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obesity-and-male-infertilityObesity has become the most growing health concern. The numbers of obese people are rising day by day. According to a new study, it has been shown that men who are overweight or obese have another challenge in life because their obesity can apparently affect their fertility.

Obesity and male fertility

Get-Pregnant-FastAccording to EurekAlert an online, global news service has reported that a man’s eating habit play a very important role in his reproductive system and dietary habits put a very strong impact on the his fertility. According to a team of researchers, that is led by Professor Pedro F. Oliveira at the University of Porto, Portugal, revealed that obesity is a curse which can impair a man’s fertility. Overweight or obesity is a metabolic disease that is responsible for promoting a strong hormonal dysfunction. Marco G. Alves, first author of the study which was done at the University of Porto, Portugal explained that here is some gut hormones which is known to be strongly affected by the energy unbalance induced due to over eating. But impact of those hormones on male fertility remains not clear.

natural weight lossMale infertility which is the growing concern of these days is getting affected by gut and adipose hormones, said Alves. Here is a good thing that  these hormones has a very important clinical application which can help in a findings a new way for a therapeutic approach in treating sub fertility and infertility in those who are obese. According to Your fertility has revealed that when a man is dealing with overweight or obesity, his sperm quality gets worse than those men who have the healthy body weight. It happens due to obesity in man which makes the hormonal changes and reduces his fertility. Apart from bad quality of sperm, an obese man develops the lack of interest in sex which creates a great difficulty in erection. These factors make an overweight or obese man infertile.

The-3-Week-Diet-SystemAccording to another study which was completed in 2012 via the U.S. National Library of Medicine National Institutes of Health, shows the same concern and difficulties in getting pregnant with those who are overweight or obese. So, this study has been discovered that obesity in men put a negative impact on their reproductive health. The actual reason with reproduction in overweight or obese men begins due to the changes in hormone levels and the direct changes to sperm function and sperm molecular. These compositions are the main reason behind making an overweight or obese man infertile. EurekAlert says that this new study is done very recently and it shows all the relevant evidence about the male obesity is the bigger reason of their infertility. This new study supports all the previous studies which suggest that lifestyle and dietary habits are significant in men’s reproductive health. This new study about the male obesity and infertility was published in the Current Pharmaceutical Design Journal.

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