of over age. So, in order to save time and money, every woman should be aware of the signs of infertility.

Symptoms of infertility

These signs and symptoms of infertility include irregular menstrual cycles, infrequent menstrual cycles and a complete lack of menstruation. If these symptoms are noticed early in the life and given medical attention, the further problems and complications of getting problem can be prevented. The following discussion focuses on why it is crucial for every woman to pay attention to these signs and symptoms:-how to get pregnant

Psychological preparation-

Infertility, especially the mandatory one which occurs when women hit the age around 50 years and it’s almost impossible to be able to give birth. This inability has certain impacts which are not easy to handle. It arises tension between your spouse and other social pressures are just some of the psychological battles that accompany infertility. So, paying attention to the warning signs of infertility, women are better equipped to deal with the inability of getting pregnant. It also gives more time to contemplate certain alternatives such as IVF or assisted conception or adoption.

Infertility treatment-infertility-solution

In many cases, infertility is just a signal that something is not fine with body and it can be fixing if proper medication and attention can be given. If the problem of the body can be fixing, women are able to get rid of Infertility. So, being aware about uterine or cervical abnormalities, early menopause, endometriosis, hormonal imbalances and other issues can help you find the real help you need to treat your inability of getting pregnant. After diagnosis your real problem and treatment can eliminate these conditions and other health issues that accompany infertility.

Prevention from other medical condition-

Now a day’s many types of lifestyle practices, congenital disorders and medical condition are also causing infertility. Excessive consumption of alcohol and smoking, over exposure to harmful radiation, contraceptive pills and several types of medications, sexually transmitted diseases, ovulation disorders, and damages or blockages of the fallopian tube need to be addressed medically. If you are suffering from any of this medical condition, you have the potential to harm the body.

Time and money is saved-

get pregnantA famous phrase says that “a stitch in time saves nine”. When an issue is addressed in a timely manner, it can reduce the amount of money and time is spent dealing with its side effects and less effectiveness. Being aware of the signs and symptoms of infertility and recognizing in the timely manner may help you save time and money in combating them.

The final verdict-

Being aware of signs and symptoms of infertility is very much important because it can signal the likelihood of an impending fertility or other medical condition. If you are not able to address these issues you may have far-reaching consequences.

Pregnancy-Miracle-BookHowever, treating infertility is not always a very expensive and less effective approach. Because natural and holistic ways are proven since centuries and it gives 100% result. Natural and holistic ways to eliminate all type of infertility in just 8 weeks and it has step by step formula which is very easy to follow. For more information, please visit the official website.


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Diabetes | How to cut the risk of diabetic retinopathy? | Spain

Diabetic retinopathyDiabetes is a very common health issues. It affects millions of men and women in this world. As diabetes is a common health illness, it has so many side effects on the other parts of the body. People who have type 2 diabetes may have the higher risk of developing “Diabetic Retinopathy”. It is complication that affects eyes. It’s caused by damage to the blood vessels of the light-sensitive tissue at the back of the eye (retina). At first, diabetic retinopathy may cause no symptoms or only mild vision problems. But when damage occurs to the retina, it can lead to blindness.

Diabetic Retinopathy

Diabetic people should eat a diet which includes at least two servings of fatty fish perBlood Pressure Cure week in order to lower the risk of diabetic retinopathy. According to an observational study from Spain, researchers have analyzed the data on people participating in a larger randomized trial known as PREDIMED, which ran from 2003 to 2009 in Spain. It tested a Mediterranean diet with added extra virgin olive oil or nuts against a usual comparison diet for preventing heart problems over time. According to report, around 3,600 adults aged 55 to 80 who took part in PREDIMED and they had type 2 diabetes. This analysis is focused on them only.

According to questionnaires, which were based on food, the researchers determined that three quarters of these participants had met the target of omega-3 fatty acid intake levels of 500 mg per day, which can be achieved by meeting American Heart Association guidelines of two weekly servings of fish, preferably oily fish like salmon. Over about a six-year follow-up period, there were 69 new cases of sight-threatening diabetic retinopathy. According to the findings published in JAMA Ophthalmology, August 18, people who were meeting the guidelines of consumption of omega-3 fatty acid when the study began, there were 48 percent less likely to have this diagnosis during the study than those diabetic patient who did not meet the guidelines of consumption of omega-3 fatty acid.

diabetes preventionAccording to lead author Aleix Sala-Vila, a researcher with CIBERObn (Spanish Biomedical Research Center in Physiopathology of Obesity and Nutrition) in Madrid and IDIBAPS at Hospital Clinic in Barcelona said that it’s hard to say whether the results would have been the same with omega-3 supplements but there have been encouraging results from several research teams who are studying dietary intake of omega-3 fatty acids and vision for all people, not just those who have diabetes.

