Infertility Cure | 3 primary foods that boost fertility

best-fertility-boosting-foodsInfertility or inability to get pregnant naturally is just an indication that tells you something is wrong inside your body and it can be fix if things will go right. So, here are many foods that is not healthy as per the general health benefits but these foods helps to boost your fertility and fix those things that makes you unable to get pregnant. These foods are known as fertility foods because after eating these foods on the recommended time periods, you can get pregnant faster and naturally. According to Jorge Chavarro, M.D., an associate professor at the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health and an associate epidemiologist at Brigham and Women’s Hospital It have been found that to some extent, modification of diet and lifestyle can increase the chances of getting pregnant up to fifty percent.

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Lifestyle changes for better fertility

Diet and lifestyle modification their success rate by 10 to 15 percent higher for those women who are seeking the fertility treatment, says Chavarro.  In specific pregnancy magic is less and diet and lifestyle modification plays the Vitol role. So, take a deeper look at some of the must-know factors when it comes to pregnancy food.beat infertility


This veggie has got a lot of attentions it relates to baby bump. Chavarro says it happens because soy contains very weak estrogens, which could work as endocrine disruptors, messing with your body’s hormones and thus potentially impairing fertility. But the scientific research is not clear cut about soy. While some studies shows that using soy on regular basis can reduce the fertility in animals but others find the just opposite result of using soy. Experts say that women who went through IVF have given high dose of soy supplements, saw an increase rate in birth rates. A research has also demonstrated that women who are struggling with infertility simply ate more soy mostly soy milk and tofu got the higher birth rates than those who did not eat it.

Folic acid and B12

You must have seen that women who are trying to conceive preach the powers of folic acid and vitamin B12. Says Chavarro, It helps to increase ovulation rates in women with no history of infertility. He adds that these both nutrients are essential for building DNA. Anything that requires cell division needs folic acid and B12. The key point is that you should consume it while you are trying to get pregnant. Chavarro says that in its early days, an embryo can’t take either vitamin from its environment, so it might rely on bodily stores of the vitamins to survive.

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Increase iron with natural foods

Your source of food really matters when it comes to iron. Chavarro says that in his own research, he found that women who loaded up on non heme or source of iron from plant based foods like legumes and nuts and seeds experience the lower risk of infertility. According to researchers, they are not sure, why it happens but more than 10 percent of women are iron deficient and if they conceive, they are more likely to suffer from a deficiency of iron. So, if you are planning to start your family, it’s infertility-solutionimportant for your body to stock up.

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