Male Infertility | How Preconception Supplement Helps To Avoid Infertility?

male_infertilityInfertility condition can be finding among more than one couple out of six in their reproductive age. Now, infertility is not only the female woos but men are equally involved. Now 40 percent of infertility cases are associated with men. Health expert says that in most cases the reason for infertility is unknown. Researchers have been done an exclusive research and they found that there is a significant factor for rising rate of infertility is “Oxidative Stress”. This type of stress is generally caused by the exposure to chemicals pr radiation, poor nutrition, infection and some lifestyle habit such as smoking. These all important reasons contribute to a high oxidative burden on the male fertility system and that in turn impairs the potential of reproduction or fertilization.

pregnancy-miracle-book-downloadOxford University Press study has found a promising treatment for male infertility. Experts says that this treatment will not help only men to treat their fertility problems but women can also get the benefit of reducing the chances of miscarriages. Men who try to become father, often uses preconception supplements according to a little data which has existed until now. According to this recent study, it indicates the precise formulation which has been offered by CellOxes. People can find it without prescription and it is well known as the antioxidants ingredients. This supplement can be known as fertilix and it is very carefully formulated. This supplement can be used as the preconception preparation which will counter the oxidative damage with antioxidants that support the normal function of sperm. The data has been collected from two separate studies which involved mice. This study demonstrated that fertilix helps to restore pregnancy rates to normal and it also helps to reduce fetal resorption which is equivalent to miscarriages which occurs in women. It happens due to sperm protection cells and the DNA which has carried from oxidation during the development and subsequent storage. Researchers says that damaged or spoiled sperm DNA is strongly associated with sub fertility or infertility as well as higher chances of developing the risk of miscarriages. It appears as the new genetic mutation among children.

get pregnantThis is a collaborative study between CellOxess and Professor Joel Drevet from the University of Clermont in France and Professor Alfonso Gutiérrez-Adán at the Instituto Nacional de Investigación y Tecnología Agraria y Alimentaria or INIA in Spain. This study was first published in the journal of “Human Reproduction,” in February 2016 issue. This is a peer-reviewed scientific journal from University Oxford Press. The inventor of Fertilix formulation, Dr. Parviz Gharagozloo commented that male infertility plays the major role in making a couple infertile for lifetime and unfortunately, oxidative stress which is very common these days due to pollution and hectic lifestyle is often overlooked as a causative factor while treating a male infertility. He add that we firmly believe that appropriate treatment of such patients before trying to conceive will surely help to avoid sub fertility or infertility by achieving a healthier pregnancies.


Professor John Aitken, a world leader in sperm biology, from the University of Newcastle in Australia said that if the results found on mice translate into human, it will surely influence the clinical practice because this is an inexpensive adjunct therapy to the most expensive and risky IVF treatment. Fertilix can be sold in the USA and international market. It is available in three strength to provide more personalized option of treatment. This is a unique strategy which will can minimize the risk of over supplementation which can lead to reductive stress level, a phenomenon that equally damage to spermatozoa. Many IVF experts are coordinating a large multicenter, multinational clinical study to confirm the results translate into humans.

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