How to get pregnant? | 5 Early Signs of Female infertility

signs of infertilityHow to get pregnant is the most asked question for those who are trying to conceive since a long time without success. But if you are one of them who is not thinking about kids right now but having the store full of information like how to recognize the condition that you might be infertile, is not a bad idea at all. Fertility issues are rising in men and women these days and it’s more complicated than you generally think. Center of Diseases Control and Prevention shows the data that 6.7 million of women in the united States of America are not able to get pregnant naturally or dealing with any type of infertility. And in most cases, if they get pregnant, they are not able to complete their full term pregnancy of nine months.

Getting pregnantCenter of Diseases Control and Prevention also shows the data that men under the age of 45 in U.S have seen fertility specialist. It means 3.3 to 4.7 million men in America have sought help with fertility in their lifetimes. So, if you think that you will start your family after setting down in your life and career means late start up your family, you must know the signs which can reveal that if you are going to become mother in the future or not. So, here are signs of infertility which can help you in seeking help in the early age of life.


  1. Heavy bleeding during menstrual cycle- If you find yourself experiencing heavier periods than normal lately, it can be the sign of any type of health issue that can lead you to infertility. Heavy bleeding during the time of monthly cycle is known as menorhhagia and it can cause certain medications like IUDs, and even complications with getting pregnant. It can cause heavy vaginal bleeding. It has been found that the most common reason of menorhhagia is hormonal imbalances which results menstrual cycles without ovulation. You must know that without ovulation, fertilization is not possible.
  2. Irregular periods- If your periods are occasionally off by few days, it’s not a Download-Pregnancy-Miraclebig deal but if it is regularly irregular, you must need to visit your physicians. Irregular periods can be the sign of a problem which can result your inability to get pregnant naturally. WebMD explains that if you are regularly experiencing irregular periods, it indicates you that you are not ovulating. If you are not ovulating, it means you are not going to conceive. According to a data, it has been found that 30 to 40 percent of women are suffering from irregular periods but luckily treatment for ovulation exist if you are diagnosed earlier in order to get pregnant some day.
  3. If you get no periods at all- If you have never had a period or maybe you have experienced them but it stopped it altogether, it is the clear sign that you are not ovulating at all and fertilization is impossible for you. So, just visit you doctor and have thorough check up because there is a chance that your monthly cycle has stopped for a different reason.
  4. Dark hair growth in new place of body- women who are suffering from polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS) usually develops the growth of dark hair in the new place of body. So, if you are experiencing the excess growth of dark facial and body hair, it can be the possible sign that you are dealing with polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS). Health experts say that polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS) are a treatable condition and your chances of having your own child is larger than other type of fertility issues.get pregnant
  5. Unexplained weight gain- Sudden weight gain without any reason can be the sign of polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS). It makes most women to gain weight despite not changing their diet or physical activity due to hormonal disorder. So, if you are one of them who are gaining weight with no clear reason, please visit your doctor and get checked out.

However, above written none of these symptoms are the sure signs that you might be infertile. These symptoms only gives you a warning to not to delay in starting your family and visit your doctor.