Diabetes mellitus type 2 is increasing day by day and therefore more individuals are suffering from diabetic retinopathy or complications said Sala-Vila. People should be aware that even small changes in the right direction regarding diet can lead to substantial benefit for themselves. Including fish in their regular diet can be a way to live longer and better and it is beneficial for their heart and brain too. Fishes like Salmon, shrimp and light canned tuna are good, low-mediabetesrcury options. According to Dr. Michael Larsen of Rigshospitalet-Glostrup and University of Copenhagen in Denmark in a commentary accompanying the study said that diet modification is a cornerstone of diabetes care. Larsen writes that it seems a safe bet now to spread one’s food intake to include the gifts of our oceans and forests. We should consider that how they can be protected for future generations and wait for large and ambitious studies of the effects of diet on diabetic retinopathy.

However, if you are a diabetic person and fearing about the diabetes complications, do not worry. Here is system that will help you get rid of diabetes naturally. It is a diabetes destroyer system. It claims to help you destroy your type 2 diabetes naturally. It has 3 step formula which follows easy and natural way. For more information, please visit the official website.


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Infertility | 7 Most important conversation with your partner with infertility

infertility conversationInfertility treatment or the journey of fertility can be fraught with overwhelming information and emotions and everyone doesn’t want to go on. Jennifer Palumbo, director of patient care at New York-based fertility service Progyny says that she always wanted to be a mom even more than she wanted to get married. So, every woman wants to experience motherhood but god doesn’t provide this opportunity to everyone. Jennifer Palumbo is also the one of them who always wanted to be a mom but she is not so lucky. Through her own journey of infertility, she learned there are some important topic of conversation that is must to have with your partner if they are infertile or if you are the one. These conversations will help you plan ahead.

getting pregnantInfertility can be really taxing on your relationship with your partner. Palumbo seen people really suffer, especially when they disagree about their options. Sadly, there are plenty of divorce cases from it too, while she was involved in the infertility community. Palumbo recommends the infertile couple which is based on her own experience is therapy. She says talking about infertility with an objective party really helped her and her husband connect and have healthy discussions. Whether, you are seeking a professional help or not but there are 7 most important topic of conversation that you need to have with your partner if you’re faced with infertility.

  1. Feeling about the situation- This is the correct time to be really open and infertility-solutionhonest with your partner. Which kind of feeling you have about the situation, you need to let it out even the anger and frustration. According to experts, studies show that couples who hide their feeling are more likely to get affected with stress and infertility.
  2. Options you are comfortable with- Often the fertility treatment options presented to a couple are based off of a medical diagnosis. Some couples will need to decide if they’re OK with one being the biological parent, and the other one not. Some will need to decide if not getting pregnant is OK, and surrogacy is an option. It’s an important notice that fertility treatments and IVF aren’t the only options. Adoption might be on the list. The National Association of Infertility reminded couples that adoption is a life-long commitment and there are choices like open or closed adoption, domestic or international but you need to explore it during the decision making process.
  3. Lifestyle changes need to be made- In order to increase fertility naturally, health considerations are necessary. If a person is not eating as healthy as they should, if someone drinking alcohol or smoking. According to Dr. Monya De of Proactive Health in Santa Monica, “actions that improve the couple’s overall health will increase the likelihood of conception.” Beyond possible health-related lifestyle changes, Dr. Monya De also suggested that couples should examine their professional lives like if one partner work crazy hours or travel a lot for work? “Will this same partner be missing during “fertile windows?” Dr. Monya De asks hypothetically. Though she says most of the lifestyle changes will be temporary and they may be very bold in the beginning.pregnancy-miracle-book-download
  4. Money need to spend- According to the National Infertility Association, the average cost of in vitro fertilization (IVF) cycle is $12,400. Some health insurance companies pay portions of treatments, some don’t at all. It’s important to talk about how much your treatments options will cost and come up with a solid plan to pay for them.
  5. Will tell other people?- A large number of couples who are unfortunately infertile, feels guilty and shame to share this topic, according to The National Infertility Association. So, both partners need to decide together that how will they share their infertility news to their friends and family.
  6. Willing to join support group?- As infertility journey is a lonely road, many people finds solace in support groups. According to The National Infertility Association, these groups provide information, engage and help people feel less lonely and guilty. If you’re not o.k. with physically joining support groups, there are many online options available.
  7. Can handle hanging out with fertile people? – If you are one of them who are infertile, it’s normal that you may seem like all of your friends and family members, even celebrities are having babies except you. You might not will to handle hanging out with them, as it could cause jealousy. It is natural a negative thought. Find out what will work best for you and your partner as you make your way through this journey.get pregnant fast

