How to get pregnant? Diet and Lifestyle Changes Can Affect Your Fertility

Infertility is the most common problem which is caused by the people’s lifestyle. Earlier we were thinking that it occurs due to Ovulatary disorders but now it has been said that your diet and lifestyle is also affecting your fertility. Most of the time you can find women with normal health condition but still she is not able to conceive faster, why? Yes, ovulatory disorder is the biggest cause for women’s infertility but nutrients deficiency is also the one of the most important cause. Researchers say that poor diet and full of stress lifestyle is also giving the negative impact on pregnancy. Researchers from the Harvard School of Public Health, Department of Nutrition, worked on 17,544 women for eight years. They found that women who did not have any infertility signs or history but still they were trying to conceive for longer time. After a very long study on those women, they found that there is a very strong link between the ovulatory disorder and the quality of diet and lifestyle.

Diet for fertilityThey gave closer attention towards the consumption of diet such as monounsaturated fats, vegetable protein, carbohydrates with low glycemic index and other nutrients. These foods were previously believed to lower the risk of ovulatory disorder. After this long study researchers found, those women were not getting these nutrients which can help them in lowering the risk of ovulatory disorders or infertility. Researchers say, popularity of fertility diet may help women to avoid the risk of ovulatory disorders. It may be very effective and expect a positive result on fertility while combining the fertility diet with regular physical activity. It has been found that some physical movement like moderate exercise and diets which are effective to boost fertility may lower the risk of infertility in women due to ovulatory disorder by 69%. So, it’s not a small achievement ladies. You can simply reduce the risk of infertility by 69 % by ovulatory disorder which is one the biggest reason for infertility in women by just changing your eating habits and lifestyle modification.

Fertility diet tips is all over around on the internet which offers hundred of tips to increase the chances of getting pregnant or boosting your fertility. A group of scientists recently published a book about the fertility diet. Here some tips from that book which can help you in the path of getting pregnant faster-

Fertility Diet-

  • Fat- As you know that fat is bad for our health but healthy fat is good for health. You can get healthy fat from nuts, vegetable oil and fish like salmon and sardines. Avoid using Trans fat and start eating vegetable more vegetable oil.
  • Protein- As you know that we can find protein from many foods item including meat. But in order to increase the chances of getting pregnant, you’ll have to take protein from the vegetables and fruits instead of meat. Vegetables like peas, beans, soy and nuts has high level of protein that can help in improving fertility.
  • Carbohydrate- Start eating fiber rich foods like vegetables, whole grains, fruits and beans. These foods are full of carbs that can be digested slowly but improve fertility, control blood sugar and insulin level.
  • Iron- includes iron rich food items in your diet like beans, spinach, tomatoes, pumpkin, beats and whole grains. These all food items contain high level of iron.
  • Water- Water is also very effective in boosting your fertility. In moderation, tea and coffee is also good and occasionally a glass of wine may also not harm your fertility. Keep away the soda because it can increase the risk of ovulatory disorder.
  • Exercise- Yes, exercise is also very important to increase the chances of conceiving. As you read earlier that diet according to fertility and moderate exercise is very effective to boost your fertility naturally.