How to Get Pregnant? | Emotional Impacts of Infertility

impact of infertility

Impact of infertility

Infertility leaves a negative impact on couple’s who are struggling to get pregnant but not able to conceive. It has emotional and psychological impacts which are being highlighted by Jackie Stewart. She is an independent counselor who supports patients at Bourn Hall Clinic. She said if couple is suffering from infertility, it has a huge impact on their life’s and relationship. It affects their work and their everyday life. Couples, who know that they are unable to conceive and cannot, have their own child naturally experience the distressing emotions. This type of distressing emotion is equal to those who did something significant loss. Jackie says, this emotion distressing includes grief, depression as well as loss of self-esteem and a sense of lack of control over their destiny. Many infertile couple goes through trauma of guilt and shame that they did not perform. They feel shame and guilt that they are not able to do something which is very easy and natural. They often feel that they are unable to support their partner to start their family and live a happy life. They feel they are just able to keep their own head over water. They feel pressure but unable to find the solution.

get pregnantGetting pregnant and giving birth to her own child is the unique ability which is found only in the women not in men. So, when the infertility news comes to women, they react emotionally. There are some universal feelings which are common for all those women who get news of infertility and learn that she is unable to give birth to her own child. Emotions include hopeless­ness, a sense of physical failure, embarrassment, shame, low self-es­teem, anxiety, and shock that arise repeatedly for infertile couple. It has been found that pain and sadness which occurs due to news of infertility can never be healed but finding peace with these emotions can resolve their issues and may help them in finding the right approaches to reverse infertility or they may boost fertility naturally.

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention revealed that 7.3 million women in U.S are suffering from infertility. 3 million women are affected by secondary infertility. Secondary infertility is that when a woman is already having at least one biological child but she is unable to get pregnant for the second time. Infertility scientists say that when people try to start their family again after confronting infertility, they take time to acknowledge the emotions and losses which is associated with the experience. It can help them in finding peace. People who is going through the infertility trauma is allowed to grieve and sad. If they don’t want to jump quickly to the next step, let them be at their place. Infertility counseling is one kind of supports that many infertile couple is going through.

how to get pregnantJackie is a health psychologist from Anglia Ruskin University. She says that specialized counseling is a form of support and it provides opportunity to people who struggling to conceive but suffering from infertility has the negative feelings about themselves; go through their thoughts and feeling with someone who understands the fertility process. Jackie says that many people who come to the clinic for counseling, they don’t know that they are already in the grieving process. They come in grieving process because they had a sense of loss their fertility and they are unable to start their family naturally and they don’t have any outcome to reverse fertility. People fighting with infertility cope differently. They feel out of control and there is lack of control over the issues which is involved in their health problem. Many people struggle for several years and the level of stress also increasing with time. These stress and grief feeling affects their all area of life. It doesn’t affect only their life but it affect their work and social life too. They develop the inferior complex about themselves and act on that.

infertilityInfertility counseling is not needed for everybody if they have enough support and love from their family and friends. This counseling is very important for them who have no support from their family because many people take it easy. They try to conceive naturally for some time and after finding that they are infertile, they approach for the treatment but they don’t even realize that stress of treatment can also affect their fertility and can delay of conception. Every woman find a different kind of solution to find the peace. No matter from which therapy, affected woman is getting relief and finding peace but it’s very important to provide her peace. As you know that stress causes many kind of sickness and it will make harder to take any right path that can help in their way. If you want to reverse infertility and trying to start your family again the first and the most important thing to remember that you should be totally stress free.

getting pregnantDo all the efforts to keep away from tension and stress. If you are looking for any treatment or something else that can help to reverse your fertility issues, you’ll have to be happy and stress free to receive the maximum benefits. You and your partner can try yoga. You must have known that yoga is the best medicine in finding your inner peace. There are so many yoga poses which can help you to boost fertility naturally. If you know the yoga poses then you can try it yourself but if you don’t know, please consult the expert yoga instructor or you can go for online yoga classes also. Try to find all the possible benefit from nature. Natural medicines and approaches are best to deal with any kind of health issues. Natural approaches may only help you but it will not give you any side effects. Holistic and natural Chinese therapy is being used for centuries for reversing any kind of infertility and having healthy children. So, just keep looking for best and natural way to get pregnant faster and naturally.