However, infertility is a very painful journey but it can be eliminated through many ways and one of them is natural way. Natural and holistic approach to get rid of all type of infertility is very effective and it has no side effects. Experts say that it has step by step formula which helps you get pregnant in just 60 days. For more information, please visit the official website.


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Anti-ageing Treatment | 4 amazing benefits of honey for beauty treatment

honey and beauty treatmentBeauty treatment is the most common treatment which is followed by millions of women. All women want to be more and more glorious and beautiful. If a lady is already beautiful, she tries to enhance beauty and if a lady is normal looking, she wants to become beautiful. So, in any way women always want to look young and beautiful. So, women has ever followed any kind of natural beauty regime, she has probably applied honey to their skin at some point throughout their lives, whether by drizzling it straight onto the face, home-made mask style or as a key ingredient in any number of bath, body or facial products. Honey and skin care are quite simply made for each other, and the facts about this miracle product called honey is well known by the beauty experts. So, if you also looking for anti-ageing treatment which can help you regain your youthful look and beauty, you should go through this article.Anti-wrinkles treatment

Skin care with honey

According to experts, it has been found that thousands of years ago, women from Egypt often bathed with milk and honey or they mixed these two ingredients together in order to create a moisturizing face mask. The most famous of these women, of course, was Cleopatra, the last active pharaoh of Egypt and legendary beauty, who was also an accomplished botanical chemist. Renowned for her legacy of anti-ageing rituals, honey and milk baths were a key part of her beauty regime, usually enhanced by aromatic flowers and whatever oils she preferred on the day. Those women were renowned for their legacy of anti-ageing rituals which actually came from the honey and milk baths that were a key part of her beauty regime and it was usually enhanced by aromatic flowers and whatever oils she preferred on the day.regenerate collagen

Not only the Egyptians women were using honey but African women also drew on honey to enhance their skin. Africa is the largest producer of honey; Ethiopian culture has embraced honey for thousands of years, considering it to be ‘liquid gold’. The stunning women of Ethiopia recognized hundreds of years ago, who achieved benefits of honey by applying to their skin as well as eating. Many legends have credited honey for their enviably smooth and blemish-free skin. So, if you also want to achieve an eternal beauty, you should have to follow below written tips.

Beauty benefits of honey

These 4 Most effective benefits of honey for your beauty treatment will help in

  1. Anti-ageing treatment- When you go back and look at the science of honey, it’s not very difficult to understand that why it has long held such popularity as a natural skin care product. Honey is loaded with antioxidants along with its rich texture and sweet scent. It helps to repair skin and helps to slow down the ageing process and protect against free radicals which are caused by oxidative and environmental damage. It is natural humectants that ensure it is kept in the layers of the skin where it’s most needed for deep, long-lasting hydration.
  2. Acne fighter- It also possesses antimicrobial, anti-fungal and anti-inflammatory qualities, which makes it a perfect ingredient for acne treatment and prevention. Rather than an overly-drying over-the-counter pimple cream, you could simply swirl a little honey onto a cotton bud and dab it onto blemishes, perhaps with a little tea tree or lavender oil for additional cleansing. These healing compounds mean honey can also help to decrease the appearance of scars and increase healing and tissue regeneration.anti-wrinkle solution
  3. Soothing and moisturize skin- Honey is packed with nourishing enzymes and nutrients which provides it intensely moisturizing and soothing qualities which makes it perfect remedy for sensitive or irritated skin and dry winter skin. It has clarifying nature which allows it to open up the pores of skin, making them easy to unclog.
  4. Healthy and shining hair- The health benefits of honey doesn’t stop on the skin only but it can be applied to your hair too. It makes your dull hair tresses shining, keep moisture and softness the hair and strengthen hair follicles for healthy hair tips

Honey is the most essential part of all type of natural treatment. If you want to enhance your beauty, you can use honey on your skin every day, as it is the best anti-ageing treatment. You can many other type of natural ingredients also to enhance your beauty. For more information, please visit the official website.


