Infertility | How Gene Mutations Are Associated With Female Infertility

infertility and gene mutationInfertility issues making a largest place in the today’s generations health issues. Infertility is affecting millions of couples in the world. These all couples are just hoping to have their own children but nature has decided something else for them. Many couples of them who cannot get pregnant naturally are seeking the most expensive infertility treatment and the chances of those treatments are not so worthy. Success rate of infertility treatments are very less and they require a large amount of money along with other type of health risks. However, infertility is rising and it’s affecting many people for certain reasons. Every time our health researchers are doing some incredible research on the topic of how infertility occurs and what is affecting today’s generation’s fertility system? So, now again a new study finds that some women are there who are getting affected by the fertility issues and mutations in the particular gene may be responsible for that.

Female infertility linked to gene mutations

pregnancy-miracleThis result reported on 21 January 2016 in issue of the New England Journal of medicine. According to this study, a gene mutation is linked to female infertility which is a very rare kind infertility issues. Researchers from china found gene mutations is also known as TUBB8 were the worst culprits for the seven out of twenty four families because those seven families cannot have their own children for the specific reasons. Their eggs are not able to get mature when they are ready to get fertilized by sperm. Lei Wang, an associate professor at Fudan University, in Shanghai, who worked on the study, says that it’s unknown that exactly how many families got affected by this problem. In china, approximately 0.1 percent of women having this problems and they are seeking infertility treatments from a medical center.

get pregnantAccording to Dr. Jurrien Dean, chief of the cellular and developmental biology lab at the U.S. National Institutes of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases, this type of infertility is unusual and it is a very important finding to step forward. Dean, who wrote an editorial published with the study explained that there is no known fact that TUBB8 mutations is very essential for women’s fertility system but again he says that medical center from where affected women are seeking infertility treatment could test for TUBB8 mutation. If the affected women will go through the IVF (in vitro fertilization) procedure by using her own eggs, then this will not work for her. Expert said that according to these study women who got affected by TUBB8 mutations should avoid expensive infertility treatment because it will not work for them. Dean adds in his explanation that there is no point of doing IVF (in vitro fertilization) procedure because it will take a longer time and lot of money required for it and but still it will not give the satisfactory result. Couple will never get their own child if they do the most expensive infertility treatments too. Going through a test of TUBB8 mutations will allow women to move forward aDownload-Pregnancy-Miraclend consider for other option for having their baby. They can go for surrogate mother or adoption too.

Center for Disease Control and Prevention reveals that about 6 percent of women in the U.S below the age of 45 are not able to get pregnant naturally after a year of regular and unprotected sex. These women come under the list of female infertility. There are several reasons are responsible for occurring infertility in women including problem with ovulation or abnormalities in uterus or fallopian tubes. Sometimes woman is not able to get pregnant but she doesn’t know what exactly makes her unable to conceive after trying for several times. In order to get new findings Lei Wang and team looked at 24 families where women was affected and carried mutations in the TUBB8 gene which regulate proteins essential for the proper development of the eggs. According to Lei Wang, mutations were inherited from the male partner in five out of twenty four families and in two families it arose spontaneously. After identification of gene, researchers kept using experiment with egg cells on mice and humans. Researchers done all the experiment to prove that TUBB8 mutations could affect the maturation of eggs on the point where they are ready to fertilize by sperm.

get pregnant fastLei Wang explained that the practical implication of our research is that now it is possible to test those women for TUBB8 mutations who are undergoing through infertility treatments. The screening of women can be done by using a simple DNA based test. If women carry any of the implicated TUBB8 mutations, they can be separated to spare themselves the expense and discomfort associated with an IVF (in vitro fertilization) procedure which gives little or no chances of success.