Infertility | Does Abortion Linked To Female infertility?

Safe-AbortionInfertility has become the most unwanted condition that affects millions of women. There are so many reasons which are responsible for infertility. Infertility can occur in both male and female side. Generally, people blame the women if she is not able to conceive naturally but women are not only responsible for infertility. Men can also be infertile and because of infertile male partner, women cannot conceive naturally. Here is infertility also which is known as “unexplained”. This unexplained infertility is a kind of problem when doctor also doesn’t able to find any problem in reproductive system after full check up. In this kind of infertility which doesn’t show the clear link with both men Download-Pregnancy-Miracleand women doesn’t require any type of medication. Anyway, today we are going to discuss about does abortion can also lead to female infertility?

Abortion and infertility

A Gynecologist, Dr Adaora Ukoh, who works with a private Hospital in Abuja, said in an interview with the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) in Abuja on Sunday that if the evacuation of the fetus will be done partially from the womb during abortion then it can increase the risk of female infertility. She says, abortion or termination of pregnancy is completely a medical procedure and it removes the embryo and placenta from the uterus. Ukoh says that if couple doesn’t want to continue their pregnancy till nine month, they can terminate the pregnancy by following any one way out of two ways. One way of abortion could be done through the use of medication and the second way is through a surgical procedure. If termination of pregnancy can be done through medication, in this process a woman has to take medicines in her early phase of pregnancy that can abort her fetus. If the abortion has done by surgical procedure, the fetus can be removed by a vacuum device. Dr. Ukoh says that abortion doesn’t cause infertility but the complications which arise during abortion that can lead to a female infertility.

pregnancy-miracleLink between termination of pregnancy and vaginal bleeding during early pregnancy has been found and it leads to several complications to reproductive system and infertility. If the abortion has not done by professional, it can weaken the cervix which leads to premature opening of the cervix can occur during abortion there by leading to infertility. Sometimes women gets hole or some kind of damage in the uterus during the time of abortion can also increases the risk of infertility. Damage or hole in the uterus can be corrected through surgery and then women can be able to get pregnant. Abortion can also lead infection or complications during procedure and it can also be the reason of female infertility. Incomplete evacuation of fetus and the placenta which can arise during the time of abortion could lead to inability to get pregnant naturally. Dr. Ukoh says that many women go through repeated pregnancy termination procedure and this is also the biggest reason of infertility in women. She says that repeated abortion could cause damage to the cervix and increase the chances of late miscarriages. Dr. Ukoh suggests that women who go through abortion procedure should take antibiotics as prescribed by doctors.infertility causes