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Breast augmentation | How breast implant can increase cancer risk?

BIA-ALCL Breast augmentation surgery or breast implant is on the rising pace because thousands of women are going through breast enhancement surgery every year. A newly emerging disease called anaplastic large cell lymphoma, or BIA-ALCL is associated with breast implant. According to American plastic surgeon Professor Mark Clemens says that it is rare but widely underestimated. He says, he is tracking the cases since they were first reported in 2011 and is concerned the commonality of the disease is 10 times higher than women are actually told. He said BIA-ALCL has been identified in 173 patients worldwide and at least 11 of which are British. Though, according to one of the NHS breast surgeon, who has treated three women with the conatural breast enhancerndition in the past year, claims these numbers “could be just the tip of the iceberg”. BIA-ALCL is triggered by the most common type of implant which are widely used in breast augmentation surgery in the U.K. many women who went through this implant surgery may be at the risk of this disease but they are completely unaware just like the survivor Charlotte Fouracres. She is 30-year-old teacher from Colchester and she went through the breast augmentation surgery in April 2012 to take her breasts from B cup to D. but suddenly in the last July, she found a lump the “size of a 5p” at the top of her right breast and she visited her doctor to get it checked out. She was referred to a breast-screening centre where an ultrasound scans and needle biopsy confirmed she had ALCL (Anaplastic large cell lymphoma). It is the most common blood cancer. Charlotte began having chemotherapy straight away, but the treatment failed to stop the cancer from taking hold. After four months her tumor had spread to her chest wall and doctors declared it inoperable. She said: “My right breast was swollen; felt burning hot and I had developed a red, itchy rash. I became unable to raise my right arm to brush my hair or teeth and could no longer cook or drive.Breast enhancerCharlotte felt absolutely lost with no control over her body. She was then referred to consultant breast surgeon Fiona MacNeill at The Royal Marsden NHS Foundation Trust cancer centre in London. Ms MacNeill said that many doctors don’t recognize this disease as it is a new type of cancer. She explained: “To diagnose BIA-ALCL as distinct from ALCL, specific tests have to be carried out. “Although, Charlotte was put on the correct treatment for regular ALCL, it is possible the BIA-ALCL does not respond well to the type of chemotherapy used to treat the more common form.” She was given seven cycles of a £10,000 biological therapy drug called brentuximab which works by mimicking immune-system antibodies that attack and destroy tumor cells.

breast augmentationWomen having breast augmentations have been warned about BIA-ALCL since 2011 when US health chiefs the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), the Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) and the World Health Organization issued alerts to doctors and urged them to report cases. Though, Charlotte said it was never mentioned to her. However, if you also want to enhance the size of your breast, you should go for 100% natural treatment. Nature has no side effects and it’s fully safe and effective. Breast Actives is a three step natural enhancement system that uses only all-natural ingredients. Combined with our one-of-a-kind breast enhancement exercise program can help you develop the shapely curves you’re after. For more information, please visit the official website.


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Weight loss | 6 Popular myths about natural weight loss

weight lossWeight loss is a very challenging task but if it can be done in the right manner, it it’s very effective and beneficial. There are several misconceptions, misunderstandings and outright mythology of weight loss. Some of it is simply old advice that’s long since been debunked; some is traditional thinking that was never really grounded in science, and some is little more than wishful thinking. However, there are 6 popular myths about the procedure of natural weight loss. These are listed below:-

Myths # 1. Avoid eating fats as it makes you fat

Experts say that we should change the name of the fat we eat to something completely Natural weight lossdifferent from the unwanted flab we carry around our waist because the association is so firmly cemented in the minds of so many that it’s impossible to wedge free. This is one of the bigger misconceptions about natural weight loss and it was backed up for over decades by researchers, scientists, the government, even random strangers on the street. The truth is “Eating fat does not make you fat”. Even the U.S. Departments of Agriculture and Health and Human Services have increased the limit the daily consumption of fat. Fat is necessary for basic functioning as well as a healthy metabolism. According to a study which was published in the Journal of the American Medical Association, researchers found that when dieters followed a low-fat diet for four weeks, their metabolism took a dramatic nose dive, leaving them burning 300 fewer calories—the amount burned by during a 30-minute interval workout a day. It also disturbs the hormone that is important to keep cholesterol and insulin levels in check. So, if you want to go for a real weight loss regimen, you need to follow long-heralded, high-fat Mediterranean model.

