Male infertility | How Marijuana Can Help To Reverse Male Fertility? | Rome

marijuanaInfertility has become the most rising problem for today’s generation. It is a worldwide issues and it affects almost 15 percent of couples. Male factor is also responsible for raising the number of infertility issues in women. If a woman is not able to get pregnant after one year of regular and unprotected sex, it doesn’t mean that all the faults belong to that woman only. According to a survey, male factors account for 20 to 70 percent for making a woman not able to conceive naturally.

pregnancy-miracle-book-downloadA new study suggests that frequent smoking pot can take its toll on your sperm now as marijuana receptor might actually hold the key to new fertility treatment for men. In the research of treatment for male infertility, scientists showed a cannabinoid receptor that is called as CB2. It helps to regulate the creation of sperm. Not only evidence showed that marijuana can disrupt fertility in males, but it also suggests a therapeutic strategy for treating male infertility. A researcher Paola Grimaldi from the University of Rome Tor Vergata said that the main focus of this study to improve all the possibilities to treat infertility because now it has taken a wider place in the world and millions of families are getting affected by it.

infertility causesInfertility treatment researcher Paola Grimaldi and colleagues from the University of Rome treated three groups of mice with different agents for 14 to 21 days. The first group of mice was treated with a specific activator of the CB2 receptor. The second group of mice was treated with a specific inhibitor of the CB2 receptor and the third group of mice was treated with only a saline solution and served as the control group. After completion of 21 days of treatment, three groups showed the result as the first group, who was treated with the CB2 activator, showed an acceleration of spermatogenesis and the second group, who was treated with a specific inhibitor of the CB2 receptor, displayed a slower rate of the process. However, it means it has been suggested that a tight balance of CB2 activation is required for the proper progression of spermatogenesis. Scientists says that the normal beneficial effects of endogenous cannabinoids on spermatogenesis can be stimulated further by a chemical mimic that is an agonist and it is a potentially promising new idea for treating male infertility.

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