Infertility Treatment | A Major Breakthrough That Could End the Male Infertility

male infertilityInfertility is rising and reaching to an epidemic very shortly. According to survey, it has been found that one out of six couples is fighting with inability to get pregnant naturally. Now infertility is not only the women’s woos but men are also responsible to make a woman unable to get pregnant naturally. Men are equally responsible for infertility. There are so many factors to affect male fertility and several ways which helps to treat it. According to very recent study of the researchers from the Chinese Academy of Sciences in Beijing, Nanjing Medical University, and elsewhere reported their findings on Thursday in the journal Cell Stem Cell, sperm are taking very granted because a man can produce million of it. Every month a man produce it and billion of it goes unused.

get pregnantInfertility treatment researchers say that stem cells are the biology’s magic elves. These stem cells have the power to differentiate it into hundred types. When it is in an embryo, it has the central process which can make it a fully formed human being. But it’s crucial for maintain and repairing the body. A recent survey revealed that one-third of the 50 million couples are dealing with infertility around the world and they are unable to conceive naturally because of their man’s inability to properly create sperm cells. In many cases, stem cells don’t work. It has been found that around 5 to 10 per cent of men are completely infertile because their embryonic stem cells are failed to go through a series of steps that result in healthy sperm producing testes. These men have no option to go for even in-vitro fertilization (IVF) procedure.


Infertility treatment scientists and researchers from china are now able to recreate the environment of the testicle in a Petri dish and succeeded in coaxing mouse stem cells to form sperm like cells that could be able to fertilize eggs and make healthy pups. According to researchers, there may be a way out for such men who are dealing with infertility. This study will raise the hope for men who want to seek help in male infertility treatment. Dr. Rebecca Sokol, an expert in reproductive medicine at the University of Southern California said that this is a breakthrough in the field of male reproduction and infertility. This milestone study is the first who will achieve the “gold standard” set a few years ago by stem-cell researchers. To do this study Chinese researchers had to go from stem cells to sperm-like cells through a series of pre-decided steps. At each step, the cells were supposed to have all the crucial parts—the right number of chromosomes, effective representation of the original donor’s DNA, etc. The final step involved using the sperm-like cells to produce healthy offspring.

pregnancy miracleInfertility researchers have exposed the stem cells from the embryos to a mixture of several chemicals that will be able to differentiate between sperm or eggs into the germ cells. Once the differentiation will begin, they will place them next to natural tissue that mimicked testes and exposed the cells to testosterone. It will enable the stem cells to Get-Pregnant-Fastgo through a series of steps and form spermatids (immature sperms without the growth of tail). These spermatids will be ejaculated into a mouse egg to create an embryo and then finally it will be transferred to female who bore pups. These pups are able to produce second generation of healthy pups through normal reproduction.

Infertility researchers will now replicate these results in more mice and eventually in humans. There is a hope they find because researchers in past has shown that skin cells can be converted into pluripotent stem cells which are equivalent to embryonic stem cells which could be converted into precursor of sperm and egg cells. However, still if scientists get success, they have to show it that this process is safe or ethical. Will the lab-grown sperm will be the same as those that fully functioning testes would have created?  Because of such concerns, fertility clinics in the UK, which is a world leader in the field, don’t permit the use of artificial sperm or eggs.

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