Myths # 2. Calories play the key role in weight loss

weight lossCounting calories is a numerical approach to weight loss which has hailed as gospel for so long that it will be a challenge to exorcise it from our collective consciousness. We heard from a decades that every pound of our body weight is equal to 3,500 calories. Cutting or burning 500 calories everyday may help you lose weight a pound every week magically. Now we understand that equation is a bit of smoke and mirrors, because 500 calories in the form of broccoli and salmon will have a far different impact on your appetite, metabolism, energy and fat storage than 500 calories from French fries and cheesecake. Actually, fiber in high-fiber foods isn’t digested and protein is a lot of work for your body to digest, you don’t even get all 500 of those calories from the former. It doesn’t mean that you have a free pass to consume a large quantity of calories but you should make them count in the form of whole unprocessed foods like vegetables, fish, poultry, meats, nuts, seeds, fruits and whole grains.

Myths # 3. Don’t eat late

natural weight lossSeveral incarnations about eating late have been around for decades. Yes, there is various evidence over that period of time that eating more early in the day may help with weight management but firm conclusions have been very hard to come by. There are millions of late dining Europeans with lean body, who can attest to the fact that this hard and fast rule. Even on the  scientific front, one study from the Hebrew University in Israel actually found that Ramadan practicing Muslims (where they fast during the day and feast on carbs-heavy evening meals) had healthier appetite and satiety hormones, as well as smaller waistlines, compared to those who ate the bulk of their calories and carbs earlier in the day. One meal-timing “rule” that may have a positive impact on your weight is limiting your food intake to a 12 hour window.

Myths # 4. Food is more important than exercise

Losing 500 calories is much tougher in the gym or while doing exercise but it can be erase with a muffin and large latté afterwards. Riding bicycle or doing exercise is much important in terms of natural weight loss but what you put on your plate is even more important. That’s why some people even gain weight when they start riding for weight loss because they are not focusing on their diet.

Myths # 5. Eating carbs makes you gain weight

garcinia cambogiaToday, may people who have allowed fat back into their lives have kicked carbohydrates to the curb, blaming this major source of glycogen for their bigger size of waistline? While it is true that millions of Americans became carbs-crazy and saw the numbers on the scale trend upwards as a result—during the low-fat, high-carbs craze, carbohydrates still belong in a bike rider’s diet. According to experts, carbs are the premier fuel source for intense and moderate exercise and the preferred fuel source for your brain. So for thinking and to prevent energy levels from sinking, you can be choosy with your carbs but don’t take them off the plate. With being selective, you can choose even pasta. According to a study which has involved more than 23,000 Italians, eating pasta was associated with a smaller waistline and reduced odds of becoming of obese. Another study also revealed that people who are trying to lose weight and ate whole wheat foods lost more fat over 12 weeks than those eating refined wheat foods. Please note that carbs come in many forms including fruits, legumes, beans, and vegetables.

weight loss secret

Myths # 6. Lose weight slowly

In order to lose weight naturally, no one is recommended crash dieting because it’s unsustainable. No matter how much (or little) weight you lose. Rapid weight loss is actually pretty normal when people embark on a lifestyle change like riding regularly and cleaning up their diet. In fact, contrary to “conventional” wisdom, dropping a fair amount of poundage right out of the gate may actually help you keep it off in the long run. According to a study of 262 men and women who’d lost weight published in the International Journal of Behavioral Medicine, those who lost weight quickly enjoyed both greater weight loss and long term weight maintenance than slow losers—and were no more likely to regain it over time.

