Male Infertility | Ancient Ayurvedic Methods For Infertility In India

ayurveda for male infertilityInfertility is a condition which is affecting almost 1 out of six couples in the world. fertility experts say that if a person is infertile, it’s not her/his fault. It can happen with anybody. This is a medical condition which occurs due to several reasons. Now a day’s male infertility is also rising with a double pace. The main problem which is linked with male infertility is sperm. This is the most common fertility issue with men is the inadequate production of sufficient normal, motile (moving) sperm. There are so many reasons which can raise the fertility issues in men and women. Sometimes doctors are not able to find the exact reason of infertility in men and women. This in clarity in diagnosis, infertility treatment in the large majority of cases remains imperial.

pregnancy-miracle-book-downloadDr Urmila Sureka, India who specializes in infertility and is an IVF consultant says there are so many couples who are unable to get pregnant after several years of regular and unprotected sex. Men and women both are equally responsible for leading them in the pain of infertility. Approximately, in 20 percent of cases, men are responsible for inability to get pregnant naturally and contributory in another 30-40%. She says that these days so many options are available for infertility treatment which has improved the probability of pregnancy. Dr Anil Patil, a yoga guru who also works on integrated medicines, India says that natural medicines is used for centuries to treat all type of illness. Natural or ayurvedic remedies have long been used to address the problems of fertility. He says there is several evidence of the use of herbal or natural treatment for infertility dates all the way back to 5000 BC.

Natural treatment for infertility

infertility causesMucuna Pruriens (Velvet beans) – This is a medical plant which has been mentioned in the treatises of ancient Indian books such as the ‘Charaka Samhita’ and the ‘Susrutha Samhita’. Mucuna Pruriens provides potent antioxidants and reduces oxidative damage to sperm by preventing disruption in the membrane integrity of sperms. It helps to treat female infertility too. Oral administration of Mucuna Pruriens seed or extract effects on oestrous cycle, ovulation, reproductive hormones and oxidative stress in the ovary.

how to get pregnantChlorophytum borivilianumIt is said that this is one of wonder plant which helps to treat infertility in men. The dried root of this plant is used in Ayurveda as an aphrodisiac. Tube of chlorophytum borivilianum in ayurvedic medicine preparation. This natural plant contains about 30% alkaloids, natural steroid saponin (10-20%), polysaccaroids (40 to 45%), carbohydrates and proteins (5% to7%). Chlorophytum borivilianum was primarily used as a tonic to rejuvenate the reproductive system. Men who are suffering from impotency, premature ejaculation and low sperm count should use it regularly to get the maximum benefits. It is very effective in curing impotency and low sperm count in which is the major cause for male infertility.

pregnancy miracleShilajit (Mineral pitch)- It is an excellent source to ensures good physical performance for the individual and provides balanced harmonious health. Shilajit or mineral pitch is also known as sex tonic in India as it increases the core energy responsible for sexual drive or libido. It balances debility, general fatigue and provides strength to muscles and bones.

Pregnancy MiracleHowever, above written ayurvedic plants are very helpful in curing your male infertility. As I always suggest going natural and holistic way to treat your any type of infertility. Natural and holistic ways are proven and it has no side effects. so, just go for natural and holistic approaches to treat male or female infertility naturally and get pregnant faster. If you want more information about how to treat infertility naturally and get pregnant in just 60 days without any side effects, visit the official website.