Female Infertility | Obesity Is The Major Factor For Female Infertility

getting pregnantFemale infertility is increasing day by day worldwide. You can find infertility is common disability in one woman out of six women. A scientific impact paper has published this month by the Royal College of Obstetrician and Gynecologist that is also called as RCOG. This paper focuses on the very sensitive subject- Female Infertility.

Female infertility occurs due to several reasons but now a day it is more common because the numbers of obese people are rising. You can find one woman obese out of eight women. These days a modern lifestyle and poor diet is also playing a very important role to make people obese. Obesity and overweight itself a biggest health issue and it creates several other health issues too. Many type of health problems are related to obesity and overweight such as hypertension, high blood pressure, high blood glucose level, heart attack and heart stroke. According to this scientific impact paper this problem of obesity or overweight mostly occurs in the women’s life when she is under the age of reproductive. This paper claims that 26% of women in U.K are obese. This obesity is the major factor for not able to conceive their own child. If suppose, they get pregnant but they can’t complete their full journey of pregnancy till nine month and they are at the greater risk of miscarriage.

prenancy miracleObesity causes many heartbreaking challenges in couple’s life such infertility, miscarriages or loss of baby. So, in order to get pregnant naturally, women need to maintain their health and weight. If you want to conceive fast and dealing with obesity, you’ll have to do all your efforts to bring down your weight to normal. This is an important thing that if your BMI is more than 30, then losing weight is not so easy process. According to some doctors, BMI above 30 is almost impossible to burn fat with the help of dieting and exercise. For these morbidly obese women has only one option that is bariatric surgery. But according to scientific impact paper, surgery always should be the last option. Any kind of surgery is not an easy option not only for the list of health issues and complication arises due to surgery but it also takes a good amount of time in recovery. So, if you are one of them who’s BMI is more than 30, even you can try for lifestyle modification to boost fertility and reduce your weight naturally.

According to professor Adam Balen from Royal College of Obstetrician and Gynecologist (RCOG) women suffering from obesity and want to start family sooner, first they have reduce thier weight through healthy diet and weight loss program which helps burning fat and calories in all the natural way. You should go for the natural methods first even you are interested for bariatric surgery. National Health Service (NHS) provides free weight loss plan and a referral to a weight loss support group have proven to give the-venus-factoeffective way of achieving the goal of fat loss. Slimming world works with National Health Service (NHS) under a referral scheme where GPs, nurses and other health professional offers free membership of a local group to patients and weight loser feels the benefits. Through this scheme, National Health Service (NHS) assures the people suffering from obesity that they can get positive result in burning fat and reducing weight by lifestyle modification instead of bariatric surgery.

Anyway, now obesity will not spoil your opportunity to conceive faster if you will start any weight loss program and it will be more beneficial if you go for the weight loss program that is specially made for female. So, just be calm and focus on the way to reduce fat and boost fertility.