However, above written myths is a misconception which has been disagreed by several health experts. So, if you really want to lose weight must follow the expert advice. Here is a miracle product called as “Garcinia Cambogia”. The Garcinia Cambogia Select Weight Loss Program is combined with an exciting new breakthrough ingredient that comes with a complete online comprehensive diet and weight loss program to help you lose weight. Combined with a sensible food program, exercise routine, and drinking plenty of water, the program will help you to regain your slim body easier and faster. For more information, please visit the official website.

Getting pregnant | How stress can lead you more weight gain and infertility?

stress and obesityObesity and weight gain is a very bigger problem for today’s generation. There are so many factors are associated with overweight or obesity. When you look around your family and friend, you’ll find many people are looking for easier and faster ways to lose weight because they are going through many health issues linked with their heavy weight and that’s why they want to eliminate the main problem of their health issues. According to a new study, it has been found that the simple stress of everyday living could be the reason you’re carrying more weight than you should be. Many people are on the vigorous diet and exercise program and but still they are not losing the sufficient weight just because stress could be sabotaging their efforts to lose weight.

weight lossWeight gain in women and menopause are related to each other. Menopause itself is a form of stress on the body. Women who are living in a stressful environment can experience the severe symptoms of menopause. A woman body reacts to this stress by producing cortisol and consistently high levels of cortisol can damage the body. That is why prolonged stress is not good for your health because it could lead you to many health problems including weight gain and infertility. The hormone estrogen which helps in maintaining the level of cortisol in the body, begin to drop as a woman enter the premenopausal phase. It means, now a woman is not able to regulate the level of cortisol in her body as effectively as before it causes to experience stress more readily.

yogaStress hormones and the chain of events that follow set off warning signals to the brain which results the brain sabotaging your efforts to lose weight. Brain is not able to understand the difference between a real threat and a perceived threat results stress. Stress activates the adrenal glands which results adrenaline being released preparing the body into action, boosting heart rate and blood flow. According to report, every day stress factors such as juggling work and house duties, money issues, teenage angst, can leave your body in a low-level but constant stress mode which causes the body continuously releasing cortisol which further contributes to weight gain. Here is another for gaining more weight is when you are under stress and high levels of cortisol streaming through the blood which cause you to be less sensitive to leptin, which is the hormone that give the signal to the brain that you are full. If this system is not working properly due to less sensitiveness to leptin, there may be a tendency for you to eat more than needed, as your body feels that it may need to eat more for survival and you start gaining weight.

get pregnantStress causes the release of cortisol and adrenaline which can interfere with your thyroid functions resulting fatigue, weight gain, and depression. It can also interfere with how your liver functions and lead to allergies, joint pain, and headaches. It can also disturb your digestive system and lead to bloating, indigestion, and other irritable bowel problems. It interrupts with the balance of your estrogen, progesterone, and can exacerbate hot flashes, and reduced libido which can affect you sex life too.


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Infertility | Why mental health are unaddressed with fertility issues | California

depression during infertilityInfertility is the biggest problem in all over the world but it is more serious in United States. One out of eight couples is infertile due to any reason in United States. According to a new study, it has been found that men or women who are going through the treatment of their fertility issues are often get affected by symptoms of depression or anxiety but very few of them get any type of formal help. According to this new study, that followed patients at five different fertility clinics in California. They found that more than half of women and one third of men had clinical level symptoms of depression at some point. In addition, seventy six percent of women and sixty one percent of men are getting affected by the symptoms of clinical anxiety. But only about one quarter of all patient said that they have been provided with information on mental health resource.

infertilityLead researcher of this study and an associate professor of psychiatry at the University of California, San Francisco, Lauri Pasch said that “It was very surprising to find that. According to many previous studies, it has been found that people who are going through the pain of infertility are often feeling distressed. Pasch said that the professional group has underscored the need for infertile patients and they said the emotional health is very important to be addressed. According to Pasch, it seems like they are doing a terrible job. One in eight couples in United States has trouble getting pregnant naturally or sustaining a pregnancy according to Resolve: The National Infertility Association.

