How To Get Pregnant? | How Stem Cells Can Help Cure Female Infertility?

how to get pregnantInfertility treatment is on the rise globally for some times and many of them help people who suffer from this situation. The classical theory based on the idea that a woman carries her egg from her birth. The loss of eggs is a major barrier for fertility says by the doctors as they assist older women conceive. Now scientists have claimed that female infertility issues can be eliminated with the help of stem cells. Scientists have claimed that artificial sperms and eggs could spell the word as infertility to an end. They say they can reverse the female infertility by Stem Cells Therapy. There are some other researchers too who says that infertility treatment with stem cells could lead to the creation of new eggs. These scientists have a new hope that they can end the biggest problem of a family that is caused by some inability of body who doesn’t support in reproductive system. This inability leads them not able to get pregnant and they become infertile for lifetime. Infertility is a situation when a couple cannot have their own biological child. This situation is heartbreaking and the impact of this unfortunate news gives a lot of pain that a family couldn’t bare. Impact of infertility news affects a woman and her family for lifetime. This research has first applied on mice and later on the human.



Infertility researchers says that this research have long hoped that stem cells could generate new eggs so they can use it to treat female infertility. This study has done at the University of Gothenburg and Karolinska Institute where the dream of researchers to treat successfully the most heartbreaking treatment of infertility with stem cells can probably be fulfilled. This new research was first published in the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (PNAS). And this report has taken from the and There are so many reasons to create sperm from the stem cells including treatment of infertility. This is an enormous field of work and thus far scientists have realized that stem cells can end the problem of millions of couples who is going through the trauma of not able to conceive. U.S researchers were first able to reprogram adult stem cells into sperm and egg cells. Infertility is affecting estimated 48 million women with the highest prevalence of infertility affecting people in South Asia, Sub-Saharan Africa, North Africa/Middle East, and Central/Eastern Europe and Central Asia. Not able to conceive or infertility can arise due to many reasons such as PCOS, ovarian disorders, low sperm count, endometriosis, preeclampsia, injury and age related fertility issues and many more. This research first consisted that they marked some reproductive cells or eggs in ovary then they were able to retrieve the cells from out of the ovary and they sorted out the marked cells. The second step was these cells were kept in the laboratories to produce immature egg cells. Researchers say that in the previous experiment they did it successfully on mice and they were able to generate viable eggs cells that can be fertilized and produced embryos.

pregnancy miracleInfertility treatment with stem cells has succeeded when it was applied on the mice and after that scientists did the study with the help of human. They worked on human cells and they were able to retrieve reproductive cells such as egg cell from the ovary. They got these reproductive cells from the ovary which was donated by the women at Saitama Medical Center in Japan. These women were undergoing sex reassignment because of gender identity disorder. Scientists were again able to retrieve the egg cells and kept it in the laboratories to produce immature egg cells. After that they injected the egg cells into mice which generated follicles as well as mature eggs. However, this incredible result of this study need to view with caution until other researchers will replicate the work. Scientists say that they will eventually be able to reprogram virtually any cell. This cell can be any such as a skin cell into a cell that is similar to an embryonic stem cell and like these embryonic stem cells. The reprogrammed cells are able to differentiate into any kind of cell in the body. By coaxing these cells can be precursors for germ lines then cells can grow to be an egg or sperm cells. The most challenging obstacles are coming in the way of researchers ensuring that the egg should be in high enough quality. They adds that this study need more vigorous research to verify that the cells which are generated from the ovarian reproductive cells are truly egg cells and the structure of follicles which has formed is genuine.

The result of this study has created a big hope for the researchers and the women who are not able to get pregnant. Anyway, the researchers or scientists are working on this research and they are doing all possible efforts to bring this incredible research as an end to female infertility. Anyhow, this study may alter the human’s understanding of the uber complex human egg cells and it will be the first step to potentially alter a women’s fertility for life time to conceive naturally. This research may be feasible in future for young women to have a small biopsy of their ovaries that can perform in order to retrieve their egg cells. These egg cells can be grown in the laboratories into cells which are in millions and could be stored for the future family plan. Though it will take some more time and if ever it would be a miracle for those women who are struggling to get pregnant from many years. This research would be proved as an incredible change for millions of women who have told that they can never conceive their own child. Infertility is the biggest problems for millions of women but still they keep trying for several years in a hope that they may conceive and she will become a mom. This miraculous research will be a biggest hope and we can just keep our finger cross to turn this miracle true.