How to get pregnant? | does smoking tied to infertility?

smokingInfertility occurs due to several reasons but now a day’s one of the most important reason for spreading infertility worldwide is toxic atmosphere. Now a recent study shows that cigarettes and tobacco is not responsible for causing cancers but these are one of the most important reasons for causing female infertility. It has been found that those women who smoked the most and started smoking in the very early age has the higher risk of getting affected by the infertility she can have the menopause earlier than those who women who have never smoked. Researchers also says that women who were under second hand smoking expose faces the greater difficulties in getting pregnant compared to those who have less or almost nil expose of second hand smoking. The coauthor of the study, Andrew Hyland, of the Roswell Park Cancer Institute in Buffalo, NY, and colleagues published their this new findings in the journal Tobacco Control. As we all are aware that smoking can cause several types of health issues like lung cancer, strokes, heart diseases and some other health issues too. According to new findings, smoking can cause infertility as well as it can cause menopause earlier in women than those who have never gone to the contact of smoking.

Pregnancy-MiracleDanielle Smith of the Roswell Park Cancer Institute in Buffalo and colleagues said that women were used to breath in the most second hand smoke also went through the difficulties in getting pregnant and got the menopause earlier. Researchers found that women who smoked or were exposed to the most secondhand smoke were more likely to enter menopause before age 50. Researchers say that study found the link between smoking and reproductive system in women. Researchers conducted the data of approximately 93,000 women. These U.S women were enrolled in the Women’s Health Initiative Observational Study between 1993 and 1998. Those all women were the age between 50 and 79. According to this data 15 percent of women met the criteria of infertility or unable to get pregnant naturally and 45 percent of women met the criteria of early menopause before the age of 50.

get pregnant fastHowever, according to this data women who smoked the most entered the menopause two years earlier than those who never smoked. Some women were also there who never smoked but exposed to the most second hand smoke were also 18 percent more like to have the difficulties in getting pregnant and having own children. Researchers say that there are so many events and exposure which drags you to the exposure of smoke. They also says that if a woman who grew up with a smoker in the house for 10 years or women who are living with smoker spouse for 20 years and more or women who worked with smoker for 10 years are 18 percent more likely to affected by infertility which means unable to get pregnant than those women who have never been passive smoker. Anyway. It was the side effects of smoking but smoking has also several side effects which can kill yourself and your loved one. Leave the smoking today and live the healthy and happy life.