Infertility treatment

Get-Pregnant-FastInfertility treatment options are several from medicines that stimulate the ovulation to IVF (in vitro fertilization). Pasch says, all these treatment often takes more than one cycle of treatment and if patients are emotionally distressed, they may give up when they still have a shot at success. This is the only reason why fertility doctors and clinics should pay attention towards mental health of infertile patient. Dr. Brooke Hodes-Wertz, of the NYU Langone Fertility Center in New York City, also agreed at this point and said there is no secret that many patients who are infertile are emotionally distressed. Hodes-Wertz were not involved in this study said that it should be a routine for patients to be asked about any history of depression before beginning the treatment of infertility.

pregnancy-miracle-book-downloadHodes-Wertz said that there’s clearly room for improvement which is based on the current findings. In this study, researchers included 352 women and 274 men seen at one of five San Francisco-area fertility clinics. The participants were interviewed before starting treatment, and again four, 10 and 18 months later. The team of Pasch found that most of the patients suffered from clinical level depression or anxiety at some point but the higher odds were there, who have failed to conceive after treatment. But only 27 percent of women and 24 percent of men said that they have offered information on mental health services at fertility center but who has the symptoms of mental illness were no more likely to receive that kind of help. Ultimately, only 21 percent of women and 11 percent of men have received some type of mental health care or therapy showed by this ne finding.

infertility-solutionAccording to Hodes-Wertz, the patient interviews were done more than a decade ago and “hopefully. We’ve made progress since then. She added that these findings did not particularly surprise her for one thing is that there is a “big time crunch” during fertility clinic visits, which is a barrier to evaluations of mental health. If patients are recognized with mental health illness, they are not able to get mental health therapy in addition to their fertility treatment and of course there is extra cost. Many insurance plans don’t cover fertility treatment and patients are paying for it themselves and can’t afford mental health treatment on top of that. Pasch says that the solution of this problem is that clinics should have a mental health professional on site and so that patients may receive the mental health therapy as a “normal” part of addressing infertility.

Getting pregnant and success rate of infertility treatment should not be on the focus but we need a change in the culture at fertility clinics. Pasch said. “We also need to address the question, ‘How do we help patients through this?’ “. As for now, she has advice for people who are undergoing treatment of their fertility and are feeling an emotional toll: Talk to your doctor and ask what kinds of services are available, either at the clinic itself or in your community. This report was first published in the July issue of the journal Fertility and Sterility by Pasch and her colleagues.

infertility causesInfertility is one among rising problems of today’s generation. There are several factors, which are responsible for male and female infertility which you can find out in previous posts. If you are one of them, who are dealing with the pain of infertility, you must approach for natural and holistic ways. These natural and holistic ways are proven since centuries in order to give satisfactory result. Natural and holistic ways are not only helpful in making you get pregnant faster but it is proven to provide you a happy and healthy pregnancy. It has no side effects that many people get from the expensive medical treatment.

Pregnancy-MiracleNatural and holistic ways to get pregnant faster has helped many those people, who first approached expensive medical term without success. When they did not get any benefits of spending a huge amount of money on the treatment of infertility, they finally adopted natural ways and got pregnant faster and delivered healthy babies. It provides you step by step program which is made after a bigger research and that’ why it’s 100 percent full proof program. Natural ways to get pregnant claims to make you fall pregnant in just as little as 60 days. You just have to follow its step by step program and you will get rid of your unwanted infertility. For more information, please visit the official website.


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Breast-AugmentationBreast enlargement surgery of Paula Blades has done in 1992 and in 1994 it was redone. Paula Blades, 47 is the Co-Founder of The Implant Truth Survivors (TITS committee). She is trying to give you the highlighted version of her journey up to this point. It is a story of despair, hope and graciousness. She got saline breast implants in 1992. Before going for breast augmentation surgery, she was always breast enlargement creama self-conscious about her small breasts. She said over a phone interview that she was teased whole life regarding her flat chest. According to Paula Blades, she did many efforts to grow her breasts but nothing helped. One day she took a decision to go for breast augmentation surgery. She got saline breast implants in 1992. She loved her new breast and some years passed by living her life to the fullest.

Breast implant surgery can affect your sex life

Breast enlargement surgery of Paula Blades was successful but after some years she noticed something curious about her body. She didn’t have any sensation in her nipples. She said, “My hormone and thyroid glands bottomed out. It only got worse from there. “For years I hated sex. It hurt,” she said. “My husband and I discussed getting a divorce during that time.” She suffered from chronic sinusitis. She thought it’s normal and everyone has sinus and allergy issues, so, it’s not a big deal. She began getting sores on her upper torso that would ooze, bleed and very slow to heal. Biopsies revealed nothing and I was told it was stress. After some times, she started having menopause type symptoms although she was only 38 years old.

natural breast enhancerPaula Blades went online in order to research her symptoms. She found many other women who got breast implant surgery were experiencing the similar issues. Finally everything became clear when several doctors, told her the new ailments might be related to her implants. The longer you have breast implants, the more likely you have to experience many complications and adverse outcomes like changes in nipple sensation, breast pain, vaginal dryness, fatigue, and loss of sex drive. Many women who went thorough breast enlargement surgery are experiencing a wider range of long term side effects which are related to boobs job.

