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diabetes-prevention-programDiabetes is a very common condition these days and billions of men and women are affected by type 2 diabetes and type 1 diabetes. Type 2 diabetes is a long term metabolic disorder which can be characterized by high blood sugar, insulin resistance and lack of insulin. In the long term people who has type 2 diabetes may increases the chances of heart diseases, strokes, diabetic retinopathy ( which can cause blindness), kidney failure, and the poor blood flow in the limbs (which may lead to amputation). Many times the most general reason of type 2 diabetes is overweight or obesity and lack of physical activity. Some people get affected due to genetic reasons too.

Symptoms of type 2 diabetes

  • Increased hunger
  • Feeling tired, and
  • Sores that do not heal

Improve cardio-metabolic profiles with Diabetes care program

According to a new study by the team of researchers from Emory’s Rollins School of HowToCureDiabetesType2Naturally-DiabetesDestroyerSystemPublic Health and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), Atlanta, Georgia shows that diabetes prevention program may also help to improve cardio-metabolic profiles. Lifestyle modification program which are modeled on diabetes care program is also very effective in cardio-metabolic. These prevention programs are not only achievable for weight loss but it has additional metabolic benefits like control over blood sugar, blood pressure and cholesterol level. The researchers compiled the data from 44 published studies and approximately 9,000 adults have participated in these diabetes prevention program in U.S communities, clinics, and some also through online.

Diabetes care programs helpful for cardio-metabolic profiles

This study was led by Mohammed K. Ali, MD, MSc, MBA, associate professor in the Hubert Department of Global Health at Emory, Atlanta, Georgia. According to this story, it has been found that the range of metabolic health benefits is possible thorough lifestyle modification. Experts say that the participants who participated in these programs are associated with greater benefits of cardio-metabolic health. Lead researcher Mohammed K. Ali says that there are several studies which shows that people who wants to lose weight is possible through joining diabetes prevention program but our study goes further. It estimates the aggregating metabolic changes can also be achieved by diabetes prevention program. This finding was first published in the July 27th edition of PLOS Medicine.

How-does-it-work-diabetes-destroyerMohammed K. Ali says that this study is relevance for the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid (CMS) which announced in March 2016 that their intention to cover diabetes prevention programs (DPP) for the Medicare population that are at increasing risk of diabetes. Though, Centers for Medicare and Medicaid (CMS) have not shown an intention to cover Medicaid beneficiaries. He says, these findings may prompt further consideration regarding covering this group. According to Mohammed K. Ali, his finding is also relevant for private payer groups and providers of diabetes prevention services and strengthens some bring home massages.

  • Lifestyle modification programs can deliver effectively and promptly in non-academic and non-clinical settings
  • On an average, it has been found that in the 44 included studies, were same as the participants in the original diabetes prevention program trial and they achieved fewer amount of weight loss but equal improvement in blood sugar control, blood pressure and reduction in cholesterol.
  • DPP wBlood Pressure Cureere more effective and were associated with larger benefits because of maintenance components (keeping contact with the participants even after the core program session is completed).

Diabetes has become an epidemic and is currently affecting not less than 29 million Americans, and a further 86 million US adults have pre-diabetes (putting them at higher risk of developing diabetes). Identifying people who are at the risk for diabetes, like those with pre-diabetes should be enrolled in prevention programs. It may be an important public health approach to addressing growing diabetes burdens in the US. The prevalence of diabetes is expected to reach 25 percent by 2050. Adults with diabetes have two to four times’ higher rates of death from heart disease or stroke with medical expenses that double those without diabetes.

diabetes preventionDiabetes prevention program shows that millions of people who are the high risk of diabetes have delayed or completely avoided by just maintain a healthy body weight by losing extra weight and keeping it off. People achieved a balanced body weight by doing regular physical activity and eating diet with low fat and calories. Experts say that weight loss and regular physical activity are very effective in lowering the higher risk of diabetes. Healthy body weight and regular physical activity helps to improve body’s ability to use insulin and process glucose. According to diabetes prevention program, it has been suggested that metformin can help delay the onset of diabetes. People who participated in lifestyle intervention program have received intensive individual counseling and motivational support on effective diet, exercise, and behavior modification which helped in reducing their risk of developing diabetes by 58 percent.

diabetes-destroyerThis finding is effective for both men and women but it worked well particularly on people who are aged 60 and above. Participants over the age of 60 and over have reduced their risk of diabetes by 71 percent. On the analysis basis, DPP added to the evidence that lifestyle modification like changes in diet and physical activity leading to weight loss are especially effective in helping reduce risk factors associated with both diabetes and cardiovascular disease, including high blood pressure and metabolic syndrome.

Diabetes-Destroyer-Info-DownloadAccording to author of the study, there is no difference in outcomes based on who or where diabetes prevention program (DPP) is delivered. The important thing is it helps to improve cardio-metabolic profiles and it’s especially cost effective. These types of interventions can yield great results for diabetes prevention if distributed nationally.

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