How Infertility Treatment IVF Can Be Replace By Oral Infertility Drug?

infertility treatmentInfertility is the rising problem these days and several infertility treatments are available. As you must know that IVF (In Vitro Fertilization) is one of the top most infertility treatments and according to a new study IVF (In Vitro Fertilization) is treatment which need a lot of time which involves lot of efforts, trouble and difficulty. In IVF (In Vitro Fertilization) procedure mother has to take scores of injection which is generally very difficult. So, a company has launched a new product which can be known as the better approach for infertility treatment. This company is known as TocopheRx. It has developed a small molecule drugs which can be used orally and the best advantage is that it replaces the scores of injection which is generally used for infertility treatment.

Oral Infertility Drug

Get-Pregnant-FastThis small oral infertility drug stimulates the hormones agonist which results in boosted fertility for both male and female. According to a recent interview at this week’s J.P Morgan Health Care Conference to president of TocopheRx, Steve Palmer reveals that his business plan is very vast and he wants to convert the most famous infertility treatment IVF (In Vitro Fertilization) in to a completely oral regimen. The spinout of EMD serono has been launched by Massachusetts Company and date has raised $4.3 million in seed funding from Merck Serono’s investment arm, MS Ventures. Palmer said that company is looking forward to raise $22 million in a Series. EMD serono’s important segments are cancer, neurology, immunology and metabolic and now infertility is also a very important segment. The research and development of infertility segment of EMD serono’s are under process. The formation of this infertility segment is TocopheRx. This infertility drug is still in preclinical testing and it will be available in the market till next year. A $22 million Series A could take TocopheRx through Phase 2 proof of concept trials.

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What Is TocopheRx?

TocopheRx is a focused brand for female infertility treatments and its path to market is already well established. In order to treat male infertility, the market is not so clear and that’s why they will tackle that approach after a pill for women’s infertility has been developed. The first step of this infertility drug will be clomiphene which will help women in stimulating ovulation and the success rate will be slim fairly every month. The second step of this treatment will be slew of fertility injections. Fertility injection is very challenging for women and it’s seldom for men. Palmer adds that men will like to take it over six months of injections but as the earlier information the target market will be for female infertility treatment. He says 15 million women take the fertility booster drugs but 9 million quit it after some time of uses. So, we would like to address around 50 percent of the women who quit taking the medicine in order to stimulate ovulation.


How Infertility Drug Works?

Male infertility will be captured only by 15ercent of men who has the infertility issues like low sperm count. The FSH (Follicle-stimulating hormone) is the key protein to derive the early development of reproductive function. Initially it will help in healthy sperm production in and for women it will help to develop a mature cell which may undergo meiotic division to form an ovum called oocyte. Luteinizing hormone that is known as LH helps to develop testosterone in men and it helps to trigger ovulation periods in women. So, the small molecules in infertility drugs will hit the both FSH (Follicle-stimulating hormone) and LH (Luteinizing hormone) and that’s why we are able to improve the follicular maturation prior to ovulation in women and it stimulates the development of spermatogenesis in men says Palmer. However, preclinical safety test shows the safe toxicology but if the drug will be taken in large dose, it may enlarge the ovaries. It can be managed by limiting the dose prescribed by health expert.

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