Breast enlargement surgery helps to improve confidence and sex appeal in women but it actually hurt their sex life far more than it helps. Breast augmentation surgery is more popular today than ever.  According to American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, it has been found that the prevalence of cosmetic surgery is steadily rising across the United States and breast implants are one of the most popular procedures. natural way to enhance breast sizeDoctors find an enormous amount of women with problems from their breast implants. The most common symptoms include fatigue, brain fog, joint pain and dryness all over the body, including the mouth, skin and eyes.So, if you are one of them who want to have bigger size of breast but hesitating to go for augmentation surgery, you should apply breast enlargement cream. Breast Actives is a massage cream which has three step natural enhancement systems that uses only all natural ingredients. As it has all natural ingredients and no artificial chemicals, you get the satisfactory result without any side effects. It is combined with our one-of-a-kind breast enhancement exercise program which helps you develop the shapely curves like celebrity. For more information, please visit the official website.



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Beauty Tips | How To Regenerate Collagen In Skin? | New York

regenerate collagenCollagen is one of the most abundant proteins in the body and it makes up a large part of our skin, hair and nails. Collagen contains a mixture of amino acids like proline and glycine, which are found in all connective tissue within the body (including vital organs!). It is responsible for giving skin elasticity, strength to the hair and connective tissue its ability to hold everything in place. In fact, the collagen protein makes up 30% of the total protein in the body, and 70% of the protein in the skin. Our body’s natural collagen production declines with the age and many modern lifestyle factors like over stress, poor or unhealthy diet, pregnancy and exposure to the pollution.

Regenerate collagenregenerate collagen

As we discussed earlier that collagen is the most important source to make your skin healthy, glowing and beautiful.  But collagen production decreases with the age. So, now people are using many techniques like micro-needling, collagen induction therapy (CIT) and more in order to regenerate collagen in their skin. These are minimally invasive procedures, which helps people of various skin tones in order to improve firmness, hyper pigmentation, fine lines, wrinkles, acne and many other types of scarring and skin problems. Micro needling is minimally invasive and it works to regenerate lost collagens which are necessary to rejuvenate skin. This beauty treatment (micro needling) creates minimal injury to the skin but it triggers the body to make production of collagen and provide elastic in the dermis. Experts say that in order to get best result, you should use a professional grade product as recommended by your esthetician.natural skin careVictoria Tabak, president of Nature Pure Labs in Brooklyn, New York, says products which contains hyaluronic acid are very beneficial to promote the plumpness and firmness of the skin. The larger molecules of this humectant deliver and hold hydration and boost the skin’s cells. Tabak’s company also offers a Stem Cells Face Complex and Stem Cell Eye Complex that contain stem cells from a type of Swedish green apple that doesn’t age for months to repair the skin’s DNA. This formulation also contains antioxidant ingredients such as acai berry, resveratrol, hippophae berry, green tea and yarrow.

Apart from expenRejuvenate skinsive beauty treatment, a diet that includes vegetables and fruits which are rich in Vitamin A is vital to regenerate cells as well as health of immune system. The list of foods which are rich in Vitamin A are-

  • Carrots
  • Spinach
  • Kale
  • Mustard greens
  • Butternut squash
  • Sweet potatoes
  • Cantaloupe and
  • Mango

Tabak says, if you want to boost regeneration of the skin or regenerate the collagen of the skin by micro needling, you should take Vitamin B complex in order to help body manage stress, she also recommends that Vitamin D is also very important because it boost the energy level as well as immune function. Exposure to sun and eating fish is a good source of vitamin D.  Water is also a very essential for skin because it helps to provide elastic to the skin and boost the production of collagen. Drinking plenty of water helps to keep skin adequately hydrated, healthy and glowing and it throws all the toxins out of the body.


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